Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Jonathan Knight updates

Happy birthday to Jonathan! Here's what he has been up to lately...

Jon has a few new posts on his Instagram page

I love a good family bonding event! Thank you @paintpartywithpaula for giving us a great experience. Stay tuned for the final artwork…

Thankful for these two men in my life!!!!! My heart is full!

Werkin and Drankin at the lake this weekend!

He also shared this on his stories: 

And Kristina Crestin shared this photo: 

Jonathan joined Jordan at Novara recently and Novara shared what entree Jonathan chose while he was there: 

If you were wondering what Jonathan Knight had for dinner when he stopped by last week, here it is 🥩🍤😉

Steak & Shrimp - 12oz sirloin with three prosciutto wrapped jumbo shrimp, mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus and house-made steak sauce!

Sharon posted a funny story about seeing Jonathan on the highway while on the phone with him. She was with their dad and since they were in the same area as Jonathan was (he was filming Farmhouse Fixer), they decided to meet up with him. (See post here.)

Sharon also posted a new photo of some of the family on Thanksgiving on the Farmhouse Fixer Facebook page.  (See post here.)

Harley posted a video in honor of Jon's birthday here!

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