Monday, August 20, 2012

ABC 27's interview with NKOTB

Here is another news story/interview with NKOTB from ABC 27.

The New Kids on the Block still have enough of the "Right Stuff" to make crowds of women scream like it's the late '80's.

"Instead of going through a mid-life crisis, you become a pop star," singer Jordan Knight said. "It feels great."

The group performed twice over the weekend at Hersheypark Stadium as part of the Mixtape Festival. The two-day event featured a variety of artists including Backstreet Boys, the reunion of 98 Degrees, LL Cool J, Kelly Clarkson, The Wanted, and The Fray.

"It's like the mix of a great chocolate bar," NKOTB member Donnie Wahlberg said. "You take the ingredients, you mix them all together, like a S'mores even, mix all these wonderful ingredients together and you come up with something delectable."

The New Kids on the Block are hardly "kids" anymore. They now range in age from 39 to 43 but still perform a lot of their original moves.

"We don't do too much, but I think we wear the choreography well if I could be so bold," singer Joey McIntyre said. "But we still have a blast. It's the best workout in the world, really."

In addition to the role of reemerging pop stars, four of the Kids are also fathers.

"I think we do a good job balancing that," group member Danny Wood said. "We work a certain amount of time of the year and we're with our kids for the most part the rest of the year. An event like this I was able to bring one of my daughters. Joe (McIntyre) has his son with him."

In fact, McIntyre brought his 4-year-old son on stage Saturday night to sing part of the group's hit "Tonight."

The New Kids on the Block have been together for nearly three decades and they have no plans to stop performing anytime soon. In fact, they delighted die-hard fans with a little secret they left behind in Hershey.

"We're kind of staying away from the limelight a little bit to put together a new album," Knight said.

"You let it slip," McIntyre exclaimed.

The New Kids on the Block also played the Backstreet Boys in a softball game at Metro Bank Park on City Island Sunday morning.

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