Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fox News interview with the New Kids on the Block

Fox News has a short interview with the New Kids backstage at Zootopia. Click here to watch it.

Joey McIntyre on 104 KRBE on Monday

Joe will be on 104 KRBE (Houston, TX) on Monday sometime between 6-10 a.m. (Central time). You can listen online at

Friday, May 30, 2008

New Kids on the Block working with Colby O' Donis

Colby O' Donis posted a few photos of him in the studio with Donnie and Joe on his MySpace website. (Click on "view my pics, Celebs I've Hung With, page 3)

New Video - Behind the scenes of the Summertime Music Video!

There are some new videos of the New Kids on the set of the Summertime Music Video!

Here are the links:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Update, 7:22PM: It looks like these videos were not meant to be seen yet. The website removed the videos and the moderators over at removed my post about them. If you missed them, KelsieLovesDanny over at posted about 50 screen caps starting here

Another Donnie Wahlberg Interview

Donnie was on the Johnjay and Rich show in AZ this morning, you can listen to his interview at

New Article from Billboard Magazine

New Kids Eyeing September For Reunion Album

For more on the New Kids On The Block reunion, see the June 7 issue of Billboard, on newsstands and online today (May 30) at May 30, 2008, 1:00 PM ET

Cortney Harding, N.Y.With a sold-out tour already on the books, the reunited New Kids On The Block have penciled in a Sept. 8 release date for a new album, which will be released by Interscope. The group performed first single "Summertime" during a May 16 appearance on NBC's "Today."

"I discussed a lot of options with them, but in the end, it made sense to create a partnership with a label," group manager Jared Paul tells Billboard. "It makes sense for us to have someone to underwrite six weeks of rehearsal and loss-leader shows like the 'Today' show; it makes sense to work with people who have good deals with great songwriters and a strong online and radio department."

Both the band and the label describe the deal as a "partnership." One source close to the deal notes that the label will partake in merchandise and touring revenue.

"We were driven by the music," group member Joey McIntyre tells Billboard of the decision to reunite. "Donnie [Wahlberg] and I both live in L.A., and we have had conversations about the offers we've gotten in the past. This time around, Donnie was the loudest and pushed the hardest in terms of getting going on the music. His excitement was really infectious."

"Our first goal was always just to make a great album," says Wahlberg. "We wanted to work with the best, and have a great team in place so we could make an album that counted."

"Our friends' kids are listening to the tracks, and they are excited," says group member Jordan Knight. "We don't come across as old guys on the record, and songs like "Summertime" have a great, '80s vibe that can be enjoyed by everyone."


Donnie Wahlberg's WZYP Interview

Click here to listen to Donnie's WZYP interview.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Donnie on WZYP

Rumor is Donnie will be on WZYP tomorrow between 12 and 1 CST. You can listen online at

Bad timing

Apparently Jordan posted a blog today, but I just missed it and it was taken down before I got to see it. Also, Donnie was on Kiss 108 today, but I just missed that too. Hopefully I'll have better timing when I order New Kids concert tickets next Monday:) So, did anyone happen to save a copy of Jordan's blog or record Donnie's interview?

Edit 4:24 pm: Kiss 108 put the interview with Donnie on their website. Click here to listen.

Summertime on the Top 40

"Summertime" is up to 32 (from 34) on the top 40. It was the forth most added song last week (11 stations) and had the 5th most increased plays (447 more than last week).


Calgary Show Added, Date Change for Edmonton

The New Kids on the Block will be coming to Calgary, AB on November 19th (Tickets go on sale 6/2 at 10am and AMEX Pre-Sale is 5/30 at 10am). The Edmonton show has changed from Nov. 17 to Nov. 18

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A blog and a radio interview with Joey McIntyre

Joey posted a new blog at the official site. Click here to read it.

