Thursday, November 30, 2023

Donnie on the Blue Bloods set and more

Donnie is officially back on the set of Blue Bloods! Check out some photos below and see several more here!

Photos by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Donnie posted this funny video of him "forgetting" how to be Danny Reagan: 

But he quickly got back at it: 

Actor Malik Yoba shared a couple of behind-the-scenes photos with Donnie on his Instagram

One of the best parts of being an actor and working with your fellow artists through scenes is the thoughtful consideration we give to each moment before the cameras roll. Always seeking the truth to bring life to the words on the page. The story, behind the story of our human existence and experiences. Capturing and embodying that truth and just live in the moment and let spirit take you where it wants to. Staying obedient.

This moment caught between takes with @donniewahlberg by the writer @i_biederman1981 of episode 1 of season 14 of @bluebloods_cbs captures this dynamic. Had no idea he took the shot but glad he did and thanks for sharing it @donniewahlberg . Always good rocking witchu homie!! #setlifeisback 🎬

I’ve gotten to that place in life where I got grown ass women playing my daughter @anissafelix 😂🤣 Happy to be back on set with this legend @donniewahlberg @bluebloods_cbs . Let’s go!!

Since Donnie is on the East Coast, it's easier for him to get to the Celtics home games, so he went to a game on Monday night! Here are some photos he shared on his Instagram

Here's another photo shared by Patrick Petty

He also shared some cute puppy content!

And he received his copies of The Block Revisited on vinyl. One of them is going to an unusual place!

Donnie shared this message on Spotify thanking fans for listening to New Kids on the Block and promising new music in 2024: (Thank @stephandthenewkids for reposting)

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Jonathan Knight updates

Happy birthday to Jonathan! Here's what he has been up to lately...

Jon has a few new posts on his Instagram page

I love a good family bonding event! Thank you @paintpartywithpaula for giving us a great experience. Stay tuned for the final artwork…

Thankful for these two men in my life!!!!! My heart is full!

Werkin and Drankin at the lake this weekend!

He also shared this on his stories: 

And Kristina Crestin shared this photo: 

Jonathan joined Jordan at Novara recently and Novara shared what entree Jonathan chose while he was there: 

If you were wondering what Jonathan Knight had for dinner when he stopped by last week, here it is 🥩🍤😉

Steak & Shrimp - 12oz sirloin with three prosciutto wrapped jumbo shrimp, mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus and house-made steak sauce!

Sharon posted a funny story about seeing Jonathan on the highway while on the phone with him. She was with their dad and since they were in the same area as Jonathan was (he was filming Farmhouse Fixer), they decided to meet up with him. (See post here.)

Sharon also posted a new photo of some of the family on Thanksgiving on the Farmhouse Fixer Facebook page.  (See post here.)

Harley posted a video in honor of Jon's birthday here!

Donnie's interview with Star 101.3

Donnie was recently interviewed by Marcus & Corey on Star 101.3FM! He talks about the upcoming tour and why they haven't had much of a chance to tour overseas (and now that might be changing!). 

Happy birthday to Jonathan Knight!

Happy birthday to Jonathan! Hope your day is as sweet as you are!

Friday, November 24, 2023

Donnie and Jenny talk about Formless Beauty

Donnie joined Jenny on her Instagram live to talk to her about the specials and contest she has going on with her Formless Beauty products. Check out the replay below! 

NKOTB’s new Live Nation ad

The guys are in another ad for Live Nation! Check it out below: 

Donnie to be on Instagram Live on December 3

Donnie and D-Nice will be on Martingale Cognac’s Instagram on December 3rd at 8PM eastern!

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Catching up with Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie has been in the news lately for the new Formless Beauty’s 2023 Holiday Card with his wife Jenny McCarthy, and the announcement that Blue Bloods will end next fall. Here are some highlights from his social media posts

Donnie is now an investor with Martingale Cognac!

Donnie and Jenny went shopping and had a little fun while doing so!

I somehow missed this on my last "catching up with Donnie" post. If you remember the photo where Donnie was dressed as a mime and Jenny was a witch, it was from the birthday party he threw for Jenny at Shakou in St. Charles. Since her birthday is the day after Halloween, everyone came in costume. Here are some highlights that Jenny shared

Still recovering from an amazing bday weekend. Thanks to @donniewahlberg aka “mime” for throwing me a lil bday gathering. ❤️
Decor - @Demarcodesignsbymichelle
Location - @shakourestaurants
Cake - @bellarose_sweets

They also recently attended the Depeche Mode concert at the United Center in Chicago. Donnie talked a little about the show in his recent conversation with No More Games Radio. Jenny also went live on her Instagram during "Policy of Truth". He shared this photo of them at the show: 

He also shared a couple other fun moments with Jenny: 

He took 4 of his puppies for a walk and felt like Santa driving his sleigh with all the leashes: 

Here's a photo of "DW being DW" at his eye exam: 

He shared some words of encouragement: