Sunday, March 8, 2009

NKOTB's top 10 lists of their favorite songs

Here is a list of the guys favorite songs from the Official German website. Thanks to Inge for the head's up.

Jonathan Knight

They are great songs that I grew up with. Great personal memories.

1) “I feel for you” - Chaka Khan- One of the all time great soul singers.
2) “Sexual healing” - Marvin Gaye- Is there anyone sexier than Marvin Gaye? Always puts me in the mood.
3) “Genius of love” - Tom Tom Club- A funky tune.
4) “Burn Rubber” - Gap Band- Makes me want to dance!
5) “Let it whip” - Dazz Band- Dazz band does it right.
6) “Give it to me baby” - Rick James- It’s Rick James! Enough said.
7) “Somebody's watching me” - Rockwell- Thank god no one was watching me dance to this song while driving through Boston when I was younger.
8) “Between the sheets” - Isley Brothers- The perfect place for listening to the Isley Brothers and coincidentally my favorite Isley Brothers song.
9) “Baby come to me” - James Ingram- I could listen to James Ingram 24/7.
10) “Never too much” - Luther Vandross- My brother and I loved us “the voice.”

Donnie Wahlberg

1) “Rebel Without A Pause” - Public Enemy (Relentless, it fires me up).
2) “Shook Ones PT 2” - Mobb Deep- (Hypnotic, dark, and game changing).
3) “Beautiful Day” - U2 (Reminds me to appreciate small stuff).
4) “I Wish” - R. Kelly (That song is special)
5) “Stairway To Heaven” - Led Zeppelin (Greatest song ever made)
6) “Rock Box” - Run D.M.C. (The song that inspired me to be in music)
7) “Songbird” - Fleetwood Mac (Breaks my heart every time I hear it)
8) “Made You Look” - NAS (One of the all time best MC's at his all time best)
9) “Rock The Casbah” - The Clash (Makes me move)
10) "Big Yellow Taxi" - Joni Mitchell (Because "Joni Mitchell never lies")

Jordan Knight "Quiet Storm Mix"

1) “Whenever whatever wherever” – Maxwell (Maxwell got crazy skills)
2) “Only for one night” – Luther Vandross (They don't call him "The Voice" for nothing. Wooo!!!!!)
3) “You’re my lady” - DeAngelo (This song is stank nasty and beautiful at the same time.)
4) “Stop look listen” – Stylistics (Old School, Stylistics kill me. The song writing and arrangements on these old records can’t be beat.)
5) “Do me baby” - Prince (This song does half the work for you J)
6) “Lady in my life” - Michael Jackson (The vamp at the end...Wow… you just want it to keep going and going and going.......)
7) “Night and day” - al b sure (This song is a natural tranquilizer)
8) “Let's chill guy” (Teddy makes the synths sing on this one.)
9) “Secret garden” - Quincy jones (This song has the best mix of singers. El Debarge. James Ingram. Barry White.)
10) “Funny how time flies” - Janet Jackson (I used to fall asleep listening to Janet speak French to me with this record.)

Danny Wood

1) "Come Away with me" - Norah Jones (It's one of the sexiest songs ever written.)
2) "Big Poppa" - Notorious B.I.G (He is the greatest mc ever.)
3) "High and Dry" - Radiohead (An amazing song from one of an incredible group.)
4) "Sometimes you can't make it on your own" - U2 (I can relate to this song in so many ways, it hit me in my soul the first time I heard it.)
5) "No Ordinary Love" - Sade (The groove and melodies in the song are irresistible.)
6) "Guerrilla Radio" - Rage Against the Machine (Perfect workout song.)
7) "Microphone Fiend" - Rakim (Classic hip hop at its finest, I grew up break dancing to this.)
8) "If it Isn't Love" - New Edition (Growing up in Dorchester these guys were my idols.)
9) "You and I Both" - Jason Mraz (This is the one artist me and my kids all listen to together and love. We will see him in December in concert.)
10) "My Angel" - Danny Wood (I wrote this song in loving memory of my mother. Help in the fight against Breast Cancer. Go to )

Joey McIntyre

1. “Rock the Casbah” – The Clash (Why? It rocks.)
2. “Tiny Dancer”- Elton John (Why? Cuz its 6 and half minutes long and it feels good.)
3. “Maybe Tomorrow” – Jackson 5 (Why? Jackson 5... nuf said.)
4. “I want to know what love is” – Foreigner (Why? Unabashed ballad rock.)
5. “Don’t Stop Believing” – Journey (Why? Right to the heart, baby! Right to the heart.)
6. “Betcha by golly wow!” - Stylistics (Why? Cuz we've been singing it a lot backstage)
7. “Single” – New Kids on the Block & Ne-Yo (Why? To me it’s a classic romantic song set over a modern hot thumping track.... oh, and we sing it.)
8. “All the Way” - Frank Sinatra (Why? If there was one song to hear and one song I could sing, this would be it.)
9. “God Speed (sweet dreams)” Dixie Chicks (Why? Cuz I’m a softie.)
10. “We are the Champions” – Queen (Why? Cuz I wish Freddie Mercury could have lived forever)


Unknown said...

Some of these choices are showing my age, but glad to see the greats: Marvin, Luther, James Ingram, Quincy, Prince, M.J., Elton John, Journey and too many to mention. Joey, can you re-release your CD with Sinatra type songs on it; the old classics. I looked on but can't afford their prices...or maybe you have an old one I can

Sarah said...

Something is driving me crazy. There's an old R&B song the guys sang around the piano, that was only on their NKOTB VHS movie from the early 90's. I loved the song & can't for the life of me remember what it was or who it was originally done by. Can any one help me out and remember the song?

NKOTB News said...

Sounds like it may be "This one's for the children"... it was on their Christmas album.