Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Joey McIntyre updates: New album based off of his Carnegie show, and more!

After Joey's show at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, he did a Q&A session and he mentioned that he would be recording the set list that he did at Carnegie hall! He said he will release it as a limited edition vinyl, but will be available digitally as well. He also said he might include a couple of new songs. Thank you to Rafeef for capturing the video below: 

He was also asked about whether or not he would return to play the part of Johnny if "The Wanderer" goes to Broadway. He said it depended on if the schedule worked out between that and the New Kids on the Block tour schedule. Thank you to Jennifer for sharing this video, and Rafeef for capturing it: 

Prior to his show, Joey posted a few things on his social media leading up to it!

He posted a couple of photos of himself and Eman in San Francisco from when they performed at Great American Music Hall in the past. 

Then he posted some more when he arrived in San Francisco:

He posted a few things after the show: 

Oh this looks familiar 😉 (hopefully he doesn't mind the spoilers being posted):

After his show, he switched places and became a fan in the audience at a concert of one of his favorite performers, John Mayer. 


He shared this after his 15 meditation on Monday:

Joey ran the Boston Marathon the year of the bombing. He shared what he had written 10 years ago when it happened: 

Casting Director Chad Eric Murnane-Fuselier shared this video of Joey wishing him luck with his new venture: "Murnane Casting".

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