Sunday, November 30, 2008

American Music Awards Photos

There are several photos of the guys at the AMA's

Donnie at NBA game

Donnie was at the Lakers game on Friday. You can find more photos of him here

Pose for me...

Here's a fun video put together by Eshani of various "Click Click Click" poses:

Jonathan's birthday blog

Here's Jonathan's birthday blog from 

  Oh sh*t!!!!! It’s official, I’m FORTY!!!!!! Thank you all for your cards, donations, and well wishes! Heading to Mexico today. Looking forward to having a well deserved break after our shows down there! Don’t know how much I will be in touch from now until the New Year, but will do my best to check in briefly. I have a million things to do and only a few weeks to get them done. Jon

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Update on German CD

Here's a quote from Christina who sent me an email reguarding the German CD:

They won´t release 3 CD´s in Germany. It is a Box-Set (limited Edition) with the normal Deluxe CD, a tote bag and a Teddy bear. It´s a special for the movie 1 1/2 Ritter. That is the official information from Universal (official NKOTB record company).

Image above from

Interviews with Donnie and Danny from Z104 (Madison)

Found a couple more radio interviews... These are from Z104 (Madison, WI)

Donnie (From Oct. 10, 2008) Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Danny (From June, 2008) Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

German version of "The Block" to include 3 Discs?

According to, there will be a 3 disc version of "The Block" for sale in Germany on December 12th. They don't have a track list on there yet, but I'm wondering what is on these other 2 discs. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Also, the single for "Dirty Dancing" will be also be released in Germany on December 12th. You can order it online at Thanks to "djnkotb" who sent me the head's up. (Sorry I don't know your name because I can't read the Korean letters:)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Promotional video from Interscope Records

Here is a promo video from Interscope. Thanks to Amy for the link.

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Trailer for "What Doesn't Kill You"

Here is the trailer for "What Doesn't Kill You" featuring Donnie!

Video courtesy of MICA3021

More videos from NK TV

Also, check out some more more videos from NK TV!

Donnie plays Ping Pong with a fan

Meet Donnie's alter-ego Tony

Videos courtesy of Yvette Patten

Video courtesy of Nykki72

Interview with Channel 933

Here is an interview with Joey and Jordan on Channel 933 (San Diego)...

Update: Interview has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Meet Tony Part 2

Donnie's latest video blog!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Joe is Grateful

Here is Joe's latest Blog at

After the show in Vancouver I was talking to a fan- I really don’t
like referring to people as fans, so lets say supporter… That feels
So anyway, I was talking about how after the Seattle show (the
following night) we have to get on a plane at 1 in the morning, then
land in LA at 4 am then be up at 7:30 am for soundcheck at the AMA’s
and then fittings and then a run thru and then try to get a couple
hours sleep before getting ready for red carpet and then the awards
show at 5 pm and then we are the second performance of the night.
Now when I was saying it, I wasn’t really complaining but I guess I
had a little “whoa is me” in my voice, maybe a little dramatic.
And she very dryly said “nice life” with a tad of sarcasm. I got a
good chuckle at it. I’ve felt that I have been rightly grateful thru
out for all the amazing things that have happened to me/us, but it’s
always funny to be checked up on.
All that being said, it was quite a 24 hour period- from rehearsing
once before the show in Tacoma then off to All Access VIP to meet our
supporters (these parties are getting more and more fun… Now groups
are performing for us), then an awesome show in Tacoma, then the
flight where you were lucky to get any sleep with Jon Knight and
Natasha Bedingfield yapping away into the wee hours of the morning.
Then 2 hours sleep then some sort of a run thru in a hazy morning fog.
For me to go back to the hotel after that and close my eyes and close
off all the noise and excitement takes alot of patience and focus.
That’s an oxymoron, “trying hard to fall asleep”.
But I did cuz I personally would have been a zombie if I didn’t.
After all that, the AMA’s was a really good time. I felt a solid unity
among us and I thought our performance showed that. Through the whole
whirlwind, we had fun and put together a good performance.
I was not surprised when Donnie told everybody to get up (he’s been
doing that for years, but it isn’t any less ballsy to do so now) and I
wasn’t totally surprised when the whole audience stood up, but it felt
good to feel the love.
I thought the whole show looked amazing with a bunch of great
performances- Beyonce is from another planet, and Ne-yo can handle
that mic stand, huh? It was great to be back at the show. And let me
tell you something, out of all the people there, they were still
screaming our names from the cheap seats… Not during the
performance, I’m talking about when we were sitting in the audience
during commercial breaks.
I didn’t hear any other names being shouted.
Those are the kind of fans… I mean supporters we have.
I hear bands and artists say alot how they have the best fans in the
world and I’m sure they feel that way.
I think we have the most special fans in the world.

Etalk Interview

Here is a new video from Etalk

Youtube video courtesy of yikes77

New Interview with Access Hollywood

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Monday, November 24, 2008


Here is the video of the New Kids on the Block performing at the 2008 American Music Awards:

Youtube video courtesy of MusicMan

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Plans for 2009?

We've all heard that the New Kids are planning on touring next year, but here is quote from an article from with some more specific details: Knight anticipates being on the road another year, visiting Asia, Australia and Europe. The group also plans a summer tour in 2009, playing outdoor venues and amphitheaters.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meet "Tony"

New video at I love it when they post videos often!

Video courtesy of MICA3021

"What Doesn’t Kill You" in theaters December 12th

The movie "What Doesn’t Kill You" (starring and co-written by Donnie Wahlberg) will be in theaters in LA and NY on December 12th. Thanks to Darlene for the tip

Donnie talks to the Boston Herald

OK, we all know what Donnie meant in the Calgary Herald article, but apparently some people mis-understood, so Donnie clarifies what he meant with the Boston Herald

Donnie Wahlberg didn’t out Jonathan Knight – honest!

The Inside Track

New Kid Donnie Wahlberg says he absolutely did not out his best bud Jonathan Knight by comparing Jon to openly gay ’N Syncer Lance Bass in a newspaper interview.

In a sit-down with the Calgary Herald the other day, Wahlberg was asked about the “template” the New Kids set for other boy bands - including ’N Sync.

“You could look at a group like N’Sync and go, ‘Oh my gosh, Lance Bass is the Jon Knight, Justin Timberlake is the Joe McIntyre, JC Chasez is the Jordan Knight - you could go right down the line. But there was no plan with us.”