Click here to listen to an interview with Joey from 106.1 BLI in Long Island, NY from a few weeks ago.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Righteous Kill Trailer

Here is a link to the new trailer for Donnie's new movie "Righteous Kill" (coming to theaters in September)

New Kids on the Block song "Summertime" climbing the top 40 charts

Summertime is #34 on the top 40 chart with 1267 plays last week! It is also the second most added song of the week behind the new Miley Cyrus song with 27 adds.

Rare Jordan Knight Song

Here is the link to a youtube video featuring a bonus track by Jordan Knight called "One on One" (I think it was from Best Buy's release of his CD "Love Songs"):

Another Joey McIntyre Radio Interview

Here is the link to an interview Joey did on May 7th with XL 106.7 in Orlando, FL:

Friday, May 23, 2008

Radio interviews available again

I think I got all the radio interviews back up... if I missed any just let me know.

Radio interviews

Unfortunately Muxtape had a problem with their software and most of the mp3s uploaded to their site in the past 3 weeks have been lost (click here for more details), unfortunately that means the some of the radio interviews I recorded are now longer available. So if you click on a link to listen and it is not there, that's the reason. I think I still have most, if not all, of them on my hard drive, but it might take a couple days to figure which ones are missing and get them back up.

Video of Zootopia concert from Z100

Z100 posted some higher quality videos of the New Kids at the Zootopia concert at

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Kids' Producer RedOne talks about the new album

New Kids On The Block fans have reason to be excited about their forthcoming reunion album, according to the man who's produced it.

RedOne says the 90s boy band's new offering has definitely got 'The Right Stuff'.
Speaking at the BMI Pop Awards in Beverly Hills, Red was raving about the time he's spent working with Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Donnie and Danny.

"It was an amazing feeling to work with those guys, they're so talented and so nice, so humble, they're legends," he said.

The producer revealed the band didn't just sit back and let people tell them how they should sound.

He said: "When I was young and listened to their music we all thought that other people made their music and they had nothing to do with it, like a product, but when I worked with them in the studio they had a lot to say."

Originally born Nadir Khayat, RedOne has done remixes and production work for Shakira, Akon, and Christina Aguilera, but what can fans expect from New Kids?

"The music is crazy, we're mixing old New Kids with freshness, it's a mix of both worlds," he explained.

"It's going to be huge, good music for everybody, every age, the old fans and the new fans - they're going to have a lot of new fans."

Click here for original article

Photos from Z100

Z100 posted a bunch of photos from the show here

Macys Meet and Greet Video

NKOTB Asylum posted a video of the Macys meet and greet. Click here to watch.

New Blog from Donnie Wahlberg

Click here to read Donnie's new blog

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Kids interview with The Chronicle's Mary Richardson

Chronicle's Mary Richardson had exclusive backstage access to the New Kids on the Block... I'm not sure if this the same as the TV show that aired tonight, or just online footage.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Jay Leno's NKOTB joke

The New Kids were mentioned in Jay Leno's monologue on Monday night. It's just a brief joke, but if you want to see it, click here and select 5/19 and go to about minute 8:42

NKOTB backstage at Zootopia

Z100 has a short video of the guys getting ready to go on stage at the Zootopia concert. Click here to watch

Video of the New Kids on the Block from Rolling Stone

New Kids on the Block sat down to chat with Rolling Stone about what can be expected of their new album, what’s in store for their upcoming tour and what their experience has been with Korean school girls. Click here to watch.

Monday, May 19, 2008

New Kids on the Block Video on

The Boston Channel has a clip of the guys messing around while doing a photo shoot at:

New Kids video from US Magazine

Candid video of the New Kids

Here is a candid video of the New Kids goofing around and making Jonathan watch a gross internet video:

New Kids on the Block on Access Hollywood

Here is a video of the New Kids on Access Hollywood

New Kids on the Block at Z100 on Saturday

Here are a few things from Z100's Zootopia concert:

Interview with Z100: Click here
Zootopia Meet & Greet: Click here
Video from the show:

Lots more videos on YouTube: Click here

New Kids on the Block at the Kiss 108 Concert

Here are a few things from last night's Kiss 108 concert:

Radio interview: click here

Brief backstage video: Click here

Photos from Kiss 108 concert: Click here

Videos from the show!




Lots of new photos of the New Kid on the Block

Boston Herald Article: "New Kids rise again"

New Kids rise again
Boston’s blockbuster boy band is back

By Jed Gottlieb Friday, May 16, 2008

Once upon a time the New Kids on the Block were, like, a totally awesome pop phenomenon.
Wait, back up and scratch that.

The New Kids on the Block are, like, a totally awesome pop phenomenon.

Those issues of Tiger Beat you treasured may be older than Miley Cyrus, but that hasn’t stopped Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Danny and Donnie from becoming as big as Hannah Montana all over again.

This morning the New Kids perform for the first time publicly in 14 years on the “Today” show. Sunday they play the sold-out Kiss-108 Concert at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield.
And on Sept. 26 and 28, Boston’s fab five plan to perform before a potential 40,000 fans at two (yes, two!) TD Banknorth Garden shows.

It’s insanity. All over again. And Jordan Knight knows it.

“Honestly, I thought we might be singing at the Orpheum,” said Knight on a break from rehearsing with the New Kids in Los Angeles. “I didn’t know what would happen with this thing. So to be playing two nights at the Garden is amazing.”

A humble Knight says the guys aren’t taking this reunion and shocking resurgence lightly. The former Hub heartthrobs - or current heartthrobs, if you’re into Kids in their late 30s - are putting in long hours re-perfecting those “Step By Step” steps.

While the five have always stayed in contact with each other, the New Kids ended poorly last time. After their ’94 album “Face the Music” stiffed and the group was demoted from arenas to clubs, the boys called it quits right before a scheduled June Kiss-108 Concert performance. Now fathers and B-list actors, suburbanites and wannabe reality TV stars, the five are getting back to what they do best: singing, dancing and charming girls. Or what they did best.

“We’ve been rehearsing for maybe a month and the first week I was like, ‘Oh, my goodness, I’m going to drop dead’,” said the 37-year-old Knight. “But each week it got better. It’s kind of effortless now. If you take care of your body, and we all take care of ourselves, you’d be surprised at what you can do approaching 40.”

This isn’t the first time a New Kid has wanted to get back into fighting shape and reunite. In the past decade, each of the members has considered returning to the block. But it took the right timing for it to work (read: all five experienced simultaneous career stalls).

Or to take the less cynical view: They needed the right song.

Early last year, Knight went to a Celtics [team stats] game with Donnie Wahlberg and the two got to talking about finding the right music. A few months later, Wahlberg rang Knight with news.

“He told me he had a song that was hot,” said Knight. “That same day, the same day he first listened to it, he drove over to my house and made me listen to it in his car. He told me, ‘Man, this could be the song that kicks it off.’ ”

The song was Canadian r & b singer Nasri’s “Click Click Click.”

“It really appealed to what the New Kids were about,” said Knight. “It was mature, It was sexy. It wasn’t too pop or too r & b, but right in the middle. If anyone was to say, ‘You guys are getting back together? I don’t see how that could possibly be.’ I could go, ‘Oh, yeah?’ Boom! And play them this song.”

“Click Click Click” led to more songs, including current single “Summertime,” and an album release slated to coincide with their September tour.

If you’re getting acid wash flashbacks, remember: There’s one key difference between 1989 and now. The New Kids are mounting their comeback without former svengali Maurice Starr, who also created Boston’s New Edition.

Knight says the group and Starr parted amicably and he still talks to Starr every once in a while (“Hey, he came to my wedding,” Knight said). But no one in the group has heard from the now Florida-based Starr since getting back together.

