Friday, May 31, 2013

Watch Donnie Wahlberg's after party ad

Here is an "PSA" from Donnie about the after parties:

Hosted by Donnie Wahlberg!

Boston Strong Media and Reviews

Here are some reviews and articles about the Boston Strong concert:

Hollywood Reporter: From Boy Bands to Boston Strong: How Jared Paul Puts on a Show

USA Today: Favorite sons Aerosmith, NKOTB keep Boston Strong

Watch NKOTB on One2One on ABC Spark Canada

Here is an interview NKOTB taped with One2One last month. They talk about their new album, being on their own label, their longevity, what do they do in their free time and more.

Video courtesy of JORCISA KNIGHT

Watch NKOTB on Today

NKOTB was on the Today Show this morning. Here are the video clips:

Video courtesy of yikes77

Listen to Donnie Wahlberg on Kiss 108

Donnie called in to Kiss 108 and talked about the Boston Strong Concert and the New Kids/98 Degrees/Boyz II Men Concert on Monday.

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Watch Donnie Wahlberg on Piers Morgan Live

Donnie was on Piers Morgan Live to talk about the Boston Marathon attacks and the Boston Strong concert.

Video courtesy of yikes77

Video Clips of NKOTB at the Boston Strong Concert

Since there were some streaming issues here is a summary and some video clips of NKOTB's appearance at the Boston Strong concert:

Donnie gave a speech...

Video courtesy of Frank Tomson

Then the Dropkick Murphys came on stage and performed. The Dropkick Murphy's ended their set with "Shipping Up to Boston", then NKOTB joined them on stage and they transitioned into "Hangin' Tough", then NKOTB performed "The Right Stuff". Then they were joined by Bel Biv DeVoe. BBD performed "Poison" and NKOTB danced in the background. Then they performed "Please Don't Go Girl" and "I'll Be Loving You Forever" and "Step By Step".  Donnie introduced Boyz II Men and both groups performed the song "One Sweet Day".

Here is the complete performance courtesy of berlinasxo:

NKOTB came back on stage for the encore with all the other performers and they all sang the Beatles "Come Together" followed by "Dirty Water" by The Standells (which is a song traditionally played at some sporting events in Boston, you can read about the history of it here).

Video courtesy of Bhthing Nkotb

Watch NKOTB on WHDH (Boston Strong coverage)

WHDH posted a couple short clips of Donnie being interviewed at the press conference in this news segment about the Boston Strong concert:

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Donnie Wahlberg on CNN tonight

Photo from @PiersMorganLive

Donnie will be on Piers Morgan Live tonight on CNN. The show airs 9 p.m. in the US. Airs internationally at 11 p.m. UK/HK.

Photos of NKOTB at Boston Strong Press Conference and Rehearsal

New Kids, from left to right: Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Jordan and Jonathan Knight at the Boston Strong pre-show press conference at the TD Garden. (from Getty Images)

.@NKOTB doing their thing at sound check! These boys a few tricks up their sleeves tonight. (from @concert4boston)

Four guys from NKOTB (no Joey) speak at Boston Strong concert press conference.. To be clear, Joey will be on stage with NKOTB tonight. He is meeting with some survivors' families this afternoon. (from @joshbNECN)

@dannywood and @IamStevenT rocking during soundcheck at #bostonstrong show @tdgarden (from @babsphoto)

'If we could have done this concert right on the spot we would have.' -Donnie Wahlberg of NKOTB #BostonStrong (from @mattdolloff)

NKOTB rehearsing with Dropkick Murphy's. #ohmygod #bostonstrong (from @darlingp1)

Reviews and articles about The Package Tour

Here are some links to reviews and articles about the Package Tour with NKOTB, Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees.

Boston Globe: New Kids on the Block unwrap the Package Tour

OK Magazine: NKOTB, 98 Degrees & Boyz II Men Launch The Package Tour—Get The Inside Scoop! NKOTB on Boyz II Men

Mass Live: NKOTB takes over Mohegan Sun

Get after party tickets for NKOTB

The New Kids on the Block after party tickets for Uniondale and the 2 Boston shows (next week's shows) are now available at VIP Nation. More dates will be added later. Note: VIP Nation is saying there is no guarantee all 5 of the guys will be there.

VIP Admission ($150):
One admission into the NKOTB After Party
Meet & Greet photo op
One After Party laminate & wristband

General admission ($100)
One admission into the NKOTB After Party
One After Party laminate

Update: The after party for Friday's show at ULTRA 88 Nightclub can be purchased here.

