Thursday, August 16, 2012

Watch part 2 of Joey McIntyre's interview with Perez Hilton

Joey talks about the NKOTB cruises and more in part 2 of his interview with Perez Hilton...

Here is the transcript:

Perez: So after the [Mix Tape] Festival are the boys taking a break? Is NKOTB going on a cruise?
Joey McIntyre: That’s in May. You’ve got to check that out man. It’s not even – you’ve seen some of the buzz.
Perez: Do you spend the whole time on the cruise?
Joey McIntyre: Yes. It’s one big family! It’s hard to explain, but there is so much joy on the boat. People say ‘What do you hide? How do you get around?’ No, it’s like these fans have, you know, been with us for so long that it’s like [they’re our] family. And I’m at the point where yeah, if I need five minutes I’m going to take it. You know what I mean? But we give 150 percent because these are the greatest fans in the world, and it’s a blast. It’s a four day cruise and it’s nuts. I know [what it sounds like].
Perez: NO! I think it’s cool!
Joey McIntyre: At first we would joke about it. But that first time we got on the lido deck it was like Spring Break. It was just crazy, and it was ON for four days. You have to come one of these days. We’ll helicopter you in.
Perez: These females [on the cruise] are a little bit older. They still like to get wild?
Joey McIntyre: DUDE! First of all, they look great. They get ready for this cruise!
Perez: I’m not saying that they don’t look great! [I’m saying] they’re probably in their forties….
Joey McIntyre: Not all of them. Not all of them.
Perez: Late thirties…
Joey McIntyre: Yeah, but they have so much fun. It’s a getaway. It’s defiantly NOT a girls night out, it’s a girls weekend out. Where they just want to have a great time. We pull out all the stops, surprises, we have theme nights and singing.
Perez: You perform every night?
Joey McIntyre: Not every night. There is a group concert, but then I do a solo show, Jordan [Knight] does a solo show, Donnie [Wahlberg] does a special… you have to be there to really believe it show.
Perez: Like a Magic Mike type show??
Joey McIntyre: Close! Magic Mike plus Tom CruiseMagnolia, equals Donnies’ show on the cruise.
Perez: (impersonating Tom Cruise) Respect the cock!
Joey McIntyre: But very loving, and very nurturing and very sweet at the same time. I don’t know how he does it.
Perez: And you’ll do that again next year, most likely?
Joey McIntyre: Most likely, yes.
Perez: Is there a plan? Like, [do you say] ‘Okay, we have been reunited for a long time.’ Since 2008 was it?
Joey McIntyre: Yeah.
Perez: [You ask yourselves] Do we want to do it five years and then take a few years off? Is there a plan?
Joey McIntyre: Well, the plan is to have fun, number one. Cause if we don’t have fun, it’s gonna show up [on stage] and we want to make it fresh and exciting. In 2008, 2009 we came back on our own. We did some cool things in between that, and then [going on tour with] The Backsteet Boys is a whole other thing — it was great. Hopefully we can keep it fresh. We’re starting to actually make some more music because we’re happy with the record we made in 2008, so we’re getting back to the studio.
Perez: I have an idea for you guys.
Joey McIntyre: Yes
Perez: You should do like, a Sexy Jams album. Like, sex songs.
Joey McIntyre: Like, (singing) “Let me lick you up and down?”
Perez: YES!! Those fans would eat that up!
Joey McIntyre: You’re kind of… (gestures mind waves) you’re feeling it. You’re picking up on something.
Perez: It could be covers — and some original songs – but I just want… Pony, that Ginuwine song Pony! (Singing) “Ride it, my pony!”
Joey McIntyre: Exactly. Okay. If you see that you can claim the idea, but I just want to tell you that you’re just picking up the vibes.
Perez: Well that’s very exciting. You heard that here first. And if you’re the [Mix Tape] Festival get wasted and show your titties!
Joey McIntyre: (Laughing) You don’t have to do that!

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