Donnie said mentioning Jon in the same breath as Lance Bass was not a shot at luring his lifelong pal out of the closet.

“That was an . . . out-of-context manipulation of my answer,” Wahlberg told the Track in an e-mail. “I was referring to ’N Sync’s management trying to copy us - Joe the cute young Justin type, Jordan the dark and handsome JC type; Jon the shy and quiet Lance type.”

So it was a “shy/quiet reference,” Donnie said. “Not a gay reference.”

“The point was that they built that group to look like us and we were not built to look like anyone,” he added.

Point taken. But rumors about Jonathan’s sexuality have been clogging the blogsphere for months now, fueled by none other than the Queen of All Media Perez Hilton. Back in late August the celeblogger wrote that Knight was stepping out to gay L.A. hotspots with actor-turned-personal trainer Harley Rodriguez.

Knight has never confirmed nor denied the rumors. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. As for Donnie, he says “Jon is my good friend. I wouldn’t backhand him.”

File Under: Faulty Gaydar.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New NK TV Video blogs

11-13-08 NKTV Danny blogs from the bus

11-13-08 NKTV Opening in Omaha

The "O" Group - NKOTB backstage


Videos courtesy of Yvette Patten

NKTV Donnie's peek

NKTV: Backstage

NKTV: Celtics Jerseys

NKTV: On the bus to Montreal part 1

NKTV: On the bus to Montreal part 2

NKTV: in concert 2 in the Morning

NKTV: Donnie at hotel in Montreal

NKTV: in Montreal

NKTV: tour highlights

NKTV: Backstage in Washington DC

NKTV: Joey and Griffin backstage

NKTV: Donnie and Danny signing autographs in bus

NKTV: Techincal Difficulties

NKTV: Jordan's vlog

NKTV: Jordan's fake injury

NKTV: Backstage at MSG part 1

NKTV: Backstage at MSG part 2

NKTV: Donnie and Danny at Celtics game

NKTV: After Show getdown

NKTV: Baby Daddy Bus

NKTV: From the stage in Omaha

NKTV: Ping Pong with Donnie Wahlberg

NKTV: On the Way to the AMA's

NKTV: NKOTB going back to the UK

NKTV: About cruise and 2009 tour

NKTV: Jordan's contest

Videos courtesy of MICA3021

NKTV: Danny blogs from the bus

Videos courtesy of YvettePatten
Video courtesy of DDUBsCelticGirl

NKOTB is a Boston Music Award Nominee

The New Kids are a Boston Music Awards 2008 Act of the Year nominee

The Boston Music Awards are on December 7th (no word yet if they guys will make an appearance or not)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seattle Times Article

Some fans share their memories with the Seattle Times: New Kids on the Block forever! Fans share their memories.

Katie Incantalupo, far right, and her friends pose with the New Kids at the ACC Center in Toronto in September.

Editor's note: Earlier this month Seattle Times reporter Marian Liu confessed to the world that she was a New Kids on the Block fan ... and proud if it. Her story about 1980s and '90s boy-band love generated response from fellow NKOTB fans, from then and today. Read on:

I am also a PROUD fan of the New Kids on the Block! I have been since I was 11 years old. I followed them religiously until they broke up and then continued with each of their solo careers. ... I was more than thrilled to hear of their reunion. I couldn't wait until November and decided to make a trek down to Dallas, Texas, in October to not only witness my favorite group of all time take the stage and perform live, but to actually meet them.... Jordan, Joey, Danny, Donnie and Jon are THE NICEST GUYS EVER!!! I got to give my favorite, Jordan, a hug that has been reserved for him for 20 years and it was worth the wait (he asked me to make sure it was). They sweetly listened to my ramblings, each gave me a hug (and not the pat on your back, done out of obligation hugs, but really good hugs) and they even signed my shirt I designed myself when autographs were NOT ALLOWED (I can thank Jon for this favor). It was a quick visit, but an incredible moment I will never forget.

— "imnangl," Bellevue

I was so in love with NKOTB that I thought my world may end when I wasn't allowed to attend their concert at age 12. To get the opportunity to see them as I approach my 30th birthday is a dream come true, and I look forward to wearing my '80s-style leggings and hair scrunchy to the concert. I am sure it will be a night to remember!

— Natalie Surowiecki, Kent

I really enjoyed reading your recent story about NKOTB at the Tacoma Dome this month. I can absolutely relate! In fact, I will be flying to Washington from Minnesota with three friends just to see the show and celebrate as the band winds down this first leg of the reunion tour. Cannot wait! Oh, the crazy things we do as dedicated and loyal fans of the New Kids. I'm 34 and I feel like I'm 15 again. It's brilliant!

— Katie Incantalupo, Saint Paul, Minn.

I was also a Joey fan back in the day. I fell in love with him after seeing the "Please Don't Go Girl" video on TV. I remember when I was 13 ... my cousin and my aunt were going to see them in concert and my aunt bought a third ticket for me to go with them!! I was so excited! Sadly, even though my aunt pleaded with my mom to let me go, she said no. I was too young. That was the only chance I ever got to go back then. I'll never forget how depressed I was.

Fast forward to 2008, I first heard the rumor about their reunion in late January and the dormant NKOTB fan in me woke up!! In February, I went on eBay and was able to buy everything I've always wanted related to NKOTB. ... In May, I went to see them at "The Today Show" in New York and camped out two days before the show. That's where I got to meet Jon Knight because he came out at 2:45 a.m. to see that we weren't rained on....

What NKOTB meant to me was so much more than just a band. Their music had an intensive effect on me in a way that I will never forget. I can explain it over and over again to a non-fan but they will never "get it" ...

— "miss_ava," San Francisco

I've been a New Kids fan since 1989. I used to bring their tapes with me to school and listen to them on my Walkman at recess!

I went to my first concert in February 1991 in Reno, Nevada, with a bunch of my friends. My mom told me I could only go to the concert if we went with an adult (I was 12 at the time). I told her that we were, and she didn't ask any more questions. The reality was that my friend's 16-year-old brother was going to drop us off and pick us up! We dressed up completely in New Kids' gear — T-shirt, shorts and leggings.

I've stayed in touch with those friends from junior high who went to that first concert with me. Only one is still a New Kids fan. Unlike me, she followed all of their solo careers and never gave up hope that they would reunite.

I'm so excited to finally meet the guys at the end of this month!