Update 2: Looks like VIP Nation took down the link, but I'm sure it'll be back soon.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Watch videos of NKOTB in concert at opening night of The Package Tour

Here are some videos from NKOTB's performance at the opening night of The Package Tour last night at Mohegan Sun. Videos courtesy of ameeliu15.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

View NKOTB's set list for The Package Tour

NKOTB's set list for the Package Tour:

We Own Tonight
Block Party
The Right Stuff
The Whisper (blended with "Shout" at the end)
Survive You
Didn't I Blow Your Mind
Valentine Girl
If You Go Away
Please Don't Go Girl
Remix (I Like The)
Acoustic medley with snippets of:
  • Single
  • Baby I Believe In You
  • Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover, Joey on lead vocals, first few shows only of the tour)
  • Stay The Same (first few shows only of the tour)
  • I Remember When (this seems to have replaced the previous two songs)
  • I'll Be There (Update again: in the most recent shows this song is song between Baby I Believe In You and Tender Love)
  • Tender Love
  • Click Click Click
  • Faith (George Michael Cover, Joey on lead vocals)
  • Kiss (Price Cover, Jordan on lead vocals), followed by short clip of Sexy and I Know It (LMFAO cover)
  • Hot In Here (Nelly cover)
  • Dirty Dancing
  • We Found Love (Rihanna cover, some shows only)
Step By Step
Cover Girl
(The guys film the crowd while Icona Pop’s “I Love It” plays)
I'll Be Loving You (Forever)
Hangin' Tough (with Dropkick Murphys’ "I’m Shipping Up to Boston" and Queen's "We Will Rock You")
Crash (some shows only - I think they only did this one at the second Mohegan Sun show)

Boyz II Men Set List:
"On Bended Knee"
"Water Runs Dry"
"I'll Make Love To You"
"It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday"
"End Of The Road"

98 Degrees Set List:
"Girls Night Out"
"Invisible Man"
"The Hardest Thing"
"My Everything"
"Impossible Things"
"Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)"
"I Do (Cherish You)"
"Because Of You"

    Update: There are a few early videos up on DeenasDays Youtube Channel.

    NKOTB News for May 28

    Here is the link to view VIP photos. (Update: link no longer active) The password is: packagevip

    Here is a photo of the merchandise at the Package Tour (from joeygirl22)
    Jordan was asked by Billboard Magazine who his dream touring partners would be. He said he'd chose 

    • The Beatles: “Why not? It can be alive or dead. We’ve done arenas — we might as well join up with the Beatles and do stadiums!”
    • Take That: “I’d like to tour with a U.K. boy band and take Europe by storm. That would be amazing.”
    • New Edition: “New Edition would be really cool. That would work really well.”
    • Robin Thicke: “I’m a big fan of Robin. I met him when he was 17, and he helped me with my first solo album. He and I wrote, along with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, my song ‘Give It To You.’ It would be awesome to bring him on tour.”
    • *N SYNC: “How about Justin [Timberlake] comes back and does an *N SYNC reunion? We’d do *N SYNC, Backstreet Boys and New Kids. The big three!”
    Click here for the full article.

    Kilo Kish has done a re-make of Jordan's song "Give it to you". You can listen her version below:

    Monday, May 27, 2013

    NKOTB News for May 27

    Tickets for the after party tomorrow night with Donnie and Danny will go on sale at 8PM here.

    Jordan and Danny were interviewed on ShawConnect. You can also read Ashley Gibson's blog about interviewing them and see photos of them here. Here's the interview: 

    In the late 80’s and early 90’s, the New Kids on the Block (Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight and Joey McIntyre) rose to fame and popularity with hits like Hangin’ Tough and Step By Step. NKOTB disbanded in 1995 to take on solo careers, start families and pursue other opportunities. To the delight of their fans, the group reunited in 2008 and released their first album in 14 years. Since then they’ve embarked on tours with Lady Gaga and the Backstreet Boys, participated in their annual NKOTB Boat Cruise and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    I got to sit down with Jordan Knight and Danny Wood recently to chat about their new album, upcoming tour, and life as a New Kid, 20 years later.

    If I could go back and tell 7 year old me that 20 years down the road I’d be interviewing the New Kids on the Block, I think I would have lost my mind. How does it feel to be back as a group 20 years later?

    Jordan: I would have done the same. If I could tell my 20 year old self “you’re still going to be doing this in 20 years”.

    Danny: I feel lucky. Always. I feel lucky that we still get to be able to do this.

    What is it like to meet fans from the 80’s and 90’s who are excited that you’re back?

    Danny: There are always great stories that they tell us. “I got to see you here, in 1990” and now they’re back. You get the stories too that some girls weren’t allowed to go, like their parents wouldn’t let them or didn’t want them to, and now they’re grown women. Professionals: lawyers, doctors, teachers and that’s the part I like to see. I like to see where they are now in their lives. There are a lot of very successful women out there who are fans of ours.

    Are you gaining a new following as well?

    Jordan: Maybe a bit of a new following, but we mostly cater to and have stuck with our fans who have grown up with us. All the youngsters out there have their Biebers, they have their One Directions. They have their groups. Our fans really didn’t go anywhere; like us they just did separate things and had separate lives. When we came back, all our fans reunited too.

    You both took different approaches to the time that you were apart (with Danny maintaining a low profile and Jordan embarking on a solo career) how do you think those experiences set you up for what you’re doing now?

