Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Joe is Grateful

Here is Joe's latest Blog at nkotb.com

After the show in Vancouver I was talking to a fan- I really don’t
like referring to people as fans, so lets say supporter… That feels
So anyway, I was talking about how after the Seattle show (the
following night) we have to get on a plane at 1 in the morning, then
land in LA at 4 am then be up at 7:30 am for soundcheck at the AMA’s
and then fittings and then a run thru and then try to get a couple
hours sleep before getting ready for red carpet and then the awards
show at 5 pm and then we are the second performance of the night.
Now when I was saying it, I wasn’t really complaining but I guess I
had a little “whoa is me” in my voice, maybe a little dramatic.
And she very dryly said “nice life” with a tad of sarcasm. I got a
good chuckle at it. I’ve felt that I have been rightly grateful thru
out for all the amazing things that have happened to me/us, but it’s
always funny to be checked up on.
All that being said, it was quite a 24 hour period- from rehearsing
once before the show in Tacoma then off to All Access VIP to meet our
supporters (these parties are getting more and more fun… Now groups
are performing for us), then an awesome show in Tacoma, then the
flight where you were lucky to get any sleep with Jon Knight and
Natasha Bedingfield yapping away into the wee hours of the morning.
Then 2 hours sleep then some sort of a run thru in a hazy morning fog.
For me to go back to the hotel after that and close my eyes and close
off all the noise and excitement takes alot of patience and focus.
That’s an oxymoron, “trying hard to fall asleep”.
But I did cuz I personally would have been a zombie if I didn’t.
After all that, the AMA’s was a really good time. I felt a solid unity
among us and I thought our performance showed that. Through the whole
whirlwind, we had fun and put together a good performance.
I was not surprised when Donnie told everybody to get up (he’s been
doing that for years, but it isn’t any less ballsy to do so now) and I
wasn’t totally surprised when the whole audience stood up, but it felt
good to feel the love.
I thought the whole show looked amazing with a bunch of great
performances- Beyonce is from another planet, and Ne-yo can handle
that mic stand, huh? It was great to be back at the show. And let me
tell you something, out of all the people there, they were still
screaming our names from the cheap seats… Not during the
performance, I’m talking about when we were sitting in the audience
during commercial breaks.
I didn’t hear any other names being shouted.
Those are the kind of fans… I mean supporters we have.
I hear bands and artists say alot how they have the best fans in the
world and I’m sure they feel that way.
I think we have the most special fans in the world.

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