— "emalea," Lakebay

I have been an avid fan since I was 9 years old. I still remember the first time that I heard "Please Don't Go Girl," and from that moment I was hooked.... All throughout my life I have remained a true fan, listening to their greatest hits CD from time to time. But even I didn't realize just how crazy about these men I truly am until one January evening, when my husband, who was on his way to a Garth Brooks concert in L.A., asked me who was my all-time favorite band. Of course my answer was the New Kids. His response to me was, "Imagine that you just heard that the New Kids were reuniting and that they would be performing one last time. Wouldn't you want to be there? If that was to happen I would do for you what you are doing for me now." Never in either of our minds did we think that NKOTB would be getting back together, let alone releasing another album!! I was so excited that I cried and haven't stopped smiling yet. My husband lived up to his word and purchased VIP tickets for the Tacoma show. Since then I have just been counting down the days until Nov. 22; I am still on my "Block" high!!

What I love most about all of this is how young I feel again, corny sounding I know, but so true. The New Kids played a very important part of my childhood. Listening to them now always brings me back to those days when life was so carefree; memories of my first crush (Jordan!) and learning all the dance moves to their songs was a must. I am a mom of three little girls now and they love seeing mom act like a total goof and have even become dedicated fans themselves! So thank you Donnie, Danny, Jordan, Jonathan and Joe for bringing back to life a part of me that I had forgotten was there!!

— "mkolbas," Silverdale

I am looking forward to the concert coming up in Tacoma. The article really made me feel like a kid again, back in the '90s. I was that girl with New Kids everything ... from blankets to posters, shirts, pins buttons ... everything you can think of. I even still have a few tapes left.

I know I will have a blast in my neon tights, oversized shirt tied in a knot, and my hair in a ponytail slightly off to the side!

— Sylvia Hansen, Shoreline

Yes, I have loved and fought over both Joey and Jordan — seeing them first in concert at the Puyallup Fair many years ago! My fondest memory is seeing them from the third row at the Kingdome for the sold-out Magic Summer Tour. My mom tried to corner Jordan in a bookstore for a photo — how embarrassing but cool! I still have a tour jacket, dolls, baseball cards, buttons, lots of magazine pics, and all of my concert ticket stubs. ... Of course I got tickets to this show in Tacoma — wouldn't miss it for the world!

— "melp," Auburn

Article from the Calgary Herald

Here is an article with quotes from Donnie from the Calgary Herald

Wahlberg pleased with boys to men transition
New Kids on the Block back in spotlight
Nick Lewis, Calgary Herald
Published: Tuesday, November 18, 2008

They sold more than 70 million records between 1988 and 1994, about as many as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen have over their entire careers. They charted countless No. 1 hits, sold out arenas across the world, and had their mugs plastered on everything from lunch boxes to, well, mugs.

When the inevitable backlash came, the pressure crashed in and broke them up. Fourteen years later, the world's biggest boy band is back together, and Donnie Wahlberg for one is having a blast with New Kids on the Block.

"I don't really get caught up in successes and I don't harp on failures, but the timing has been impeccable," the 39-year-old says during a sound check in Salt Lake City.

"Each member of the group in some way deserves credit for that. Not for the timing itself, because you can never predict what the right time is, but for avoiding the pitfalls of the earlier attempts, each of which would have been the wrong time.

"So many people came at us over the years with ideas and plans, and someone always smelled a rat.

"I also thought it was important to protect the integrity of the name of the group--not that New Kids on the Block has always been associated with integrity.

"But if we give it away cheaply, what do we have?

"There's a value to the group, and I always believed that. And had we done little things over the past decade, maybe said yes to some of the goofy TV shows and other ideas thrown our way, we probably wouldn't have as much goodwill as we do with the revival."

That's been the best part of reuniting, Wahlberg says of the goodwill. For a pop group that went down in ridicule after its last-ditch transformation into the edgier NKOTB in 1994, the enthusiasm from both fans and the press over its reunion has been a pleasant surprise.

"Encountering all the goodwill, especially from people who probably wouldn't have had it before, has been great," Wahlberg says. "Because we are doing it now for the right reasons, in the right way. There's no reality show, no gimmicks and tricks, it's just us doing what we do. When we last toured back in the day, the reviews were filled with items about pre-recorded vocals and backing tricks and this and that.

"This time around, without question, there's been unanimous support."

New Kids on the Block were put together by Maurice (The General) Starr around 1985. Starr was a musical Svengali who had struck gold with his R&B teen hitmakers New Edition, an all-black group whose members included Bobby Brown and Johnny Gill. Wanting to replicate that success with white kids to appeal to white kids, he met a young Donnie Wahlberg in the summer of 1984 in Dorchester, Mass. It was Donnie who helped him find the others --his friends Danny Wood, Jordan Knight, Jon Knight and Joe McIntyre. Donnie's brother Mark Wahlberg was briefly in the group as well, but quit when he didn't care for its musical direction.

The five New Kids soon became an international sensation on the strength of singles such as Hangin' Tough and The Right Stuff, as teen magazines like Tiger Beat attempted to categorize each with tags --"the tough one" or "the sensitive one." Those tags soon became templates other boy bands followed.

"I do feel I can be myself these days, but the reality is I always felt that way," Wahlberg says. "We weren't manufactured in that way. It's important to me that people know that we weren't conceived in a board room. I wasn't the 'tough guy' or 'bad boy' to fill a role, I was who I was. I was also working my (expletive) off 20 hours a day involved in every aspect of the group. It's important for me for people to know I was not a manufactured image--that was something people tried to attach to us afterwards.

"You could look at a group like 'NSync and go, 'Oh my gosh, Lance Bass is the Jon Knight, Justin Timberlake is the Joe McIntyre, JC Chasez is the Jordan Knight'--you could go right down the line. But there was no plan with us. I was the first member of the group and I brought in guys I knew. I brought in Danny Wood and Jordan Knight, and I didn't bring them in because one had movie star looks and one was a good baritone. The reality was, A, they were my friends, and B, no other white kids in 1985 were doing that (expletive)."

Being back together after 14 years apart hasn't been a problem, Wahlberg says. In many ways, it feels easier now that the five kids are mature adults.

