Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Catching up with Jonathan

Let's catch up with Jonathan! Like Donnie, he has been posting some adorable puppy content, photos of his recently acquired Vintage Piaggio Ape, and even a clip from a Ricky Martin concert that he attended. Here are some of his recent Instagram posts

She’s mine all mine! Vintage Apé imported from Italy! Can’t wait for farm chores with this beauty!

Oliver’s new toy arrived today! Don’t tell Harley it’s really for me 😂 Vintage Piaggio Ape!


Neighboring today with Oliver’s besties. Jax, Keva, Andrea + Bill. Happy Friday everyone. Take the next few days to enjoy the things in life that make your heart sing!

The night before the GMA appearance, he posted that he was recording a song for the next NKOTB album. Here are some of his other recent stories...

Novara recently posted this photo of Jonathan and Jordan!

Look who stopped by today!! We always love a visit from Jordan, but it was great to hang out with Jonathan too, and we can’t wait to show you the surprise they cooked up while they were here… stay tuned!

Kristina posted a few stories while her and Jonathan were working on Farmhouse Fixer:

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