Monday, April 24, 2023

New Kids on the Block perform at the Texas Roadhouse MP Conference

In yesterday’s post I shared that the guys were spotted in the Bahamas. Turns out they were not just there for pleasure, but they had to work a bit while they were there too. Last night they played a private show there! 

Shortly after my post yesterday, Joey posted a tropical photo in his stories. 

Then, in a comment on my Instagram post, someone said that they were doing a private concert there. 

I’ve been combing social media and finally came across some posts from captain_kaos_, who was hired to do the lighting. He posted these short clips from the show: 

He also posted a photo of the stage in which you can more clearly see the signs: “Texas Roadhouse MP Conference”! (I believe MP is “managing partner”). 

Jon the posted a couple of photos with someone from Texas Roadhouse: 

How it started Vs How it ended! @Sfaulk001 of Texas Road House

Donnie shared this photo of him and Jordan: 

Update (just as I was ready to publish this post): Some even better video clips are out, thanks to Rebecca on Facebook! Here's a few of her videos, visit her profile for more photos and clips. 

Here is a photo of the the set list from Rebecca: 

Here's another one from Tiffani on TikTok! 

@tiffani_vasquez @nkotbofficial thank you for putting on an amazing show at @bahamarresorts in the #bahamas for the @texasroadhouseofficial and @bubbas33official MP conference! And thank you #donniewahlberg ♬ original sound - Tiffani-RealtorMomofLubbock

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