"I think some of the guys, we're a bit different and we may not connect on some levels," he says. "At the same time, when you're young you think you all have to be on board with everything, and it's all for one and one for all. When you grow up you realize everyone has their own way of doing things. In the past, when you're a 20-year-old kid, you find problems with little things the others do and blow up about it. 'Why is he talking to the fans that way?' or 'Why isn't he talking to the fans?' Now we realize, we each just have to get through the day our own way, and if one guy doesn't want to do sound check or do a radio interview, then that's OK. If those are our biggest problems, we're doing fine."

Wahlberg himself is doing great, having branched out into a successful acting career in the steps of younger brother Mark. He's appeared in all but one of the Saw movies, and you can presently catch him in Righteous Kill with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

But nothing has been as shocking as his role as Vincent Gray in M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense, in both his appearance and the power of his performance. What's incredible is that the role was originally written for a 13-year-old boy, until 30-year-old Wahlberg convinced Shyamalan otherwise.

"I really didn't try to convince him, the reality was I read the script and cried," he says. "I loved the script so much I got on a plane to New York to meet M. Night and asked him if I could turn it into a play where I could play the lead. And we hit it off so well, he told me he was thinking about Bruce Willis for the lead, and maybe that could make me about 18, 19, the right age for the character. And I said, 'Dude, I'll sweep the floors for this movie, that's how much I love it. If you can make it work with me, I'm there.' And that was it.

"I don't know what convinced him apart from the passion I had for the script. I dropped from 182 pounds to 140. I had such anxiety about it because I knew it was such a pivotal scene, and I was going to be on screen with Bruce Willis."

Today, Wahlberg says, he looks at that Oscar-nominated film as great preparation for everything else he's encountered since.

"I learned about commitment, about work ethic, and it's pretty much how I tackle anything now," he says. "It came from a time when the only person I could rely on was myself, and I've brought that back to New Kids now. I think it helps me, it helps the group, and I treat everything with that intensity. I know I'll never sing as good as Jordan Knight or Joe McIntyre, and maybe some of the other guys won't dance or write songs as well as me, but this time we're all committed. So, let the chips fall where they may."

On their off days...

Looks like Donnie was in Boston bowling for charity and Danny was in Las Vegas at the Bellagio...

Quote from "Paul Pierce and a bunch of his famous pals bowled in "The Truth Strikes Again" at Kings Lanes last night, raising money for The Truth Fund, the nonprofit that Pierce created to help disadvantaged kids. He launched a new initiative yesterday, "The Truth on Health," in conjunction with Tufts to promote nutrition and exercise with inner-city kids. "They're close to my heart," Pierce said. "Kids are real genuine, they're our true fans, and they listen to us." Teammate Kevin Garnett was in the all-star bowling lineup, and fellow Celtics Ray Allen, Tony Allen, Rajon Rondo, Leon Powe, Glen "Big Baby" Davis, Brian Scalabrine, Patrick O'Bryant, Eddie House, and J.R. Giddens were expected. Celts coach Doc Rivers was there and co-managing partner Steve Pagliuca was expected, along with super fan Donnie Wahlberg, nightclub king Patrick Lyons, comedian Lenny Clarke, and Patriots Kevin O'Connell, Matt Slater, and Wes Welker. Before the bowling, Rivers said he expected Rondo to bowl the best, and Garnett the worst. "But he can probably just reach down and knock [the pins] down with his hands," the coach said."

Quote from "Former Tribe Called Quest front man Q-Tip was at The Bank inside Bellagio last night, which also saw New Kid Danny Wood drop by. 1991 was in the house all night long."

Dirty Dancing Video

Here is the music video for "Dirty Dancing".

They used scenes from their performance in the movie "1 1/2 Knight"

Here is a behind the scenes video from the making of the movie/music video: 

Video courtesy of nkotbkorea

Monday, November 17, 2008

New concert date announced: January 25, Hammersmith Apollo


Sun Jan 25, ‘09
London, UK
Hammersmith Apollo
ON SALE: 9:30am Friday Nov 21st

Videos courtesy of MICA3021

New Video Blog from Donnie

Here is a new Video Blog from Donnie at
Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Watch Joey's Movie "On Broadway"

You can now rent or buy the video download of the movie "On Broadway" (starring Joey) at's Video On Demand

Edmonton Sun Article

Here is an article from the Edmonton Sun with a few quotes from Joey.

One more time around the Block

Nostalgia can be a funny thing. You know that neon green fanny pack won't ever come back in style but you can't part with it. Same goes for those cassette tapes of that famous boy band from Boston, New Kids on the Block.

If you were a teenaged girl back in the early '90s, chances are you had a collective crush on Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight and Jonathan Knight. Maybe you even cried when the group officially disbanded in 1995, or perhaps by that point you were, like, totally over them.

Now the boys are back, complete with a new album and a new tour, hitting Rexall Place tomorrow night. And just in case you were wondering, boys will be boys.

"I was just making fun of Jon doing an interview and now Jordan is making fun of me," cackles McIntyre from a stop in Denver, "and now Jordan is making fun of me."

McIntyre, at age 35 still the baby of the group, understands that much of the group's current appeal lies in nostalgia, but says the group needed more than an easy buck to reform.

"We felt we had to start with music because we wanted to be excited ourselves. We wanted to be turned on by something new and fresh," explains McIntyre.


"We started in the studio with no deadlines and no contracts. With the new album and the new sound, we're definitely making a splash. I think it adds a lot of new energy to it. It doesn't feel like a totally nostalgic ride. We're lucky to have 10 hits from back in the day that people go crazy for."

The Block, the group's first album since 1994's Face the Music, recently debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and spawned the radio hit Summertime.

The tour behind the album has been great so far for the guys, according to McIntyre, who are all a little bit older and a little bit wiser.

"Being in a band you hear of very successful groups that none of the members talk to each other but they're still doing business. With us I think we put a lot of energy towards trying to get along," says McIntyre.

"We played basketball for the first time in about 15 years yesterday and we're smarter now. Each team won one game and we didn't do the rubber match (deciding game). Twenty years ago we would have done the rubber match, and someone would have been injured and there would have been a fight. But we said, 'You know? We both won a game. Nobody's hurt, nobody's pissed off, let's leave it at that.' So I guess we're learning."

Outside of NKOTB, the guys all had steady careers, in and outside of the music industry. McIntyre found work on Broadway, a role on TV's Boston Public, danced in Dancing with the Stars and is even credited with coining the phrase "This is where the magic happens" on MTV's Cribs ("I have to say I've sort of chartered some frontier on MTV," he laughs).

