Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Catching up with Joey McIntyre

Joey has had a busy couple of weeks! He and other cast members from The Wanderer were at Carroll Music Studios in New York City the week of November 6 for their pre-Broadway industry presentation of The Wanderer.  Some of the other cast members posted on their social media accounts and Joey was a part of some of them. 

Photos from Kenneth Ferrone

An Instagram live from Christy Altamore (Joey appearance around 3:30):

Reel from Adam Jablin

While in New York, he stopped at a Whole Foods, and he was excited by the fact they were playing "Step By Step" at the store!

(Videos from Joey's Instagram)

I'm not sure about the details surrounding this photo, but Joey was photographed with a band called "Middlesex Six" out of Middlesex, NJ. I think it was taken when he did his guest appearance on Gutenberg since they also had photos of another of the play's special guests, Billy Crystal and in the photos Billy is wearing the same clothes as the ones on the Gutenberg Instagram, and they have the same rusty brown colored curtains in the background. 

Here is a photo they shared on their Instagram

Joy Sims also shared a photo of her with Joey backstage at Gutenberg

Here is a photo of Joey from the Gutenberg Instagram account:

After his Gutenberg appearance, Joey flew down to St. Petersburg, FL for 2 Solo Joe shows. If you want to watch those shows, check out some videos from Kevin1685 on Instagram!

Yesterday Joey went to Lakeland, FL because Lakeland Regional Health invited him to their Annual Women in Philanthropy Luncheon at Bonnet Springs Park! Here are some photos from their Facebook post

He also performed there! (So maybe this counts as #42?) Here's a short clip from @alicerosa (scroll to the right view the video)

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