Monday, December 19, 2022

NKOTB News for December 19

At last night's show at the Bourbon Room, Joey said there will be an announcement sometime today. It sounded like it might be New Kids on the Block related! Maybe it's the behind-the-scenes video that Donnie mentioned will be coming soon?

The organizers behind "Joe Macs Birthday Project" were able to give their completed book to Joey at his show at the Bourbon Room last Sunday night. The book is a great look back at Joey's solo career. A digital version of the book as available to view here!

(Screen shot above is a sample page from the book)

Rachael Lawrence Douglass on Instagram posted a couple photos of Joey at the IAMA Theatre Company fundraiser last week. Click here to view!

Marcello Ambriz (Faculty Management member and former tour photographer) shared this photo he took of Jordan on his Instagram stories. 

There is a trend on Instagram and TikTok where people take their video clips of someone and put them in a boat. Donnie encouraged fans to make videos of him...

Donnie posted his reaction to all the boat videos:

Donnie flew home on Thursday night and he shared this photo of him on the plane...

He also shared this Instagram story originally shared by newkid.savvy. He said that a NKOTB cereal was almost a thing, but it didn't taste that great.  

Donnie got a sneak peek at his Funko Pop!

And he and his dog Lady, were spotted at the Wahlburger's  in St. Charles on Saturday night. Here's a video clip from TX EMT Girl Amanda

Remember Betty has been sharing this on their social media: 

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