    Danny: I think it makes it easier to balance things now – family life and doing this – because mostly I was just being a dad for those years. So now when we work it’s easy to get right back into it, but when I go home it’s easy too. I usually take a red eye flight home to LA then Miami so I can still bring my daughters to school in the morning. It makes it easier to balance.

    Jordan: I think it was good for all of us to have a break. When you’re that immersed in something, you identify with it. And to be able to do something personally, by yourself, it’s a healthy thing to branch out and discover who you are. Once we did that, it was good for us to come back together. More of a solid base of who we are and make the group all the more better.

    What prompted the decision to reunite in 2008?

    Jordan: It’s not that we got together and just decided; I think each of us at that moment in time all figured it was a good idea. It was a good time for New Kids to come back… I think the world was ready for the New Kids again. Our fans were ready for us again.

    I saw an interview where you talked about being grateful for the opportunity to get a second chance. Do you think you’re doing things differently this time around as a result?

    Danny: Well I know we’re doing things differently. It was the 80′s and 90′s, so the fashion is a little better [now]. I don’t regret any pictures we’ve taken in the last five years. So you take all of that experience and the mistakes you think you made from the first time around and you don’t do it. It’s kinda like going to high school again and getting a second chance to experience it all over; You know to do some things differently and we’re doing that.

    The new album, 10, definitely has an old school New Kids feel to it. I would love to hear about the album and the process of putting it together.

    Danny: Well first of all that’s great if you feel that, because that’s where we wanted to go with the record. It’s kind of more in our roots of R&B, pop, like the Hangin’ Tough record. We wanted to get back to that. What makes the album really special is that we hired a fan who used to work at Interscope and she met with DK Music and they gave her The Remix. That’s the first song we heard and then we ended up with 13-14 songs from them. It was very easy because they just kept playing us songs and we loved them. It made the process easy.

    What has the response to the album been like so far?

    Jordan: It’s been really great. A lot of people are also saying “that’s the old New Kids that I fell in love with”. Just us singing love songs and being very romantic. It’s old school R&B but with a new cool twist to it that the producers put on it, so it’s like pop R&B but there’s this kind of Euro-pop/rock feel.

    I’ve heard you say that you have a special relationship with your fans. What do you think makes you go above and beyond or differentiates you from other artists?

    Danny: We’ve been asked this question a lot, and a good example is that our fans all pitched in and got us a full page ad in Billboard and wrote a very nice message to us. And we feel same way about them. We try to go out of our way to do certain things. Like when we weren’t touring last year in the states, we held town hall meetings. They do things for us and we do things for them. And it makes it very unique.

    You’re all very active on Twitter and in social media, which wasn’t around in the 80′s and 90′s. How has Twitter, Facebook and social media changed the way you market yourselves and interact with your fans?

    Jordan: The great thing about Twitter and Facebook is that at a moment’s notice we can put out a video or send out a message. Back then, if we wanted to touch all our fans, we’d have to run down to Muchmusic and get on TV. But now we can just make a video. We don’t need a middle man or middle network or middle radio station to get to our fans.

    What can fans expect from the upcoming Package Tour with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees?

    Danny: A lot of hits. It’s a lot of hit records between the three groups. Like with us and the Backstreet Boys it was like a lady’s night out. But this is even more because it’s 3 groups and more records and more hit songs. We try to give the fans a lot for their money and that’s the point of The Package Tour. To have it be an affordable lady’s night out and have a good time with your girlfriends.

    When does this end? At what point do you say “I’ve had enough of being a New Kid”?

    Danny: Never. Because doing it this time, there’s nothing that makes you feel that way. Nothing we do makes me feel like I’m ready to retire. I feel lucky and blessed. We just made a new record, so obviously we want to take that overseas next year possibly. I don’t see any reason for this to end any time soon.

    Their new album, 10 is available now. The Package Tour (featuring the New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men) kicks off on May 28, 2013 in Uncasville, CT with Canadian dates in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

    NKOTB will be ABC Spark in Canada on Wednesday, May 29 at 7:30et/4:30pt!

    Joey is quoted a few times in this Boston Globe article about Boston Strong.

    Check out some Vine clips from Jordan and Joey: Jordan: Back to catering #PACKAGETOUR

    Here are some NKOTB cruise videos from the game show "Wheel of NKOTB Fun" courtesy of yikes77.

