Thursday, December 22, 2022

NKOTB News for December 22

Joey did his very intimate show at the Bourbon Room last night! Check out cheeena72rafeef.samo and My So-Called Whatever on Instagram for some video clips!

Here's a video of him on his Instagram stories a couple days ago talking about adding that show:

Joey was featured in Debbie Gibson's episode of "Soundcheck" on PBS. Joey's part starts about 11 minutes in...

This is also a couple days old, but Joey shared this photo of some of his family celebrating Hanukkah:

There is new Remember Betty merchandise for sale for a limited time! Team Betty Indiana is hosting an online sale here, but only until January 7! Proceeds go to Remember Betty!

I think these are older photos, but here are a couple photos that Kristina Crestin shared of her stories recently...

Normally I wouldn't share a random selfie of one of the guys out and about - but it's Jordan! Photo is from ryedog95 on Instagram.

Jenny shared this video of Donnie at the nail salon!

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