“I do know what’d he say though,” said Knight with a laugh. “He’d tell me, ‘Hey, J, I got an opening act for you.’ ”

New Kids on the Block Tour Dates

Here are the updated New Kids tour dates:

  • September 19, 08 Toronto ON Canada AIR CANADA CENTER On-Sale 6/2 at NOON
  • September 20, 08 Montreal QB Canada BELL CENTRE On-Sale NOW
  • September 21, 08 Toronto ON Canada AIR CANADA CENTER SOLD OUT
  • September 23, 08 East Rutherford NJ USA IZOD CENTER On-Sale NOW
  • September 26, 08 Boston MA USA TD BANKNORTH GARDEN On-Sale NOW
  • September 28, 08 Boston MA USA TD BANKNORTH GARDEN On-Sale NOW
  • September 30, 08 Uncasville CT USA MOHEGAN SUN ARENA SOLD OUT
  • October 02, 08 Washington DC USA VERIZON CENTER On-Sale 6/9 at 10am
  • October 03, 08 Cleveland OH USA QUICKEN ARENA TBD
  • October 04, 08 Chicago IL USA ALLSTATE ARENA SOLD OUT
  • October 08, 08 Los Angeles CA USA STAPLES CENTER On-Sale 6/9 at 10am
  • October 10, 08 San Jose CA USA HP PAVILION On-Sale 6/9 at 10am
  • October 11, 08 Las Vegas NV USA MANDALAY BAY On-Sale 6/7 at 10am
  • October 13, 08 Glendale AZ USA JOBING.COM ARENA On-Sale 6/9 at 10am
  • October 16, 08 Houston TX USA TOYOTA CENTER On-Sale 6/9 at 10am
  • October 17, 08 San Antonio TX USA ATT CENTER On-Sale 6/7 at 10am
  • October 19, 08 Dallas TX USA AMERICAN AIRLINES CENTER On-Sale 6/9 at 10am
  • October 21, 08 Minneapolis MN USA XCEL ENERGY CENTER On-Sale 6/2 at 10am
  • October 22, 08 Milwaukee WI USA BRADLEY CENTER On-Sale 6/2 at 10am
  • October 24, 08 Chicago IL USA ALLSTATE ARENA On-Sale 6/2 at NOON
  • October 25, 08 Detroit MI USA PALACE OF AUBURN HILLS TBD
  • October 27, 08 New York NY USA MADISON SQUARE GARDEN On-Sale 6/9 at 11am
  • October 29, 08 Atlanta GA USA GWINNETT CENTER On-Sale 6/9 at 10am
  • November 01, 08 Ft. Lauderdale FL USA BANKATLANTIC CENTER On-Sale 5/31 at 10am
  • November 02, 08 Tampa FL USA ST. PETE TIMES FORUM On-Sale 6/9 at 10am
  • November 05, 08 Philadelphia PA USA SPECTRUM On-Sale 6/9 at 10am
  • November 10, 08 St. Louis MO USA SCOTTRADE CENTER TBD
  • November 11, 08 Kansas City KS USA SPRINT CENTER TBD
  • November 12, 08 Omaha NE USA QUEST CENTER TBD
  • November 14, 08 Denver CO USA BROOMFIELD EVENT CENTER On-Sale 6/9 at 10am
  • November 15, 08 Salt Lake City UT USA E CENTER/UNITED TBD
  • November 17, 08 Edmonton AB CAN REXALL PLACE On-Sale 5/30 at 10am
  • November 21, 08 Vancouver BC CAN GENERAL MOTORS PLACE On-Sale 6/2 at 10am
  • November 22, 08 Seattle WA USA KEY ARENA/TACOMA DOME TBD
  • November 23, 08 Portland OR USA ROSE GARDEN ARENA TBD
  • November 26, 08 San Diego CA USA SAN DIEGO SPORTS ARENA TBD

New Kids on the Block Today Show Videos

Well, go figure I picked the biggest New Kids news weekend of the year to take my vacation, so I have a lot of catching up to do. If you're reading this blog, you probably already have seen the Today show, but in case you missed it, here are the videos:




Friday, May 16, 2008

Other NKOTB news for May 16

I'm on vacation right now, so I won't be able to update much in the next few days... I just finished watching them on the Today Show in my hotel room and they looked great! Here are a few quick things...

