Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Blog from Donnie (August 7)

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A word from DonnieHey All,

This blog is mostly to the LA/West Coast fans but, since a lot of you are so CRAAAAAAAZZZZZYYYYYY and are coming to many shows around the country, I figured I better write this to all of you….

The LA Clippers have asked us to switch out our second Staples show to The Nokia Theater across the street. Same date. Same night. Same time. Pretty much the same amount of seats. Same parking structures. So no big deal…. Right?

Or is it…..?

Now being Celtics fans we are not in the business of helping out other NBA teams… But since the Cetlics won the Championship… We do feel a bit of pity for the rest of the NBA.

That said…. we have agreed to let them have the date.

The negative…..?

Can’t see any.

The positive….?

The Nokia Theater is a much more intimate venue for us to play in for the final stop on our US part of the tour. This will give us a chance to finish in an environment that is much closer to all of you!!!!!!

In fact… It is more FACE TIME friendly!!!!!

And you know how I feel about face time!!!!!!!!

Either way….

Nobody can stop the party that is gonna reign down on LA on Thanksgiving eve… no matter if we gotta play in a high school gym!!!

It is gonna be OUR night TOGETHER!!!

Judging from all of your comments….

I am not gonna get any sleep on this tour….

And guess what….

I don’t want any sleep!!!!

I’m coming for you!!!!

Much Love-

Donnie W

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