Sunday, May 11, 2008

Opportunity to meet the New Kids at Macy's on May 16th

The New Kids On The Block are coming to our Block - 34th Street !
The rumors are finally true....after 15 years, Joey, Jon, Donnie, Jordan and Danny are back and they're heading to our block - 34th street and Broadway on Friday, May 16th at 12pm on the Main Floor in the Fragrance Arcade! Now's your chance to meet the guys before they kick-off their highly-anticipated tour. Just be one of the first 150 customers beginning at store opening on May 16th to make an IZOD fragrance or menswear purchase and you'll get up close and personal with the guys, get their autographs AND a copy of their new CD single, Summertime. Now, whose block are you going to be on come Friday, May 16th ?!

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