While there's no denying that things are little different for the guys, their energy on stage has remarkably stayed the same. McIntyre says that the group does lot of meet-and-greets with fans before the shows and that it's common to hear people remark on how calm and chilled out they are. But once they hit the stage, the game is on.

"We have this entrance in the show where you lift up on the stage and you look down and see all this hysteria. Even if you weren't up for it 10 seconds earlier, it's instant ignition," says McIntyre. "The thing is coming down. You learn how to pace yourself. After the show you're so amped that some of us don't got to bed until 4 a.m.

"My (schedule) is a little different because I've got a one-year-old and wife out with me out there so we're going to the zoo when some of the other guys are sleeping in their bunks."

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Virtual Tour of Jordan and Jonathan's Childhood Home

Here is an article about Jordan and Jonathan's childhood home from the Boston Globe.

Be sure to check out the pictures here

Step by step

It's not listed in any tourist guide, but NKOTB fans flock to the house where the Knight brothers grew up

By Johnny Diaz
Globe Staff / November 15, 2008

When Kari Lusso and her trio of girlfriends flew from Seattle to Boston for the New Kids on the Block concert, they had to make a quick detour. On a rainy Saturday night, the friends drove their rental car to 10 Melville Ave. As they stood in front of the Victorian house, they shrieked and giggled like little girls. The commotion? They were at the former home of the band's brothers Jonathan and Jordan Knight. When they rang the bell, they got a quick tour.

"It was going from 31 to 13," Lusso said. "We took pictures of their stove. We took pictures of their floor. We took pictures of the banister, the living room, and their bedrooms. What a dream come true to see such an intimate part of their childhood."

The Knights haven't lived there in more than a dozen years. The family sold the house to the Salvation Army in 1996, but staffers there have been busy rolling out a welcome mat to rabid NKOTB fans. Ever since the band reunited last spring, fans have discovered one of Boston's best pop secrets - the Knight family's old crib.

In the past year, the Salvation Army has seen a spike in the number of unannounced visitors ringing the doorbell and people pulling up in the driveway to snap photos on the front lawn. Fans learn of the address through old books, blogs, and Internet searches. The Salvation Army lists the house on a page that celebrates the home's history. One recent Saturday, roughly 50 fans trickled in and out of the house to marvel and reminisce after they learned about the place on the Web and through word of mouth.

"We don't charge them," said Major Susan Dunigan, who runs the Christian-based social service center in Melville Park with her husband, William, also a major with the Salvation Army. "We welcome people. It's part of the purpose of being an outreach ministry."

Diehard fans drop by with cameras, memorized biographies, and hearts filled with nostalgia for the Boston-bred quintet of crooners who were wildly popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s with hits such as "Hangin' Tough" and "Step By Step." Once inside, these gawkers don't want to leave. They pose in the rooms where the Knight brothers rehearsed, slept, ate, and showered.

Sally Wisbey, 31, of London and her girlfriend stopped by the day before the Boston concert in September. "It was kind of like reliving our childhood days," Wisbey said. "I took photos of Jordan's room, the outside of the room, and out back at the big shed where [the 1994 video] 'Games' was shot and where Jonathan was washing his dog. The whole experience was amazing."

Salvation Army officials hope the band's renewed momentum will help them raise money to renovate the residence's rear carriage house, which has been featured in old band photos and music videos. The Salvation Army wants to convert the carriage house into an arts and community space for local children. Although agency officials don't ask for donations in exchange for a tour, Dunigan said: "We accept donations from anybody."

A famous backdrop

The three-story house, which sits on a hilly acre of land, has a famous history. The Stick Style residence with the gabled roof was built in 1880 by George Meacham, a landscape architect who designed Boston's Public Garden in 1860. The house was originally owned by John W. Field, a member of the mercantile family for whom Fields Corner is named.

The Knights bought the house in 1972, said Sharon Knight, one of the six children of Allan Knight, an Episcopalian priest, and Marlene Putnam.

"We went from a Brady Bunch neighborhood house in Westwood to this huge Victorian house which had 20 rooms," said Sharon Knight, the second oldest sibling. During the years at the house, her parents ran a group home for teenagers. "The house was spectacular. It had a lot of details and space."

The property gained pop-culture notoriety after the band exploded into a pop phenomenon in the late 1980s. Band photos, biographies, and music videos feature the residence as a backdrop.

Sharon Knight remembers how fans climbed trees and clamored outside the property to get a glimpse of her dark-haired brothers. "People were camped out there all the time and coming to the door," she said. "We had to put up a big wrought-iron fence."

That fandom was one of the reasons the family moved to Essex, where Jonathan and Jordan Knight bought an estate, their sister said. "We moved to a house that was four times the size in Dorchester," she said. But her family considers the Melville house their childhood home. "That's where all our memories are. It is very much missed."

'The Jubilee House'

In 1996, Marlene Putnam, who by that time had divorced, put the home up for sale and sold it to the Salvation Army for $340,000.

"Rather than sell it to someone that would condo-ize it, [my mother thought] what better way to keep it going than to serve the community," said Sharon Knight, who now lives in Danvers. Her five siblings live nearby in Essex, Milton, Quincy, and Providence.

The Salvation Army directors christened the property "The Jubilee House," a biblical reference that alludes to a festival by God in the book of Leviticus.

The place has 23 rooms, nine fireplaces, and a deck that offers a panoramic view of the city. The house is home to 15 people, including the Dunigans and their grown children, and students from Gordon College, who spend a semester living there while working with city youths. Three golden retrievers also sleep here.

Despite the recent increase in fan traffic, the Salvation Army is used to unexpected visitors. The house has hosted summer camps, Bible study groups, tutoring for children, and support groups for men and women. Staffers provide free meals each Wednesday night for the community as well as weekly prayer services.

For some residents, watching the parade of obsessive fans snooping in their bedrooms can be a little disruptive.

"We get a lot of British fans," said Lauren Folden, 20, a college student who lives in Jonathan Knight's old second-floor bedroom. "They come and want to take pictures."

Added Allison Dunigan, 19, another resident: "We're kind of used it. It's weird when they [the fans] take pictures of all the rooms and the toilet."

That credit belongs to the spirited Seattle group of girlfriends.

"We had to go to the bathroom and say we went to the facilities that Jordan had used," said Stacy Howard, 31. A publicist for the Salvation Army in Seattle, she snapped photos of the stairwell banister, kitchen stove, and Jordan Knight's bedroom.

