Friday, April 3, 2009

Jonathan chats on Twitter

Here is a transcript of Jonathan's Twitter chat from last night: I found this on the message board So thanks to CSI_FingerPrintChick for saving the text.

What did I get myself into? 1,026 followers strong! Hope you all enjoy this! Off to bed and off to Ohio. 11 shows one day off. Sleeeeeeeepy!
about 2 hours ago from web

@noodleblue Would love to come down under! We are working on it! Phee!!!!
42 minutes ago from web in reply to noodleblue

@Pussymeowyfurs Who told you I was still up?
35 minutes ago from web in reply to Pussymeowyfurs

@Chi_twnzfinest We were all tired. And seriously its me? Delicious..... sounds like I'm a steak LOL
31 minutes ago from web in reply to Chi_twnzfinest

Wow this is creepy. Does everything I type show up?
29 minutes ago from web

@JennyJS I don't know how yet, and Im color blind so I thought it was blue........
27 minutes ago from web in reply to JennyJS

oh shit..... this is insane
26 minutes ago from web

@Shonda1976 i thought when you hit the little arrow thing it just went to that person. Hi everyone! don't think I'm gonna do this every night
24 minutes ago from web in reply to Shonda1976

just a special treat cause I'm in a great mood
24 minutes ago from web

still cant figure out the direct message thing HELP
20 minutes ago from web

@sweetpea1036 I cant figure the direct thing so anyway! Yes the stars were awesome don't tell anyone but it chocked me up.
17 minutes ago from web in reply to sweetpea1036

I cant follow all you. I would be doing this 24/7 Forget the direct crap for now ill figure it out later
15 minutes ago from web

HELP! When I read something by the time I try to answer its like three pages past. This feels like that Z100 thing!
7 minutes ago from web

Well I will figure it out later, just want to thank all of you for being so great. I really never thought it would be so cool reuniting
6 minutes ago from web

Never thought it would be this big!
6 minutes ago from web

Everyone of you is always thanking us BUT this is really all your doing and I can only say I need to keep thanking you!
5 minutes ago from web

South Africa? Wow that's somewhere I've never been and would so love to go. You got a guest bedroom??? LOL
20 minutes ago from web

Yes im in the front lounge of the bus. We have satellite internet so it goes in and out depending where we are
19 minutes ago from web

This stuff isn't showing up on Donnie's page right?
17 minutes ago from web

After party in Ohio NO that's Donnie's thing not mine I like my quiet time after the shows
16 minutes ago from web

live anywhere? That's tuff I like being close to my family so I wont be going to far but there are millions of cool places in this world
14 minutes ago from web

Starbucks needs to pay me for the promotion they get. Several things depending on time of day or mood White mocha, vanilla latte HorC
12 minutes ago from web

Favorite part? Definitely not B stage its scary out there sometimes. So many people inches from your face
10 minutes ago from web

Saw my dog the other day for the day off. She is really old, blind, deaf I felt guilty leaving her at home so i bought her her own house
8 minutes ago from web

She is with friends until i get home if the poor thing lives that long
7 minutes ago from web

Solo never! I hate being put on the spot. It's awkward enough being up there with four others
7 minutes ago from web

my anxiety isn't as bad as everyone thinks.. it was fine during the early days got worse when I left NK and is way better now
5 minutes ago from web

when you do something everyday you begin to get over your fear. When the tour started i was ready to puke the first night now its just fine
4 minutes ago from web

Ladies I'm SORRY but i got to get to bed......long day again tomorrow! don't know if ill do this again but it was fun YOU ALL ARE THE BEST
2 minutes ago from web


Unknown said...

Why did he delete the chat?

cindy said...

I love you nkotb