Video of the NYSE:

I hear they're going to be on Access Hollywood tonight!

Here is a clip from the HOB show

New Tour Dates!

New NKOTB tour dates just announced!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jordan Knight interview with MSNBC

Jordan did an interview with MSNBC, you can read it at:

Fans react to New Kids on the Block House of Blues Rehearsal

Here is a video from the You Tell Concerts website of the fans reactions after they saw the New Kids on the Block House of Blues Rehearsal

New Kids on TV Show "Chronicle" Next Tuesday

If you live around Boston, there will be a New Kids special on the TV show "Chronicle" this next Tuesday at 7:30 on channel 5 (WCVB). Go here to see a preview or to submit a question to ask the guys.

NKOTB News for May 14th

It sounds like the House of Blues rehearsal went well last night. A few fans have shared their reviews on the community message boards. They did "Summertime", "Tonight" and melody of “Step By Step”, “Hanging Tough”, “Please Don’t Go Girl”, and “The Right Stuff”

VIP tickets for Atlantic City, NJ on September 27 and the second Boston show are now onsale at Regular tickets for Atlantic City and Uncasville, CT go onsale this Saturday.

A new article from Reuters is reporting that Donnie will star in new TV show this fall tentatively titled "Morse Code". Here is the article:
Donnie Wahlberg to star in Boston-set cable drama
By Kimberly Nordyke

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Donnie Wahlberg and director/producer Jon Avnet have teamed up with cable network TNT to develop a crime drama about a young war hero turned Drug Enforcement Administration officer working in his hometown of Boston.

Wahlberg, a Boston native, is expected to star in the tentatively titled "Morse Code," which is being written by former "Law & Order" writer-producer Walon Green, with Avnet expected to direct.

Michael Wright, TNT's top programmer, described the project -- one of several expected to be announced Wednesday at Turner's "upfront" presentation to advertisers in New York -- as being in the vein of "The Departed," with the commingling of law enforcement and organized crime.

"Our original shows are character-based dramas that speak directly to the audience," Wright said. "The guy at the center of this is a relatable everyman kind of cop -- an honest, authentic character that our audience can connect with on a personal level."
Wahlberg and Avnet worked together on "Boomtown" and the upcoming film "Righteous Kill."

Wahlberg also has reunited with his New Kids on the Block bandmates for a tour kicking off Friday on NBC's "Today."


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More NKOTB news for May 13th

  • I read that Summertime is the 24th most downloaded song on iTunes today!
  • Here is an article from the Today Show website:
  • is promoting a new ticket/album package... here are the details:
    Get tickets to see New Kids On The Block and add the New Kids On The Block MP3 Album/Ticket Package to your order!CLICK HEREWith your purchase, you will get an instant bonus MP3 now; their new single “Summertime.” PLUS, as an ADDED BONUS, the album will come with an additional audio program; “The Making Of The Album” an interview with the group talking about each song.
    The code for the MP3 album will be delivered by Sept 9 to the email address you supply so please be sure to enter a valid email address.
    *Offer Valid for US Markets and Residents Only**
    Disclaimer: For every pair of tickets / album package ordered, you will receive one (1) code that you will need in order to access your MP3 album download. (For example 4 tickets purchased /album packages receive 2 codes for 2 album downloads. 6 tickets/album packages ordered receive 3 codes for 3 album downloads, etc).

