Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Donnie blogs from Tulsa

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Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
Hey All-
I'm telling you right now.......
TULSA was on FIRE tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn!!!! Who knew it could be sooooo hot!!!!!
And on a Monday night??????????
Tulsa was not only one of the best crowds of this tour- they were one of
the best crowds EVER!!!!
I didn't want to leave the stage.
(Well.... I never do..... But for tonight was crazy).
It was that incredible.....
They had me like the Energizer Bunny and sh*t!!!!
TULSA layed down the gauntlet tonight.
BRING IT LIKE TULSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For real.... Let's keep this party going!!!!!!!!!
This crowd made me realize more than ever....
As bad as sh*t is in the world right now....
We were not all brought here again, all these years later, by accident.
This is OUR TIME!!!!!!
We gotta take advantage of it....
WE HAVE TO!!!!!!!
TULSA set the tone....
The party continues.
As Always..... Your Man,
~Donnie W


Anonymous said...

State College PA March 24...it's on!

Anonymous said...

hey donnie - love that in this past year, i've seen you guys three times. so much fun - i'm amazed each time. hershey was fun - did you know that Dick Winters lives there (from Band of Brothers)? I thought about that at the show and was reminded how great you were in that too. Congrats on everything. Can't wait until the next time!!!

latinfiesta said...

Ok, guys....time to talk business!!!
I think we've been teased enough watching the clips from your concerts in Canada and USA what we want to know now is....

WHEN ARE YOU COMING DOWN-UNDER???!!! you've Jetskied in the Sydney Harbour, received the key to the city of Melbourne....its time you guys come back to AUSTRALIA!! Make sure you do at least two concerts in my home city -Brisbane!! love you guys lots and loved the 1992 concert you did here!! Muakkk