Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Note from Joey

Joey posted a new note on his website:

I'm gonna take a wild guess that if you are coming to this site, you've probably heard the news about "The Block." This is official. Nice to finally let the cats out of the bag. Last Friday was a trip to say the least - In one rain soaked moment, we were instantly reminded of the very special connection we have with our fans. As I think you can tell, we are having a good time; otherwise we wouldn't be doing it.

Behind the scenes, there's alot going on- music mostly, finishing up the album, photo shoots, putting the live band together, choreography of course, picking a first single and talking about a video. All important things that sometimes get five different opinions. But usually after a couple of black eyes and loose teeth, we work it out.

Needless to say, I'm excited to see it all roll out. And if we're excited, I trust you guys are too. It's been cool to bump into people wherever I go, who share their stories and tell me they can't wait for the tour and to hear the new music. Timing is everything and it sure feels right. I think we- meaning you and us- are at a place where we can really enjoy this.

Let's soak it up. - jm

In other Joey news, the Boston Herald is reporting "that New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre won the Phoenix Film Festival’s award for Best Breakthrough Performance for his lead role in the made-in-Boston flick “On Broadway.”"

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