Tuesday, December 27, 2022

NKOTB News for December 27

The guys were a little quiet this year for the holidays... In my last post I didn't have anything about Jonathan, but it seems there were more Jonathan sightings than any of the other guys thanks to his friends and family who posted over the weekend. And there's even a couple Jordan sightings!

Dave Knight shared on his social media that the Knight family went ice skating in Gloucester, MA yesterday! He shared this group shot of the family and even some of Jonathan's Farmhouse Fixer family were there! 

This is Dave's photo of him and Jonathan with their sisters Allison and Sharon:

Harley shared this clip:

Kristina Crestin shared this photo:

Dave also shared a couple photos of the family together on Christmas Day at Jon and Harley's house: 

Harley shared a photo of their Christmas tree: 

Victoria Levy shared a photo of her with Jon and Harley in front of that tree!

Donnie shared this on an Instagram story:

Then on Sunday night, he posted this on Twitter

Dearest Blockhead Family, 
Hope your holidays are filled with all the love and joy!
— Donald 
#loveeternal 🤖❤️♾💫✨

Formless Beauty shared a photo of the winner of the Christmas Day Facetime with Donnie and Jenny:

If you were wondering about the names of Donnie and Jenny's dogs, Jenny posted their Christmas Card and introduced all their pups!

Happy Puppy Holiday from myself, Mr Wahlberg and our fur baby family — from left to right — Gucci, Lady (the matriarch), Louis, Bruno and Duke (the patriarch, in Donnie’s arms). Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! 📸: @lynettemcphoto #HappyHolidays #2023 #Christmas #puppies #family #shitzu

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Joey has not posted since my previous post, but it looks like his son Griffin might have gotten a pet snake for Christmas?

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