New video at TMZ

Some of the guys are shown at the beginning of this clip from TMZ

Danny Wood on Radio Energie

I found another Interview with Danny. This one is from Radio Energie in Montreal... Listen here

Danny on 103.5 KTU (New York)

I found another Danny Wood interview from last week on KTU (New York). You can listen to it here

Monday, May 12, 2008

Danny Wood on Hot Hits 95.7

Here is the link to the Danny Interview from last week from Hot Hits 95.7 (Houston)

New Show in Connecticut on September 30

New Show in Connecticut on September 30!
Where: Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT
On Sale: 5/17/08 @ 10 AM EDT

Interviews with Donnie Wahlberg

TMZ posted a short video of Donnie here

Listen to Donnie's KHOP interview here

Danny and Donnie radio interviews

Donnie will be on KHOP in about 15 minutes at 7AM (PST)... You can listen online at

You can listen to this morning's Danny interview on 107.5 the River at

New Kids on the Block rehearsal video

A new video of the New Kids rehearsing has been added to

Also, according to the Boston Herald, “Summertime” was the most added track on Top 40 radio last week!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Kids on the Radio Monday

Here are some stations who are interviewing one of the New Kids tomorrow:

107.5 The River (Nashville, TN)
6:45am (Central time)
Listen live:

Donnie on KHOP 95.1 (California)
Listen live:
Thanks to Shadow on the message board for the heads up

Opportunity to meet the New Kids at Macy's on May 16th


The New Kids On The Block are coming to our Block - 34th Street !
The rumors are finally true....after 15 years, Joey, Jon, Donnie, Jordan and Danny are back and they're heading to our block - 34th street and Broadway on Friday, May 16th at 12pm on the Main Floor in the Fragrance Arcade! Now's your chance to meet the guys before they kick-off their highly-anticipated tour. Just be one of the first 150 customers beginnng at store opening on May 16th to make an IZOD fragrance or menswear purchase and you'll get up close and personal with the guys, get their autographs AND a copy of their new CD single, Summertime. Now, whose block are you going to be on come Friday, May 16th ?!

Video from X17

Here is the link to a video from X17 after a promotional photo shoot in Malibu this past Friday

Radio interviews from last Friday

Here are a couple radio interviews from last Friday:

Danny on Z107.7 (St. Louis) - Listen here

Joey on Kiss 108 (Boston) - Listen here

Second New Kids on the Block Show Added in Boston


I was away from the computer for a couple days, so I have to catch up with the rest of the news. I'll have some more updates later today/tonight.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Radio stations to tune into tomorrow

Here is Friday's line up of the radio stations rumored to have an interview with a New Kid tomorrow (Friday)

Q94.5 Richmond, Virginia

103.7 KISS, Milwaukee, WI

Mix 96, Montreal, Canada (Between 12-1 eastern time)

Audio from this morning's radio interviews

Here are the links to listen to Donnie and Danny's interviews from this morning.

Donnie Wahlberg on WNCI, Columbus, OH
Listen Here

Danny Wood on 97.1 ZHT, Salt Lake City, UT
Listen Here

Danny Wood on 96.7 KISS FM - Austin, TX
Listen Here

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

NKOTB Final Rehearsal in Hollywood on May 13th!

Some fans have been getting this email from

This is your chance to attend an exclusive final rehearsal for the New Kids on the Block's first live television performance next Friday on the Today Show.

Tuesday, May 13th 2008 8:00pm

House of Blues Sunset Strip
8430 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Absolutely no cameras, video, or cell phones with recordingequipment will be permitted.

Tickets are on a first come-first serve basis. No plus ones, everyone must respond individually.

I didn't see this in my email box, so maybe they're only sending it out to fans in the area. So if you didn't get the email, I guess contact if you're interested in seeing this show.

List of radio stations doing interviews with NKOTB members

106.7 WJFK in Washington, DC talked about the NKOTB reunion. You can listen to it at

Here is a list of radio stations that I've heard will have members of the New Kids on the Block on tomorrow. Sorry I don't know any of the times for these, but I think they're all in the morning shows.

