Monday, April 17, 2023

Bonus "Rock the Block" episode tonight and other Jon updates!

There is one more bonus episode of "Rock the Block" airing tonight! HGTV is airing a special behind the scenes bonus content episode tonight at an earlier time: 8/7c!

By the way, HGTV posted some photos of the inside of their house here!

Nischelle Turner from Entertainment Tonight was with Jon and they Facetimed with Donnie and Jenny (screen shot is from Donnie on Instagram). This screen shot says Jon was going to be on ET last Tuesday, but as far as I know the episode has not aired yet. (Click here for Donnie's interview.)

Jon and members of Faculty Management sat down to discuss their plans for "NKOTB Day" (which is on April 24) and BlockCon. 

By the way, if you're trying to zoom in on that laptop (I admit it!), unfortunately it's not New Kids related. It's a tour schedule for "House of Cheer" (another act Faculty manages).

Jon and "a bunch" of other people working on the Barbie Dreamhouse had an opportunity to visit the "Brady Bunch" house. Here's a photo that Loren Ruch (the Host of HGTV's "House Party") shared on his Instagram:  

Here is a video checking out "Greg's attic" (video from Kristina Crestin): 

And another photo from Kristina: 

Fellow "Rock the Block" competitor, Sarah Baeumler, shared some photos from their time on "Rock the Block" 

Heron Lakes Community posted this clip of Jon and other contestants celebrating at the their "Rock The Block" watch party: 

Since Jon and Kristina were in California filming Barbie Dreamhouse, they had to watch the season finale of "Rock the Block" on a laptop by the hotel pool: 

Photo above from Kristina

Photo above from Jon: "@kristinacrestindesign and I are watching poolside tonight. Congrats to whomever the winner is! Had such a great time working on this project for the many weeks we were in Berthoud CO. Now we design and build for the iconic Barbie on her dream house. Thank you HGTV for believing in us!"

Kristina also shared this photo on Monday: 

Jon shared this photo on his Instagram reminding people that he is on Hometown Takeover which premieres on HGTV on April 23: 

He also re-shared this photo that was originally posted by Keith Bynum

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