The women said the tour was a childhood dream come true.

"I have never met them but now feel I have," Lusso said. "Personally for me, the house tour was as great as going to see them in concert."

Thanks to Sarah for the link.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bunker Hill article

Here is an article about "Bunker Hill" from the Boston Herald

It’s gonna be a mob scene in Beantown!

By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa Wednesday, November 12, 2008 The Inside Track

Photo by AP
Don’t look now but we’re headed for a Tinseltown traffic jam!

A couple of TV pilots about Boston Irish gangsters will be tripping over each other when they’re filming here next month.

New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Brady [stats]’s baby mama Bridget Moynahan are coming to town to shoot “Bunker Hill,” a pilot for cable channel TNT .

Meanwhile, Ultimate Fighting Championship prez Dana White and veteran moviemaker Walter Hill are headed here to make a two-hour pilot for Spike TV about - you guessed it - Boston’s Irish mob.

Both shows are scheduled to film in Southie and Charlestown in December.

In “Hill,” Wahlberg plays a Townie who returns from covert government duty and goes to work as a police officer on the streets of his old Bunker Hill neighborhood. Moynahan, a Longmeadow native, plays his brother’s widow and the two have some kind of a love-hate thing going.

“We looked at a lot of people for that part and we really wanted someone from Boston,” said Walon Green, who is executive-producing the show with Donnie and Jon Avnet, a producer on a former Wahlberg TV series “Boomtown.”

“Bridget can do the accent, which is a trick by the way. Because when it’s done badly, it’s very bad.”

Green said the producers looked at Amy Ryan, an Oscar nominee for Ben Affleck’s “Gone Baby Gone,” as “a role model for a Boston character.”

Green said he expects the “Bunker Hill” crew to be in town for about two weeks next month during Donnie’s break from the New Kids’ tour.

“We’re looking forward to shooting in Boston,” he said.

Ditto for the gang from “War of ’04,” the working title of the Spike pilot that portrays a “fictional world of Irish-American gangsters struggling for underworld control.”

Filming starts next week on that one and rolls into mid-December.

“It’s about a guy who ran organized crime for the last 40 years who disappears after getting indicted, creating a power struggle for the top job,” White told the Track.

Hmmmm, sounds rather familiar!

“It’s totally fictional,” White insisted.

File Under: Irish Mob Scene.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Blogs

Here are a couple new blogs from Donnie and Jonathan:

Thursday, November 13th, 2008
Hey All….
I need a few things from all fans at the upcoming shows….
More noise!!
More chaos!!
More of your incredibly clever signs to me and the guys and your funny
and creative t-shirts and stuff. (Sneak the signs in if you have to).
Oh yeah- can you please sing Nicole from Pussy Cat Dolls part on GROWN
MAN really loud?? Please?
A lot of you sing it already but ladies- that is your moment to
shine!!!!! Take it!!!
Keep coming to see us!!!!
Face Time is real!!!!!
The party is going strong!!!
Forget the bs and Let Yourself Go!!!!!
The days are dwindling…..
There are tickets left- grab em!!!!
There are seats empty- fill em!!!!
That is the second to last day on the tour….
That will be one of the best nights EVER!!!!!!
Find. a way!!!!
Buy the cheapest ticket and sneak up front!!!!!!
In fact…
Stay tuned…
Maybe we can help you find a way.
Let's enjoy every moment of this!!!!
I love you all!!!!!
As Always-
Your Man,
~donnie w


BETWEEN THE SHEETSIt’s me once again! Driving to Denver Colorado tonight. It’s super cold
and windy tonight. I feel like the “rolling submarine” has become a
small plane in turbulence tonight. You know the feeling of driving down
the road and your car is being blown back and forth………the lights
are dimmed and everyone went to bed hours ago….someone from our camp
is over on the couch snoring in a deep sleep…, it isn’t

Feels like it will be snowing any day now! The moon is full, it’s
5:30 am, I’m on some stretch of highway between Omaha and Denver,
feeling very delirious!

On nights like this back home, I love to light a fire in my bedroom,
slip into something comfortable after a warm bath and curl up in bed to
watch a movie……of course my favorite girl is always right next to
me…..I usually rub up and down her back telling her how much I love
her…….kissing her gently on her neck as we both drift off to
sleep…. her body has a way of fitting itself right up close to mine
like two pieces of a puzzle……. her silkie soft hair brushing
against my chest…….. her long legs stretched out in comfort……..
she always seems to wake me up at some point in the night…… she
looks me in the eyes without speaking a word………..I love her for
that…….She has the most beautiful eyes in the world…….she
usually rolls over so I can stroke her chest ever so gently……..this
gets her all wound up that she sometimes leaves a wet spot on our
sheets……. she’s even gone as far as letting a nasty smell out of
her tiny little ass! Then at that moment I break out the leather
studded collar and chain……I know at that moment it could get
freaky…… its nice and warm under the sheets……..Damn, should I
give her what she wants?………. Should I just roll over and do it in
the morning?………Oh damn, feels like the wet spot is getting
bigger!!!!!……..She has my full attention now…..hold on, hold on,
I’m gonna give her what she wants………. she is now barking orders
at me as she lets out a loud howling
noise…..OMG……OMG……OMG…….. DAMN…………time to walk
the dog!!!!!!!!

Maybe its time to get some sleep! Enjoy your day! I will so enjoy
mine……….DAY OFF……. don’t hound me till Friday…..
seriously!…. just keeping it real! HA! Hound me on here all you want
though…….. ENJOY!

with respect,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New blog from Joe

Here is a new blog from Joe


The thing with something like this is that you want to hold on tight
to every minute. You stop yourself and all the noise of the grind and
say, “wow, let me soak this up before its gone again.”
But the thing is you cant hold on too tight because it wont flow.
You wont be your best if you are hanging on too much.
So again it is balance. It’s really a remarkable journey filled with
lessons every night. I love the stage and to have an opportunity to
live there in front of so many and such love is an immense gift.

I love feeling and looking at every show. Every show is great, but
there are ups and downs- for me anyway… but for me, that’s the only
way. The ebb and flow. The waves. The highs and lows. The balance.

So drink it up, but be able to get up and go to work the next day.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New interview with Donnie on 92 ProFM

Here is a new interview with Donnie on 92 ProFM in Providence

New Jonathan Blog

Jonathan posted a new blog at

Jon’s near-death experience!


