Friday, November 14, 2008

Bunker Hill article

Here is an article about "Bunker Hill" from the Boston Herald

It’s gonna be a mob scene in Beantown!

By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa Wednesday, November 12, 2008 The Inside Track

Photo by AP
Don’t look now but we’re headed for a Tinseltown traffic jam!

A couple of TV pilots about Boston Irish gangsters will be tripping over each other when they’re filming here next month.

New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Brady [stats]’s baby mama Bridget Moynahan are coming to town to shoot “Bunker Hill,” a pilot for cable channel TNT .

Meanwhile, Ultimate Fighting Championship prez Dana White and veteran moviemaker Walter Hill are headed here to make a two-hour pilot for Spike TV about - you guessed it - Boston’s Irish mob.

Both shows are scheduled to film in Southie and Charlestown in December.

In “Hill,” Wahlberg plays a Townie who returns from covert government duty and goes to work as a police officer on the streets of his old Bunker Hill neighborhood. Moynahan, a Longmeadow native, plays his brother’s widow and the two have some kind of a love-hate thing going.

“We looked at a lot of people for that part and we really wanted someone from Boston,” said Walon Green, who is executive-producing the show with Donnie and Jon Avnet, a producer on a former Wahlberg TV series “Boomtown.”

“Bridget can do the accent, which is a trick by the way. Because when it’s done badly, it’s very bad.”

Green said the producers looked at Amy Ryan, an Oscar nominee for Ben Affleck’s “Gone Baby Gone,” as “a role model for a Boston character.”

Green said he expects the “Bunker Hill” crew to be in town for about two weeks next month during Donnie’s break from the New Kids’ tour.

“We’re looking forward to shooting in Boston,” he said.

Ditto for the gang from “War of ’04,” the working title of the Spike pilot that portrays a “fictional world of Irish-American gangsters struggling for underworld control.”

Filming starts next week on that one and rolls into mid-December.

“It’s about a guy who ran organized crime for the last 40 years who disappears after getting indicted, creating a power struggle for the top job,” White told the Track.

Hmmmm, sounds rather familiar!

“It’s totally fictional,” White insisted.

File Under: Irish Mob Scene.

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