Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dirty Dancing Video

Here is the music video for "Dirty Dancing". They used scenes from their performance in the movie "1 1/2 Knight"

Here is the article on the page translated into English.

"Dirty Dancing “: The new video of NKOTB
Also with it: Thomas Gottschalk and Til Schweiger
Kreisch! The new single of the legendary new Kids on The block appears on 5 December - and with BILD.de you can see now already exclusively the new video.

In September those published new Kids on the block after 15 years their new album "The block " - and created it directly thereby at place one the US-Charts. After the first single uncoupling „“five the boys have "Summertime" now the video to the next hit "Dirty Dancing “finished.

For their new video Donnie, Joey, Danny, Jonathan and Jordan in the boat got themselves completely special support: Thomas Gottschalk (58) and Til Schweiger (44). Background: NKOTB become in Schweigers new film „1 1/2 knight - in the search for the hinrei├čenden heart lime tree “(easily of Julia the TZE, movie start: 18 December) to see its.

Those new Kids are to today one the most successful Boygroups of all times, with more than 75 million of sold plates.

The current video was taken up in a medieval club. But medievally is only the location. Joey: "We are still young, we are still hot! “

See the new NKOTB video here exclusive "to Dirty Dancing"

Thanks to Christina for the link


Anonymous said...

"Kreisch!" means "Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!"


Jennifer C said...

But they'll probably release a different video for the US, right? Because that wouldn't make sense here.

I'm hoping!

ngaldo8896 said...

Make sense? It's highlarious in any language - with all the references to how fans are today, just translated into "mid-evil times" - especially throwing the chastity belt and hitting Donnie!! Insanely funny!! I recently went to their show in Philly and THREE bras were thrown on stage. The video is completely relevant to us here in the US and very clever! Love you boys!