Sunday, March 29, 2009

Info About Summer 5* Packages

I Love All Access posted what will be included in the 5* tour package this summer... They have a few additional perks:

* » A ticket in the first 10 rows!
* » Meet and greet - photo op!
* » Entry to Full Service Backstage Raffle!
* » Pre-show Summer BBQ!
* » Fan testimonial booth (record a message for the band!)
* » Exclusive access to Band Memorabilia display!
* » 5 Star souvenir laminate
* » Exclusive NKOTB Summer gift bag!
* » Crowd-free merchandise shopping!
* » Parking
* » Discount coupon to the NKOTB online store!


Lisa said...

Do you need to have an American Express card to purchase 5*?

Anonymous said...

Nope, any credit card will do!

Lisa said...

Ok, great! Do I purchase those through ticketmaster like the other tickets? Or how do I purchase them and when? I am looking to get them for the show at Blossom Music Center on June 23.

LarGrl77 said...

perez hilton just posted the summer tour dates. looks pretty official...

Anonymous said...,,20268647,00.html

Looks official to me

Blue said...

Lisa, just go to

Right now their section is disabled because they are updating for the summer tour. It will be up in time to purchase tickets. They are pretty expensive so don't be blown away if you see $350-$400 for each ticket.

Ticketmaster doesn't sell the 4* or 5*.

I hope that helps! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Blue! Yes it helped. I was just freaking out cuz I didnt see it on iloveallaccess!

I did know they were pretty expensive. Thanks!