Saturday, May 14, 2022

Win an autographed sweatshirt worn by Danny Wood!

Team Betty United is auctioning off an autographed NYNUK sweatshirt worn by Danny Wood!  Here are the details: 

We’re bringing back the time with this NYNUK sweatshirt worn by @dannywoodofficial onstage at @NKOTB Fenway Park concert in 2021 and signed by ALL FIVE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!

Before Hangin’ Tough, before they had the Right Stuff, before they’d Be Loving You Forever, before they were even NKOTB, they were NYNUK. This throwback to the very beginning could be yours!

Donate at for your chance to own this piece of NKOTB history.

*$10 minimum donation*

**Deadline to enter is June 14
***Winner to be announced June 18 at Dine with Danny Event. Winner does not have to be in attendance at event to win.

Happy birthday Danny Wood!

Happy birthday to Danny! Thank you for sharing your talents with us and for being such a kind person who goes the extra mile for the fans with your weekly cooking show, frequent livestreams, your work with Remember Betty and more! Hope your day is full of blessings!

Friday, May 13, 2022

Catching Up...

I've not been around as much the past few days because I was at the first 2 shows of the Mixtape Tour! I usually don't have the self control to not watch videos online and "spoil" it for myself. So it was nice to see the show live for the first time without spoilers. I don't want to post too many spoilers, but if you're interested in the set list, click here. If you want a Spotify playlist, click here (thanks to My So-Called Whatever).  I haven't watched this all the way through yet, but there is a video of the whole show here (Thanks to The Block History)!

So you can plan ahead a bit, here is a look at some of the New Kids on the Block merchandise available at the shows (from Gainbridge Fieldhouse on Twitter)

Kevin Maher posted some photos with the program booklet:

Here is a flip-through of the program from Blockheads Unite:

Check out a review of the Cincinnati show here!

Star 105.7 posted some photos from the Cincinnati show!

Cincy Music also posted some photos here!

Here is Danny's latest Wood Works episode!

If you entered the raffle for Danny's ticket and M&G giveaways, all winners for New Orleans, Dallas, LA, Vegas & Seattle shows have been notified by email. Stay tuned for our final round of cities, coming soon!

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Farmhouse Fixer season 2 preview

The show last night was amazing!  I’ll try to stay away from spoilers unless I give a warning. If you didn’t already see it, I posted the set list last night. 

They showed this preview clip from season 2 of Farmhouse Fixer! Looks like a good season and we will be seeing more of Jordan!  

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

NKOTB news for May 10

Joey was joined by Jordan during his "Namaste" moment yesterday!

They released more barstools yesterday! As of this morning there were still tickets available for the following shows: 

  • Kansas City
  • Oklahoma City
  • Edinburg TX
  • Phoenix (1 left)
  • Fresno (1 left)
  • Portland
  • Spokane
  • Nampa Idaho
  • Salt Lake City
  • Charlotte (1 left)

Did you know NKOTB has their own app? They added some new photos yesterday!

Here are a few more new photos from the guy's social media:

Donnie on Instagram: Been a while since I walked into a hotel lobby — period. Never mind a lobby full of BH family! Fun chat — despite my exhaustion. So thankful for all of you! Blockhead Love is eternal and Blockheads are family! #MixtapeTour2022 #TeamNoSleep 🤖❤️♾💫

Danny's new social media profile photo!

I'm traveling to Cincinnati, so I probably won't get the new episode of The Wood Works on this site right away! Watch for the new episode to drop at noon eastern today on his YouTube channel!

Monday, May 9, 2022

NKOTB news for May 9

One more day until the start of Mixtape Tour 2022! Just a reminder: tomorrow at noon is the deadline for Danny's raffle for a meet and greet with him and free tickets to the show in either New Orleans, Dallas, LA, Las Vegas or Seattle. Tomorrow is also the last day to get Mixtape Tour tickets for only $25 including all fees (select dates and seats). 

Joey went live on Instagram with Rick Astley while they were driving to the venue in Cincinnati yesterday!

Jonathan posted on his Instagram that he is "so excited to share with you all a preview of season 2 this tour."

Here are some new photos that Donnie shared on his Instagram stories over the weekend!

Here is a new photo from Pam Chu on Instagram. She was also in one of Donnie's photos above, and she is the one Donnie was "in the lab" with preparing for the Mixtape Tour a couple of weeks ago. I'm not really sure what exactly her role is, but she was a "Creative Associate" on the 2019 Mixtape Tour as well!

Some of the guys were seen leaving the venue last night. Here is a clip of Danny and Joey from Blockheads Unite on Twitter!

Update: here's a new Namaste photo from Joey!

Saturday, May 7, 2022

New Vlog from Danny Wood

Danny posted a new blog on his YouTube channel this morning! He talks about what his favorite three memories were since the New Kids on the Block reunited in 2008! Watch the video below: 

Friday, May 6, 2022

Better Late Than Never: Jordan Knight Live on Social Media part 2

Here are some more clips from Jordan's old social media videos! If you missed the first round of videos, click here.  Thanks to jkbycynnkotb, jks.rockstar, jordyk.dimple, jkdk7670, bloquitaturnons, reppinjordanknight, sweetheartjordan, kayaregee888, and bhlovenkotb on Instagram and to JordanknightBrazil and Jordan Knight Lovers on Facebook for saving and sharing these clips! Some of these are only partial clips, so if anyone knows where to find the full videos, let me know:

Here are some videos from Facebook

Jordan waiting to get fitted for his stage clothes (these might be somewhat out of order): Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Jordan and the guys at Mario Lopez: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3