    Friday, May 24, 2013

    Watch NKOTB on Sucre Sale

    Donnie, Danny and Jonathan were interviewed on Sucre Sale. They talk about Montreal, the release of "10", their fans and more. Here is the video clip:

    Video courtesy of yikes77

    Wednesday, May 22, 2013

    NKOTB Cruise Update - Watch Clips of the Concert

    Here are some video clips of the New Kids on the Block performing an acoustic show on the cruise courtesy of 26ula:

    NKOTB Cruise 2013 Update - Watch Video Clips from The Back Rub

    Here are a few clip of the "Back Rub" on the Lido deck courtesy of Wildrosegirl76

    NKOTB Cruise 2013 Update - Watch "Duets at Dusk" videos

    Here are videos of Joe's "Duets at Dusk" courtesy of 26ula

    You Belong To Me

    Time after Time

    Falling in Love With You

    Islands in the Stream

    As Long As You're Mine


    I Will Always Love You

    NKOTB Cruise 2013 Update #6 (Speeches)

    Here are a couple speeches from the guys while on the cruise:

    Joey's speech at Duets at Dusk. He talks about the Boston Marathon and thanks the fans for their support:

    Video courtesy of 26ula

    NKOTB Cruise 2013 Update #5 (New Song)

    Last Joey and Danny performed an unreleased song that did not make their last CD. Here is a video of the performance:

    Video courtesy of shortprincezz03

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    NKOTB Cruise 2013 Update #4

    Yesterday was the day at Nassau. Danny did a presentation on healthy eating with "BBQ Wood" and played some beer pong. Donnie was joined by Joey and Jordan for a "Back Rub" on the Lido deck (this was the re-scheduled "Mystery event"). Group B attended their acoustic concert with the guys and last night's theme was "Remix".

    Check out some photos from these fans (new ones added)

  • NKOTB (Official Instagram)

  • Cuttersftbll

  • pattiw23

  • Nkotb_Argentina

  • Puncek725

  • beariley

  • PlanetaNkotb

  • lioneris

  • meldiv75

  • TinchenFFM

  • yikes77

  • LaReinaWood

  • DDubsDame

  • Joey McIntyre buys house near Boston

    The Boston Globe posted an article about Joey buying a house near Boston.
    Joey McIntyre buys a place in Plymouth
    Contrary to what Thomas Wolfe wrote, you can go home again. Just ask Joey McIntyre. The New Kid on the Block has been living in Los Angeles for several years, but he’s just bought a home on the South Shore. According to the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds, Joey Mac and his wife, Barrett, paid $450,000 for a place in Plymouth. No, the kid from Roslindale isn’t uprooting his family and moving back. “We’re firmly in LA — kids, school, career, etc. — but we found a little getaway in Plymouth,” McIntyre told us. “It’s nice to know my [three] kids will have a piece of Boston in their lives.” NKOTB, about to hit the road with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men, will be at TD Garden May 30 for the One Fund Boston benefit.

    Monday, May 20, 2013

    Win a trip to Mix Tape Festival and Meet NKOTB

    Ryan Seacrest is having a contest to win tickets and a meet and greet with the New Kids on the Block at Mixtape Festival. The prize also includes airfare and hotel! Here are the details:
    Win VIP Access to Mixtape Festival at Hershey Park, PA to see NKOTB, Train, OneRepublic, Gavin DeGraw and more!
    Trip for two includes:
    • VIP tickets to Mixtape Festival at Hershey Park in Hershey, PA
    • Roundtrip coach airfare
    • 3 night hotel accommodations
    • Meet and Greet with NKOTB, Jonas Brothers and Hanson!
    Update: contest has ended.

    Sunday, May 19, 2013

    NKOTB Cruise 2013 Update #3

    Check out the links below for photos from fans who are currently on the New Kids on the Block cruise:

    Here are few sail away party videos courtesy of NKOTBfax578

    Saturday, May 18, 2013

    NKOTB Cruise 2013 Update #2

    The guys have boarded the boat!  Here are some photos of the guys arriving on the cruise (Danny, Donnie, Joe, and Jordan courtesy of @Emmamour, Jonathan courtesy of @lakersRN24).

    NKOTB Cruise 2013 Update #1

    To get updates from NKOTB cruisers on Twitter follow these lists:

    "NKOTB Cruise 2013" 
    "NKOTB Cruise 2013 Part 2"

    To view the lists on your phone - click on my profile (@nkotbnews), open up "lists", then select "NKOTB Cruise 2013" or "NKOTB Cruise 2013 Part 2".

    Some early news about the cruise:

    From @ktsummer: Game show is wheel of fun and the concert is acoustic! Eeeee!

    Program cover from @imnangl

    Friday, May 17, 2013

    Listen to Danny Wood on Mix 104.1

    Danny was on Karson and Kennedy's show on Mix 104.1. They talk about Danny and Jordan's birthdays, and a contest to party with NKOTB at your house and more!

    Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

    NKOTB TV Appearance on ET Canada on Monday

    The New Kids on the Block appearing will be on "ET Canada Conversations: New Kids On The Block" on ET Canada on Monday, May 20 at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT. 

    Watch Donnie Wahlberg's interview with Brisbane Times

    Donnie talks about the nature of heroes, the police and playing Tom Selleck's son in Blue Bloods in this interview clip from Brisbane Times:

    Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

    Thursday, May 16, 2013

    Watch NKOTB interview with E!

    E! interviewed the New Kids on the Block while they were rehearsing for the upcoming tour. They show the host some of their dance moves and answer a couple questions from fans.

    Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

    Wednesday, May 15, 2013

    Donnie Wahlberg at 2013 TNT/TBS Upfront

    Donnie was at he 2013 TNT/TBS Upfront in support of Boston’s Finest. Here are some photos!

    Donnie with Vince Vaughn

    Donnie with Angie Harmon

    Donnie with Manny Canuto, Diamantino Araujo, Jen Penton and Greg Dankers from Boston’s Finest.

    Monday, May 13, 2013

    Saturday, May 11, 2013

    Joey McIntyre "one man show" coming soon?

    Candace Cameron Bure (from Full House) posted a blog that mentioned that she and Andrea Barber got to see an "under the radar performance of Joey McIntyre’s latest project: a one man show about his life story". Check out her full blog post here.(Update: link no longer active). Here's the highlights: 

    You know I’m a New Kids girl! I mean, just look at Joey and me at a Bop Magazine party when I was 13. True love I tell ya!

    Last week Andrea Barber was invited to a very special and under the radar performance of Joey McIntyre’s latest project: a one man show about his life story. All I can say is…. WOW! Swoon….. because we all did. Forever a Blockhead and a Joey girl, we were elated to be a part of this event. Joey is an incredible performer and storyteller. As I told him after the show, he will captivate the theater crowd, because he truly was born to do what he’s doing, and he totally had us “fan-girls” melting with his every word and song. I’m a total FAN! I can’t wait for all of you to see it! I told Joe we’d be there on opening night when it hits Broadway.

    Don’t let our calm pose fool you. We were SCREAMING inside like 13 year olds waiting for Joey to come out after the show so we could chat with him. Andrea could barely say 3 words to him because she literally freezes in his presence. I became the spokesperson for the team since I was the only one who managed to talk without a quivering voice. Yes, even we get starstruck! 

    Friday, May 10, 2013

    Watch NKOTB on Access Hollywood

    Access Hollywood featured a segment about the New Kids on the Block today. They interviewed about the Boston attacks and the upcoming Boston Strong concert. They also showed some footage of the guys rehearsing for the summer tour!

    Video courtesy of suzi98babe

    Boston's Finest renewed for second season

    Boston's Finest has been renewed for second season! Here is a short article about it from the Boston Herald:

    TNT renews 'Boston's Finest' - for shorter season

    TNT has renewed the unscripted series "Boston's Finest" for a second season, scheduled to air early in 2014.

    The Donnie Wahlberg-produced show received a six-episode order - down from eight episodes this season.

    As part of its renewal deal, the show will also air on sister channel CNN.

    The show follows several members of the Boston Police Department and shows some of the personal struggles these law enforcement officers endure outside their shifts.

    Monday, May 6, 2013

    View photos of Jordan and Joey in Denver

    Here's a photo of Jordan and Joey at a special event hosted by radio station Alice 105.9 in Denver last Friday!

    Donnie Wahlberg interview with Mix 104.1

    Donnie talks about the Boston Police department's decision to shut down Boston and his kids' reaction to the attack. He also talks about preparing for the opening week of the Package Tour and the Boston Strong Concert and trying to convince Mark Wahlberg to appear at the show. 

    Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

    Watch Jordan Knight on NBC 10

    Jordan was interviewed by NBC 10 about preparing for the upcoming Package Tour and more. Here is the video:

    Video courtesy of JORCISA KNIGHT

    Saturday, May 4, 2013

    Article: Star-studded lineup for 'Boston Strong' benefit

    Here is an article from the The Boston Globe in which Donnie talks about the Boston Strong concert on May 30th.

    Donnie Wahlberg at the announcement of the concert to benefit victims of the Marathon bombings.

    A star-studded rock ’n’ roll fund-raiser on behalf of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings is shaping up to be a cause for serious celebration.

    The event, dubbed “Boston Strong: An Evening of Support and Celebration,” is set for May 30 at the TD Garden, and will include four hours of music and comedy from some of the biggest names in Boston (and beyond), including Aerosmith, Boston, New Kids on the Block, James Taylor and Carole King, the J. Geils Band, Jimmy Buffett, Dane Cook, and Steven Wright.

    Tickets, which will be priced from $35 to $285 — with no surcharges or fees — go on sale Monday at 10 a.m. at Net proceeds from the show will benefit The One Fund, which has so far raised more than $27 million for victims of the bombings.

    At a press conference Friday at the House of Blues, veteran promoter Don Law of Live Nation credited New Kids on the Block for suggesting a concert to benefit those affected by the horrific events of April 15. Law said all of the bands are playing for free, and TD Garden, Ticketmaster, and several hotels are also participating at no charge. (Law said labor and shipping will be the only expenses.)

    New Kids member Donnie Wahlberg, back in Boston for the first time since the bombings, became emotional as he spoke of his desire to do something — anything — to help the city and lift people’s spirits.

    “I’m very rarely speechless, but I find myself searching for words today,” he said. “[The bombings] affected all of us to the core and we all feel compelled to fight back, to step up, and this is our way to do that.”

