Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Donnie Wahlberg on Instagram Live - December 20, 2022

Donnie joined in on an Instagram live last night by hangin.tough and thecarandcharshow!

Donnie hinted that there will be some special guests on their upcoming album. He mentioned the 15th anniversary of "The Block" again, but said they are planning something unrelated to that!  He also said "Bring Back the Time" was part of several songs they recorded around that time and they almost put out an album around that time (didn't say exactly why they didn't though). 

They also talk a bit about the Face the Music album, and he remembers something in particular about a photo shoot from that era. They also ask him some "this or that" questions, such as "which show did Donnie like better: Wahlburgers or Donnie Love Jenny?" 

Also, Donnie's step-son Evan joined briefly, and they said that Evan did a project with Lars (a producer the New Kids have worked with) and it'll be out in a few weeks. 

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