I saw a post about my bus driving down the wrong side of the
expressway. Yes, this did happen, and I am not happy about it. I was in
the front seat sh***ng my pants. Every night leaving our shows people
like you who posted are going to kill us or yourselves!!!!! You need to
stop driving up on our buses like you do. You are dealing with 22 tons
of steel that cannot stop or change lanes on a dime. Half the time you
are hanging out your windows and flashing your camera flashes into our
drivers eyes, paying no attention to what you are doing! You caused my
driver to become so disorientated that night. A certain few of you need
to chill out and be more responsible adults! What are you trying to
gain by doing this. Do you think we are going to pull over and say hi?
Do you think you are going to follow us to our hotel? 99% of the time
we are heading on to the next city several hours away! Please pull it
together. I don’t want to die in some stupid accident. I appreciate you
coming to the shows, don’t get me wrong. I just had to address this
post because it is real and not some cute fantasy! Please spread the
word to everyone. This is a serious matter. As an adult I am going to
keep it real with you. If you’re acting stupid I will flat out tell you
to your face, “you’re being stupid”. So, in this instance, A VERY SMALL

Much respect and appreciation!

now that that is off my chest………….happy blogs coming soon!


Interview with

Here is an interview with the group from Thanks to Mindie for the update.

Video courtesy of Bellavi81

Monday, November 10, 2008

New video from AOL Music

Here is a new video from AOL Music.

Video courtesy of MICA3021

Interview with Jonathan from The Pitch

Here is a new interview with Jonathan from The Pitch (Kansas City)

KIDZ II MEN: Q&A with Jonathan Knight of New Kids On the Block
Tue Nov 11, 2008 at 07:00:00 AM

Unless you've been in a pop-deprivation chamber for the past couple months, you know that founding-foundling boy band New Kids On the Block has reunited after 14 years for a new album and a world tour. Heralded by instant hits like the nostalgic (i.e., re-introductory) "Summertime" and the more modern, hip-hoppy "Single" (feat. Ne-Yo), The Block has been burning up the charts like it's 1988. But now, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood and brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight are all pushing 40 as they get on the floor and do the New Kids dance at sold-out venues across the country.

While his brother and his former bandmates have remained active in making music, Jon Knight has been involved in the real estate business. He has, however, fallen into the role of the group's most prolific blogger — read about his post-stardom emu farm and other endeavors here. We caught up with Jon last week to talk about the presidential election, Lou Pearlman and what it's like being an older New Kid. For best authenticity, read all of his answers to yourself in a thick Boston accent, a là Mystic River or Good Will Hunting.

How's the tour been going?

Awesome. It's been going incredibly well. It's blown my mind. I never expected it could be this large.

What's been the best show so far?

There's been so many of them — it's been different cities, different energies. God, I couldn't say that there's been one really good one. It's just there's something about each city that brings something different to the table.

What's it been like touring before and after the presidential election?

It caused us to be late one night. [Laughs.] We went home to vote, and our bus came to pick us up, and we were trying to watch the speeches and stuff, and we were two hours late getting on to the next city, but it's been awesome. We've all be talking about it. It seems like everybody's been talking about this election this year. It's weird. I was in a taxicab in New York City, and this guy was listening to the news about all the speeches and stuff, and he was from a foreign land — i've been running into a lot of that, just, like, everybody's talking about it.

I read that you supported Obama, right?

Absolutely, yep, yep.

Did you have a show on election night?

No, we actually got to fly home. Everybody flew home so we could vote.

Was that hard to arrange?

No, we planned that right from the beginning, that we would have to have two days off around election time.

What was your first show after the election?

It was in Philadelphia.

Was there a different energy there because of the victory?

No, I didn't notice it. I noticed a lot of kids, a lot of women at the meet 'n greets were saying, "Yeah, your man won." That was the only difference I noticed.

Did it feel good?

Oh, I'm ecstatic.

Is there anything about touring that you hadn't missed?

Um ... no, I knew exactly what I was getting back into. The funny thing is that everybody thinks it's such a glamorous life and stuff, and we're rolling around the country on a bus, going from city to city on a bus, eating catering every day at the venue, which is basically cafeteria food, and it's just a lot of hard work. It takes a lot out of ya.

Now that you and your fans are older, are their reactions to you different?

There's still pandemonium, but it's a controlled pandemonium. Back in the day, the girl's hormones were trying to get at us, and they would do anything to get to us, and they would just throw themselves toward you. Now, the approach is a lot more controlled and subtle.

So you don't have to duck under tables or anything?

No, I mean, it was weird — back in the day we each had our own personal bodyguard. Now we have two security guards with us and it's all controllable. We're all adults now.

Do each of you have a different type of person who's a fan?

There's definitely ... yeah, we have our own little niche, you know. But there's certain fans that cross over from different member to different member.

What are your fans like?

I think they're ... they are different. It's weird. Sometimes when we're doing meet and greets I'll see somebody walk in and think they won't even wanna come over and say hi to me, and then they come over and say hi to me and I'm shocked. It's all different. You never really know what you're gonna get.

How's the dancing going? Did everyone stay in shape in the intermediary years?

Oh, yeah yeah yeah. We've all kept in shape, we've all been keeping up in the gym and stuff like that, and we just work hard on everything. Right now, we're doing a two-hour show, but when we were rehearsing, we were rehearsing like eight hours a day of dancing the whole time. That pretty much whipped us all in shape for the show.

When you reunited, how did you decide what your approach to the performance would be?

It kinda just progressed as we went along, I think that's how we've always worked. You'd like to have a basic outline, but you don't want to have a plan because that limits you to that plan. It's nice to let it grow organically and just see where it takes you. There have been a few things that we've changed since the first show. We just want it to be the best that it can be.

Did anyone suggest, "Let's just sit on stools with an acoustic guitar..."

Oh, absolutely not. I don't think any of us would have done that. That would just be a totally boring, boring show.

About the new album — what person outside the group had the most influence on it?

Nobody, really. That was one of the good things about this time around. We had control over our career before, but this time around we had 100 percent control over it. It was definitely all of us. We wanted to do an album that was a good album and that would appeal to all five of us. When we started the recording process, we weren't even signed to a label. We just said let's go into the studio and start recording some songs and see where it goes. That came out of our pockets, there was no record company, there was basically no management company behind us at that point. So that all grew into what it is today.