    Wearing a Red Sox hat and a black Boston Police T-shirt, Wahlberg said he and bandmate Joey McIntyre, who’d just finished the Marathon when the bombs exploded, talked immediately afterward about playing a benefit.

    “It just kind of rolled from there,” he said.

    The stellar lineup, which apparently is still coming together, also includes Godsmack, Extreme, and country star Jason Aldean. (Notable for their absence are the Cars, who, we’re told, have not been approached about playing.)

    Law said Aerosmith is on the bill even though the band has a show in Singapore a few days before. Buffett, he said, reached out after the bombings and asked to participate if such a concert was scheduled.

    Concern about resellers scalping tickets at sky-high prices has prompted organizers to use paperless tickets. That means people who purchase tickets will have to present the credit card used to make the purchase and a valid ID to get into the concert.

    Law acknowledged that the paperless ticketing system presents problems of its own — 15,000 people showing credit cards and IDs at the door will slow things down — but it’s the best way to inhibit scalpers. Before the 12.12.12 Concert for Sandy Relief at Madison Square Garden, tickets originally priced from $150 to $2,500 were selling on the secondary market for several thousand dollars each.

    “We’re doing everything we can to keep the brokers out of this,” said Law.

    The show will start promptly at 7 p.m. and sets will be kept short in order to get all of the acts onstage. Asked if his brother, actor Mark Wahlberg, might reunite with the Funky Bunch at the show, Donnie smiled. (Mark had said “Why not?” when asked if he and the Funky Bunch might perform at a benefit for victims.)

    “Mark definitely wants to be there,” said Donnie. “Will he rap? I don’t know. I produced that record, so I’d sure like it if he did.”

    But Donnie said the big draw for him wouldn’t be his brother.

    “You’d probably be surprised that my favorite artist on the bill is Carole King,” he said. “I’m really excited to see her perform.”

    Watch WBZ news report about ‘Boston Strong’ Concert

    Here is another clip from WBZ Boston about the ‘Boston Strong’ Concert:

    Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

    Watch clip of Donnie Wahlberg on WBZ

    Here is a clip of Donnie on WBZ Channel 4 talking about the Boston Strong concert benefiting The One Fund Boston.

    Video courtesy of yikes77

    Donnie Wahlberg on WHDH-TV 7News

    Here is a news segment from WHDH-TV 7News in Boston about the Boston Strong concert. It also includes clips of Donnie at the press conference announcing the event.

    Video courtesy of yikes77

    Donnie at Boston Strong concert announcement (WCVB)

    WCVB reported on the Boston Strong concert and interviewed Donnie.

    Video courtesy of yikes77

    Friday, May 3, 2013

    Watch Donnie Wahlberg's interview with Mix 104.1

    Mix 104.1 talked to Donnie following the announcement of the Boston Strong concert to benefit The One Fund Boston. 

    Mix 104.1 had a chance to speak with Donnie Wahlberg of the New Kids on the Block following the announcement of the Boston Strong concert to benefit The One Fund Boston.

    Wahlberg was shooting an episode of Blue Bloods in New York when the bombings happened along Boylston Street, his first reaction was that it was simply accidental. As event unfolded, his thoughts went immediately to friend and bandmate Joey McIntyre, who was running the marathon that day, and to the people in the city he calls home.

    “I’ve seen horrific things often. But to see it in Boston and to imagine the suffering that happened in that moment and continues to happen it’s just overwhelming. I don’t want to make it about us,” Wahlberg said about the marathon bombings. “This event and what’s happened you know, it’s affected all Bostonians, all New Englanders, all Americans. But it affected the victims and their families the most, and that’s truly what all of this is about.”

    Joey McIntyre will run in next year’s race, Wahlberg told reporters. In fact, there has been talk that the whole band may try and run with him.

    “If I had to imagine, I think [at] the Boston Marathon next year they’ll be turning away millions of runners because I think everybody in this country, and in other countries around the world want to come and run that marathon just to show the spirit,” Wahlberg said. “I don’t know how they’re going to pull this marathon off next year because there’s going to be a lot of people — President Obama might be running in the marathon next year. That’s how much we want to step up for this city.”

    Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

    Blue Bloods "The Bitter End" preview clips

    Here are a couple preview clips of tonight's episode of Blue Bloods called "The Bitter End":

    Jordan Knight gives preview of New Kids On The Block tour

    Jordan talked about the Package Tour with NKOTB, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men in a news segment on NECN.

    Video courtesy of JORCISA KNIGHT

    Boston Strong benefit concert announced

    The Boston Strong concert has officially been announced. Here is the line up and ticket sales info.

    MAY 30, 2013 7:30PM

    Line up:


    For more info, visit their website at

    NKOTB on the Today Show May 31

    NKOTB, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men will be making an appearance on the Today Show on May 31. For more info go here.

