Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Watch Joey McIntyre's interview with Perez Hilton

Joey was interviewed by Perez Hilton. Here is part 1 of the interview!

Here's the transcript:
Perez: Hey everybody, it's Perez, joined by Joey McIntyre. You know, we're in a very exciting time right now. Boy bands are officially back!
Joey McIntyre: They are. It's nice.
Perez: Why do you think that is?
Joey McIntyre: Well, it's about right if you look over the history, like a timeline, like the stock market, they say you should invest because it's always going to go up. So, I don't know, every 10 years, and it's been about 10 years since *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys and all those guys so…
Perez: Well, it's been more! They started in the middle of '96 to '97. It's been like 15 years! It's been a long time!
Joey McIntyre: (laughs) Maybe it's been longer than that, that's right.
Perez: Although, and I love The Wanted, and I like One Direction too. I do! Their music has beaten me over the head and I surrendered to What Makes You Beautiful, but they don't dance like New Kids or Backstreet or *NSYNC.
Joey McIntyre: I don't understand that. The girls don't seem to mind that though.
Perez: But then when you see them in concert, it gets a little bit boring because they don't dance.
Joey McIntyre: Coming from the school of Boston and we looked up to New Edition and the line of Jackson 5 and The Temptations, that came along, it's almost like you're not a boy band unless you dance.
Perez: That's what I think.
Joey McIntyre: I'll talk to The Wanted. They're coming to the festival so I'll sit them down and I'll, "Come on guys."
Perez: Dancing makes for a great show. The Wanted are performing at a festival that you're headlining at, called Mixtape at Hershey.
Joey McIntyre: Hershey, Pennsylvania. You've ever been there?
Perez: No, but is it a theme park?
Joey McIntyre: (laughs) It's not like next to the merry-go-round. It's separate.
Perez: But, I think that would be more fun!
Joey McIntyre: You would love it. Hershey Park is where Hershey's chocolate was made and there's a museum and a ride, but there's also this huge amusement park–
Perez: I love roller coasters.
Joey McIntyre: It's so much fun. We've played a couple times before. It's a good central location for a lot of cities, in the northeast.
Perez: Everybody knows about the Mixtape festival. When is that coming up?
Joey McIntyre: That's this weekend.
Perez: This weekend! Are tickets sold out?
Joey McIntyre: It's an outside festival. We'll get you in there!
Perez: We'll get this set up tomorrow. It's this weekend. We're building excitement! We're hours away!
Joey McIntyre: We're the cherry on the top.
Perez: And The Wanted is performing? Who else is going to be there? Kelly Clarkson?
Joey McIntyre: Friday night.
Perez: Big pop festival! I love it! Pop is back too! The biggest sound of the year is Call Me Maybe.
Joey McIntyre: Yeah…That's in a class by itself, isn't it?
Perez: That's like a pure pop song though.
Joey McIntyre: From 1995
Perez: I love it because for the past few years it was a lot more dance-singing. But, also Kelly Clarkson with her song Stronger. That's another pure, down-the-middle pop song, which it hadn't been like that for a while.
Perez: Boy bands are coming back, but one thing that hasn't are girl groups. And I love girl groups. The last one was the Pussycat Dolls and there really hasn't been a successful girl group since then.
Joey McIntyre: It's time. You must have–
Perez: I want to put together a girl group, but a different kind of girl group. I want to oput together a girl group - I want them to dance and I want them to feel very multi-cultural so they should be all different ethnicities and I want a fierce fat black girl. That's not been done before!
Joey McIntyre: I think we can do that! I think we can work that.
Perez: Email me! If you want to be in a girl group, but I want them to be young, 18-19.
Joey McIntyre: Wow. Well, you gotta have some longevity…you want that really innocent, before they just get drained out, you know–
Perez: Well, I don't want bad girls. I want good girls.
Joey McIntyre: Really??
Perez: Noo! Like The Spice Girls!
Joey McIntyre: Alright. You want good girls and you want to watch them do bad– (laughs)
Perez: Like Britney. I guess. Do you think Britney will do well on X Factor?
Joey McIntyre: Ummm…
Perez: (laughs)
Joey McIntyre: I mean, you can never count Britney out. The more people say she's this, she's that, she keeps coming back with great music and she does her thing. Now, she's not the most talkative, she's not known for her sound bites, but Paula Abdul, you know, but that's what kept it exciting.
Perez: Is acting regularly something more along the lines of what you'd like to be doing?
Joey McIntyre: Absolutely. I just finished– Melissa McCarthy from Bridesmaids–
Perez: Yeah, yeah, funny, funny lady.
Joey McIntyre: –and Sandra Bullock are doing a–
Perez: A film? You're in it?
Joey McIntyre: — I am in it. I play one of Melissa's crazy Irish, Boston Irish, brothers.
Perez: Ooh, I'm excited about that!
Joey McIntyre: Yeah, it was a blast. And Paul Feig is the director, from Bridesmaids.
Perez: Oooh! This is going to be a big hit I think!
Joey McIntyre: I think so! But you know, knock on wood!
Perez: Everybody loves Sandra Bullock! Everyone loves Melissa McCarthy! Everyone loves Joey McIntyre!
Joey McIntyre: Exactly…

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