Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Donnie Wahlberg on No More Games Radio

Donnie joined the Instagram live by No More Games Radio last night. He announced that the new full-length album was completed a few days ago, but since they have to press the vinyl versions so far ahead of time, it'll be a few months before it's released. He also said there is a collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff on that album. Donnie talked about recording The Block, and he said there will still be more things released from "The Block Revisited" including a remix of "Full Service". Then he talked a bit about what to expect for the "The Magic Summer Tour 2024". He also talks about going to other concerts like Depeche Mode, and he answered the question "Who is your favorite New Kid?". Watch the replay below! (Donnie's part starts about an hour in.)

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