    Thursday, May 2, 2013

    NKOTB to be a part of benefit concert in Boston on May 30

    The Boston Globe is reporting that the New Kids on the Block will be a part of a benefit concert for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings on May 30 at TD Garden.

    Here is the article:

    Biggest names in Boston music to join The One Fund benefit

    As we first reported, a blockbuster concert benefiting the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings will be held May 30 at TD Garden. Live Nation’s Don Law, one of the event’s organizers, will announce the line-up Friday at a press conference at the House of Blues. We’d heard the benefit for The One Fund would include some of the biggest names in Boston music, and, apparently, we heard right. According to people privy to the planning, among the acts expected to perform are Boston, the J. Geils Band, James Taylor and Carole King, New Kids on the Block, and Jimmy Buffett. (Although Buffett isn’t from Boston, the “Margaritaville” singer has a rabid fan base here and is close friends with Law.) No word on what tickets to the rock n’ roll fundraiser might cost or what, if anything, will be done to prevent ticket resellers from selling tickets at sky-high prices. In the days leading up to the 12.12.12 Concert for Sandy Relief at Madison Square Garden, tickets originally priced from $150 to $2,500 were selling on the secondary market for several thousand dollars each. The lineup for The One Fund benefit is stellar -- each of the acts has sold out the Garden in the past -- and we’re told more bands could be added.

    Listen to Jordan Knight on Mix 105.1

    Jordan Knight was interviewed by Mix 105.1 in Orlando. He talks about being on tour with NKOTB now verses back in the day and more.

    Summary of Jordan Knight Interview Scott McKenzie and The Morning...

    It’s an inevitable truth…even boy bands get older. New Kids on The Block‘s (NKOTB) Jordan Knight was only 14 when the group of five guys from Boston first heard the screams of crazed teen girls. Speaking with Scott McKenzie and the Morning MIX on a break from tour rehearsal, the NKOTB singer, who will turn 43 later this month, took time to reflect on the overall changes from the past to the present.

    “Our fans grew up with us. When we first went out, it was like braces, pigtails, and everyone looked kind of young and geeky and now everyone’s grown up and sexy,” Knight said. “You know what’s cool is, we do meet and greets and a lot of fans will show before and after pictures, like ‘this is us in 1989 and this is us now.’ It’s really cool because in those moments I’m really grateful that we have a relationship with our fans…we grew up with them and they grew up with us.”

    Ways for fans to interact with the guys have changed a lot over the years though, with social media being the main role for fan contact today.

    “Back in the day, it seemed like our fans were just fans,” Knight said. “You had the wall of people with the flashes and screams and now you look in the crowd and you go ‘hey there’s what’s her name,’ and you know people by their Twitter handles. We even have conversations over Twitter with our fans. Social media is a great thing for a group like us, because we can just reach out to them and talk with them at any given moment.”

    Knight also agreed that the concept of fame has seen a big change as well. “I think now there’s almost less shame,” he admitted.  ”I could go on the internet and record myself picking my nose and put it on YouTube and everyone would say, ‘oh that’s funny, that’s cute.’ Everyone sees each others blogs and it seems like it’s all out there,” he continued.  ”Like no one really cares. Back in the day, if someone got a picture of me picking my nose, it’d be in the National Enquirer!”

    Hits of the past such as “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” and “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)” may be hard to top, but that’s not the concern of the band now. Now it’s all about simply making good music that their fans will appreciate.

    “We’re just enjoying ourselves, you know? We always want to put on a good show and put out good material, and now it’s like when we make records, we make them for the fans,” Knight said. “We don’t have to put out number 1 records and be like ‘we have to beat out this one or that one.’ There’s not that pressure.”

    Time has taught them a thing or two as well. “We all enjoy ourselves more, and we get along well because we have wisdom in our age,” Knight said. “That just makes it easier on the whole group when you get along better. It’s a more enjoyable experience. We’re just having fun,” Knight continued. “That’s the main thing about our group is it rubs off. We genuinely have fun together and we’re just kids at heart. I think people see that it’s genuine, so I think that’s why we have longevity.”

    Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

    Wednesday, May 1, 2013

    Cranston Patch talks to Jordan Knight

    Jordan talked to the Cranston Patch about his gym and training for the upcoming tour and more.

    Taking fitness ‘Step-By-Step’ with Jordan Knight

    Have you ever wanted to know how Jordan Knight of New Kids On The Block stays fit and performance-ready? Fit World of Cranston, the facility owned by the singer-songwriter, is now offering a program based off of the routine Knight has been using to prepare for New Kids On The Block’s upcoming tour.

    Knight was at the Cranston facility Monday to demonstrate some aspects of Mike Boyle’s Strength and Conditioning program, which is now being integrated into Fit World’s group training classes.

    While preparing for “The Package Tour,” which will feature New Kids On The Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men, Knight began working with celebrity trainer Mike Boyle. Considered an expert in sports performance training, Boyle has worked with professional athletes from the Boston Bruins, New England Revolution and the Boston Red Sox, among others.

