Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Better Late Than Never Series: NKOTB Unwrapped Documentary

I'm surprised this was never posted here before... 

I know I’ve missed some stuff over the years, especially 2017-2019 or so. Recently when updating this site and going through old posts, I re-discovered some “missed” content from that era. While I was mostly aware of what was going on with the New Kids on the Block at that time, I just didn't always get around to posting it here.  Admittedly, my interest in the New Kids waned a bit during that time (maybe someday I'll go into more details as to why). I never completely stopped loving them, and still went to a few concerts during the Total Package Tour in 2017 and Mixtape Tour in 2019. I was also going through some changes in my life personally around 2017-18, so even though I still followed the guys, things like maintaining this website were no longer a priority. At one time I had even thought of letting the domain name expire. 

Over the past few years, I have regained my interest in them. The pandemic also made me realize how much I have taken for granted.  Early in the reunion I’d often wonder every time I went to my last show of that tour if it would be the last time I’d ever see them all together in person. For some reason, I don’t remember having that thought after seeing them in 2019.  With the uncertainty during the spring of 2020, I looked back at that last show I saw in Chicago the previous year and wondered if I really did indeed attend my last NKOTB show ever and didn't even know it. Thankfully, it turned out it wasn’t the last. I had never planned on going to the Fenway Park show last year, but just a few weeks before the show I decided at that last minute to book a flight and go! No more regrets! Around the same time, I started to gain interest in maintaining this site again. So I started posting more frequently and even decided to finally start an Instagram account to go along with it.  

Well, this post ended up being a little longer than I intended. I’ve never been one to have much to say! I started writing just to give some background as to why I was posting "old" news. 

Anyway, with the recent release of the new song by Pink Laces, it made me remember this documentary about the New Kids on the Block that Elijah Wahlberg and his friend Noah Vera put together in 2017.  Here is the video of "NKOTB Unwrapped"!

NKOTB Unwrapped Documentary from New Kids on the Block on Vimeo.

To celebrate the release, Jordan Knight held a question and answer session at the "NKOTB Unwrapped Documentary Screening" in Hingham, MA. Here' s some video clips from that event...

Videos courtesy of Alexandra R

Videos courtesy of Megz237

Donnie also held a screening in Chicago. Here is part of Donnie's speech at the Chicago screening of NKOTB Unwrapped Documentary

Videos courtesy of kimheartnkotb

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