Was there a producer or collaborator who brought something new?

We got a lot of the newer, cutting-edge producers. We also had Teddy Riley, who's very old school. We just wanted to bring that nice mix. It was really great to be able to work with New Edition, the Pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga. It was awesome working with Ne-Yo, he's just an incredible talent, I think anything he does is gold.

Have you been pleased with the reaction to the album?

Yes, oh yeah, of course. It's shocking that after 14 years we'd come back and have a number 1 album in Canada and a number 2 album in the States.

I've been reading your blog on the site, and the first time around for you, there were no blogs, no youtube ...

Yeah, none of that stuff.

So how is it different performing when just about everyone in the world can keep tabs on you and comment on you on their blogs?

I, personally, I hate it. It seems like the world nowadays, everybody's got to know something that moment. I remember our first show, the next day it was already posted all over YouTube, and to me that just seemed kind of unfair for other people out there who haven't seen it that all of a sudden it's out there. But you know, if people don't wanna see it, they won't go looking' for it. ... I think the only good think about the Internet is that we can have instant communication with our fans. It's an easier way to keep them connected.

Are you tired of being asked about being the "quiet one?"

[Laughs] No, 'cause that's definitely who I am. When this whole thing started back in the day, it's weird, 'cause it was basically like an after-school thing that we did, you know, we got together, we did talent shows and stuff like that. And I enjoyed doing that, and then it blew up into this, and I had never been comfortable doing interviews or being in front of the camera and stuff like that, so, when it blew up, I really had no choice. It is what it is, if that makes sense.

Has the social dynamic changed now that you've all grown up?

No, no absolutely not. That's one of the best things about this. This whole thing, just being back with the rest of the guys, has been so great, you know, because the dynamic of who we all are together as a group worked back then and it's still working today. I think the only thing that's changed now is that as adults we can express to each other when we're irritated at each other. Our relationship is more grown up. We can understand where each other's coming from now.

What do you think it would be like if you were a teenager becoming a famous pop star right now?

I definitely wouldn't wanna be one in this day and age. I think that has a lot to do with the Internet and things like Perez Hilton and TMZ. The kids nowadays, they're watched for every move they make, you know?

That goes back to what we were talking about, how people have immediate access ... it can get pretty merciless.

Yeah, and it's just like you can do some stupid thing walking out of the airport and it ends up on TMZ and it gets picked up on the Internet, and some stupid thing you did in the L.A. airport becomes international news.

Do you think your age and your maturity insulates you from that happening now?

Um ... good question. No, because there's still little things that come up here and there. But, yeah, I think also the younger — yeah, I definitely think it does now — because the younger you are, the more the little petty stuff is entertaining. Because as an adult, I really could care less what Britney Spears did with her kids last week or stuff like that. The younger you are, the more you're involved in that whole searching out stuff and gossiping about who did what and where. I mean, that happens in high school and middle school with kids walking down the hall. Now, it's like everybody can do it all over the place now.

If you could go back and confront yourself in 1984, what would you say?

I don't know [laughs], I guess I'd just be like, "Hang on, it's about to be a crazy ride." It's just like 14 years ago when this ended. If I had ever known that I'd be at the Borgata Casino tonight playing a sold out show, I never would've expected that.

So when you broke up in '94 you never expected to get back together?

No, I mean, I was actually the one that left. I was like, "I did this, I had a good time, it was a blast." There was other things I wanted to do in life. The time was just right. We rode the wave and it was a pretty big wave. The past 14 years have been incredible for me. I've gotten to do the things I've wanted to do. It's actually a blessing to be able to come back and do this, 'cause I never thought we'd be back here.

In '94 when you stopped, you had created the model for the boy band, and then there was a resurgence, and you were watching Backstreet Boys and NSYNC — what did you think about all of that?

I thought it was great, you know, we did our thing, and for other kids to have the opportunity to do what we did, I thought it was great. Back in the day, we knew Lou Pearlman — the crazy guy that's now in jail for being a child molester. I had a house in Florida, so I was around that whole camp. I knew people that worked for him, so I was around those kids when they were first getting started, and they would ask me questions, and I was just like, "Be yourself and have a good time."

How did you react to the Lou Pearlman incident?

I think it's disgusting, personally. You know, I liked the guy when I knew him ... but it's just, he definitely got what he deserves. I think it's awful. I could go on and on about that guy. He's a scumbag. Just to take advantage of kids like that, it's just ugh. And it's sad, because he is a smart, smart, smart, smart guy. He's just stupid [laughs]. Greed got the best of him.

Did you make enough money with NKOTB the first time to basically be set for life?

Absolutely. I think it's a good thing that as a young adult I had the guidance and that the people around me knew the value of a dollar and taught us what to do with it, not run out and buy something flashy that's gonna make you happy. You go out and buy a $5,000 leather jacket, it's gonna make you happy for the first month that you own it, and then it's just gonna be sitting in the corner of a closet doing nothing for you.

So as a group, New Kids had guidance from management?

We all had the same manager, who was Bob Wolf from Boston; he was a very famous, famous guy in Boston, a sports agent who did Larry Bird and stuff like that. He came on right in the beginning and was just awesome. I remember I wanted to take a vacation to go to Hawaii, and I was trying to book a first-class ticket, and he was like, "Do you wanna spend this much money on a first-class ticket and stay in a cheap hotel for a week, or do you wanna spend this much money on a ticket and have a little bit more luxury on vacation?" He's like, "You're only on the plane for six hours, and you're gonna be in the hotel for 12 days. You make the choice."

And how old were you?

Probably 20.

What music do you listen to that people wouldn't expect you to be into?

Oh goodness ... I think that all of us, our music, what we listen to is so varied. Like last night, me and my brother had Luther Vandross on. Today in the dressing room we could have some crazy hip-hop. Another day, we could be listening to orchestra music. It's so varied. And I think being in the music industry, you have to have an appreciation of all types of music. It just makes you more diverse as an artist.

Is there any talk of a followup album?

Um ... [laughs] um ... there's talk of it. If it happens, you know, we'll see. We've all just had such a great time doing this, and the response has been so great. I think if we do do another album, it won't be right away, it'll be, you know, maybe another five years down the line.

In Obama's second term, hopefully.

Yes, exactly.

NKOTB plays tonight at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis and tomorrow night at the Sprint Center in KC.