NKOTB on WNCI, Columbus, OH
Listen Live:

Danny Wood on 97.1 ZHT, Salt Lake City, UT
Listen Live:

Danny Wood on 96.7 KISS FM - Austin, TX
Listen Live:

Donnie Wahlberg on Kiss 106.1 in Seattle

Here is another link to a radio interview Donnie did this morning with Jackie and Bender on Kiss 106.1:

Donnie Wahlberg on Kiss 103.5 in Chicago

Donnie did a radio interview on Kiss 103.5 in Chicago yesterday. You can listen to it at

CKOI in Montreal

I don't understand French at all, so I have no idea what they said, but they talked about the New Kids on CKOI. It sounded like they had a very short (like 1 question) interview with Danny mixed in there... you can listen to it at

Radio Interviews

You can listen to Joey's interview on Q107.5 (Memphis) here

WNCI 97.9 has been postponed until tomorrow

There is a rumor Joey will be on Kidd Kraddick's show this morning - you can listen online at

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Joey McIntyre on Q107.5 in Memphis

Just saw a post about another radio interview tomorrow: Joey McIntyre on Q107.5 in Memphis between 7-8am Central time... you can listen online at

New Kids radio interviews on WNCI and CKOI tomorrow

The New Kids (or maybe just one of them anyway) will be on WNCI (Columbus, OH) tomorrow. I'm not sure what time, but it sounds like it'll be during the morning show. You can listen online

Also, Donnie is supposed to be calling Montreal's CKOI 96.9 tomorrow morning sometime between 8 and 9 am (eastern time). You can listen online at

It looks like they are doing a bunch of unannounced radio interviews, so listen to your local Top 40 station and let me know if you hear they are supposed to be on.

Joey McIntyre on Hot 99.5 (Washington DC)

Joey McIntyre did an interview with Hot 99.5 (Washington DC). You can listen to it at

Joey McIntyre on Q102 in Philadelphia

Joey McIntyre did a radio interivew on Q102 in Philadelphia. Click here to listen.

Danny Wood on CHUM - FM

Jordan was "busy" so it was actually Danny who did the interview on CHUM-FM. Click here to listen

Donnie Wahlberg on Channel 993 KHTS

Donnie Wahlberg did an interview on Channel 993 KHTS (San Diego). You can listen to it at

Radio Interview with Jordan Knight at Noon (EST)

CHUM-FM in Toronto will have a radio interview with Jordan Knight at Noon (EST). You can listen online at

Video Shoot for Summertime music video this Friday

The New Kids on the Block will be shooting their new video on May 9th!

You can be a part of the video, but you have to hurry, submissions are due today. Here is the ad:

New Kids on the Block
Music Video, No Union Affiliation Posted: 5/5/2008
Union Status No Union AffiliationRate varies — see below
Submissions Due By 5/6/2008

Audition Dates: Wed May 7
Shoot/Performance Dates: Friday May 9th

Please submit ASAP
Role:LEAD GIRL / No Union Affiliation / Lead / Female / All Ethnicities / 18-24Female. 18-24. Beautiful. Somewhat on the urban tip, white girls, some ethnic mixes, maybe asian, black, latina, can move well or dance ( even better )
Rate: $ 500 + 20%


Update: 9:59am - I hear the filming is taking place in San Diego

New Kids on the Block on E!

The New Kids were on E! yesterday. Here are some videos:

Monday, May 5, 2008

Matty in the Morning reviews Summertime

Go to to listen to Matty in the Morning (Kiss 108 in Boston) review Summertime

Thanks to Jenn who left a comment and gave me the head's up:)

Meet the New Kids On The Block at the Kiss 108 Concert

Click here for details on how you can meet the New Kids On The Block at the Kiss 108 Concert.
Speaking of radio stations, I heard quite a few stations played "Summertime" today!

Joey McIntyre radio interview Johnjay and Rich

Joey McIntyre did an interview this morning with Johnjay and Rich on 104.7 Kiss Fm in Arizona. You can listen to his interview at

Photos from the Ryan Seacrest Interview

NKOTB Interview with Ryan Seacrest

You can now listen to the New Kids on the Block interview with Ryan Seacrest at

Listen to the new NKOTB song Summertime!

