Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Jonathan Blog

Jonathan posted a new blog at nkotb.com

Jon’s near-death experience!


I saw a post about my bus driving down the wrong side of the
expressway. Yes, this did happen, and I am not happy about it. I was in
the front seat sh***ng my pants. Every night leaving our shows people
like you who posted are going to kill us or yourselves!!!!! You need to
stop driving up on our buses like you do. You are dealing with 22 tons
of steel that cannot stop or change lanes on a dime. Half the time you
are hanging out your windows and flashing your camera flashes into our
drivers eyes, paying no attention to what you are doing! You caused my
driver to become so disorientated that night. A certain few of you need
to chill out and be more responsible adults! What are you trying to
gain by doing this. Do you think we are going to pull over and say hi?
Do you think you are going to follow us to our hotel? 99% of the time
we are heading on to the next city several hours away! Please pull it
together. I don’t want to die in some stupid accident. I appreciate you
coming to the shows, don’t get me wrong. I just had to address this
post because it is real and not some cute fantasy! Please spread the
word to everyone. This is a serious matter. As an adult I am going to
keep it real with you. If you’re acting stupid I will flat out tell you
to your face, “you’re being stupid”. So, in this instance, A VERY SMALL

Much respect and appreciation!

now that that is off my chest………….happy blogs coming soon!


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