    Knight began Boyle’s Strength and Conditioning program about a month ago in preparation for the start of the 50-city tour. Knight will perform with his fellow New Kids five nights a week for two hours each night.

    He says Boyle’s program is improving his physical strength and endurance, adding that he can feel a difference in everyday activities and says he has more energy.

    Knight was impressed with the program and asked if Boyle would help him bring it to Fit World, a facility Knight has owned for years. The New England native opened his first health club in Cranston in 1995 but moved the facility in 2008 and renamed it.

    “I found this building and figured I could make a nice gym here,” he said.
    With the help of his brother, Knight researched different areas and determined that the demographics and need for a good gym were present in Cranston.

    “At the time, there weren’t many gyms in the area; there weren’t many good gyms,” said Knight.

    Back on the gym floor this week, Knight was hard at work performing some of the program’s drills with the help of Fit World Trainer Brandon Burton.

    To accommodate the new program, cardio and strength machines have been moved to create an open area where participants can perform some of the grueling drills. A small area of AstroTurf has been laid down to accommodate a large weight sled that needs to be pushed along the mat. Knight joked that the area looked like a fitness playground.

    During the demonstration, Knight utilized mini-hurdles, a floor ladder, medicine balls, resistance bands and ropes, and pushed the 130-pound sled with weights.

    Although he has been training for some time, Knight can still work up a sweat with some of the drills. After performing one exercise that required Knight to continuously move two large ropes that were secured on one end to a stationary object, the performer was visibly winded.

    “That is hard,” he said. “That works muscles you didn’t even know you had.”

    Knight said that being fit is not only about looking lean or “looking fit,” but also about feeling better and having endurance, especially for someone like him who dances on stage regularly. Knight said this workout program is not a boring routine that becomes easier over time.

    “These types of trainers like to spring things on you,” said Jordan, explaining that just when a person may get used to a certain set of exercises in the program, the routine will change. “They throw you a curve ball.”

    While it follows the recent fad of functional training, Knight says the program at Fit World is unique because it is based on the program from Boyle, who has been working with some of the best athletes for 20-plus years.

    “Our thing is the real deal,” said Knight.

    Knight also says Fit World benefits by being an independently owned facility. He feels they have the independence to implement unique programs such as Boyle’s.

    “You can do what is best for your members,” he said.

    The program at Fit World has been integrated into functional training classes and all Fit World trainers have been instructed by Boyle to better understand the program.

    While the idea of performing the same workout as professional athletes and performers may be overwhelming, Knight and the trainers at Fit World insist the program is for all ages and ability levels.

    “We go through an evaluation process,” said Burton, who explained that individuals come in, sign up for the program and go through a process with a trainer to evaluate their current fitness levels and goals they have. The trainer will then adapt the program to the individual’s ability.
    Training can occur in groups of four or five people, as well as larger group classes of 10. There is also an option for semi-private training, which consists of one trainer and two clients. The session will have each client performing a different exercise while the trainer monitors and works with both.

    “It’s been really popular. People have seen a lot of results,” said Fit World Manager George Sweeney, who estimates between 110 and 115 members are part of the program. The program costs $198 a month for two hour-long sessions each week. “It comes out to roughly $25 a session,” said Sweeney.

    In addition to the adult program, Fit World will be implementing a version of the program for kids and teens for the summer.

    “It’s more like a kids activity program,” said Burton of the program designed for 8- to 11-year-olds. “For the little ones, it is about being active.”

    Burton explained that the kids in the younger group would be working on movement as opposed to strength training; they would not be pushing the 130-pound sled Knight does.

    The second youth program will be for ages 12 to 18 and be more sports-focused. The goal of that program is to keep teens in shape for fall sports during the summer months.

    “It is more specific to their sport,” said Burton.

    Knight says the children’s program is important because it encourages kids to be active in a time when child obesity is on the rise. A father of two boys, Knight says he always encourages his kids to go outside, and they play sports year-round. Plus, Knight jokes that having active kids can benefit parents.

    “When you keep your kids active, they tend to go to sleep,” he said.

    To individuals who feel they are not up for the challenge of a workout mirroring famous pop stars and pro athletes, Knight says not to worry.

    “Just jump in. We take all shapes and sizes here. We aren’t trying to make body builders; we aren’t that kind of gym,” said Knight.

    He says Fit World is a positive and welcoming environment, no matter one’s fitness level.

    “Everyone feels a little intimidated at times, even I feel intimidated sometimes,” said Knight, saying he is nervous when trying new things on stage. The key, he says, is to try new things and work through the nerves.

    For more information about Fit World and functional training classes, stop by the facility at 30 Kenney Drive in Cranston or call the gym at 464-4055.

    “The Package Tour” will kick off on May 28; New Kids On The Block is expected to perform all of their hits, as well as new material from their latest album “10.”

    Shows in the area are at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn. (May 28 to May 30) and TD Garden in Boston, Mass. (June 2 and June 3). Check out for details; more dates may be added.