KIIS in Los Angeles debuted the new New Kids on the Block song "Summertime" this morning. Click here to listen.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Something else to look forward to on Monday morning

Besides the new radio interview on KIIS in LA, will have a sample of the first single "Summertime" on their website. This was on their site today:

It's been 14 years since the New Kids on the Block have released a song – and on May 13 fans will be able to hear whether it was worth the wait when the band's new single "Summertime" will be available online. (Check for an early sample of the tune on Monday, May 5.) Then, on May 17, Joey McIntyre, 36, Donnie Wahlberg, 38, Danny Wood, 38, and Jordan, 37, and Jonathan Knight, 39, will kick-off their new tour at New York radio station Z100's Zootopia concert at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J. The band will perform live the day before on The Today Show – the first time NKOTB have performed live since they split in 1994.


NKOTB visit Ryan Seacrest Monday 5/5!

In case you missed it, this was just posted under the news section at

NKOTB visit Ryan Seacrest Monday 5/5! KIIS (102.7FM) Los Angeles…New Kids On The Block drop by Ryan Seacrest’s E Studio Monday May 5th @ 6:30AM…5750 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

You can listen online at:

Click Click Click wins for 5th night in a row!

Click Click Click has won for the 5th straight night on Z103.5 in Toronto! After 5 wins, it goes into the Head 2 Head "Hall of Fame" and they retire the song and will have 2 new songs on Head 2 Head next week. I added the audio from this evening’s broadcast here

VIP Packages postponed to Monday

From what I'm reading on the message boards, it looks like the VIP packages that were supposed to be available today are not going to be available until Monday now.

Edit: 6:45PM - They are listed at now, but the tickets are still not available for purchase.

Hopefully will post something official soon. But, they did add a couple photos of a billboard in Times Square.

Also, "Click Click Click" won again on Z103.5 last night. They go for the 5th straight win tonight at 7PM (6 Central).

Thursday, May 1, 2008 press release

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Thursday, May 1st, 2008
NKOTB Return to the World Stage/ New Single!

Following the media sensation that revealed their official reunion, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK will release their first new music on MAY 13, the single “Summertime,” which will be available digitally on iTunes and anywhere music is sold digitally. The band will also return to the world stage, announcing the first set of concert dates for their tour today. The first shows include stops in New York, New Jersey, Montreal, Toronto, Providence and Chicago. The tour is being produced by Live Nation. A full listing of show dates and venues are below, additional tour markets will be released shortly. Tickets will be available beginning May 10th on

Fans will get a sneak peak of the concerts with the group’s first public performance together in 15 years live on NBC’s ‘TODAY’ Show on May 16. The reunion of all five members of the famed 90s group that sold millions of albums and sparked a worldwide phenomenon was enthusiastically embraced by screaming fans for band members: Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and Jordan and Jonathan Knight.

The group split in 1994, but has recently reunited in the recording studio to create new music, working in partnership with a new record label, Interscope Records, and a cadre of world class music producers. The guys have been hard at work writing and recording for an expected new album in Fall 2008.
Fans are encouraged to sign up for more information at The band has also teamed with I Love All Access to provide a variety of VIP ticket packages for the tour, including premium seats, meet and greets, photo ops, parties and more. For more information visit

TOUR ITINERARY (as of April 30, 2008)
Please note that the shows in East Rutherford, Uniondale, Boston, and Chicago will have a pre-sale specifically for American Express cardmembers beginning Monday, May 5 at 10am. All other general ticket on-sale dates are listed below and tickets are available via

9/20/08 Montreal, ON Bell Centre 5/10 @12pm
9/21/08 Toronto, ON Air Canada Center 5/12 @11am
9/23/08 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center 5/12 @10am
9/24/08 Uniondale, NY Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum 5/12 @10am
9/26/08 Boston, MA TD Banknorth Garden 5/12 @12pm
9/27/08 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata Hotel and Casino 5/17 @10am
10/4/08 Chicago, IL Allstate Arena 5/12 @12pm (Note date change)