Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Catching up with Joey McIntyre

A few days ago, Joey shared this Instagram story telling his followers that he missed them, and he had "lots to talk about but he couldn't fit it in this post". 

There is a new poll out on Instagram Stories asking people to share what they think are the best songs from each of Joey's solo albums. Joey saw them and said "Wow. (Kinda diggin' these choices). Also, kind of encouragement that I need to write my next album."

He tried to post his own favorites, but unfortunately, he had trouble with Instagram. 

Joey was watching the Detroit Lions game last weekend and he felt bad that they lost.

Griffin did a photo dump on Instagram, including this photo of the family at Disney last month: 

This is from last summer but was only recently posted (Thanks stephandthenewkids!). Joey talks about a song he wrote called "Thanks for the Call". It's about a guy who gets a call from an old flame. He said he'd get it out "soon".

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