Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NKOTB Cruise 2013 Update - Watch "Duets at Dusk" videos

Here are videos of Joe's "Duets at Dusk" courtesy of 26ula

You Belong To Me

Time after Time

Falling in Love With You

Islands in the Stream

As Long As You're Mine


I Will Always Love You


elopezrwu75 said...

you all did great I would have died but y'all kept you composure wish I were there, but maybe someday

elopezrwu75 said...

you all did a great job I prob would hAVE Passed out but y'all kept you composure lol
love eileen
Cranston, RI

DdubsLollyPop said...

wow those girls r REALLY awesome :)

Unknown said...

I just wanted to thank all the BH's out there for being so supportive during my Islands in the Stream duet...really appreciated each of those in the audience :)


Leyla Marie said...

These ladies were amazing!! Loved them all. Joey, thank you for the treat :)