Thursday, November 27, 2008

German version of "The Block" to include 3 Discs?

According to, there will be a 3 disc version of "The Block" for sale in Germany on December 12th. They don't have a track list on there yet, but I'm wondering what is on these other 2 discs. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Also, the single for "Dirty Dancing" will be also be released in Germany on December 12th. You can order it online at Thanks to "djnkotb" who sent me the head's up. (Sorry I don't know your name because I can't read the Korean letters:)


Unknown said...

It's possible that one of the discs is the greatest hits, and the third is the dvd that was offered to Target customers in the states?

Anonymous said...

It is a Box-Set (limited Edition) with the Deluxe CD, a tote bag and a Teddy bear. It´s a special for the movie 1 1/2 Ritter.
Bye Christina