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Jordan Knight and Nick Carter on Mix 105.1

Jordan and Nick were on Mix 105.1 in Orlando yesterday. Here are some clips from their interview:

Update: Videos have been deleted, does anyone have them saved?
Jay Edwards: You’re in Orlando, did you get to bring the kids with you or are they a little jealous right now that dad is here?

Jordan Knight: They’re a little jealous. They’re in school, they need to be in school. But it would have been fun to bring them down and take them to Disney. You know when you’re on tour, you’re in a city and then you’re out and that’s the reality of it so it’s kind of not conducive to having kids on the road.

Nick Carter: I thought he was talking about Kids On The Block.

JE: Jordan, can you check in at Universal or something and Dante see it and be like “Dad seriously? You’re riding Space Mountain without me?!”

JK: That’s why I don’t go on the rides.When I’m on tour I keep it really boring so my kids don’t bother me too much.

Dana Taylor: Well Nick I know that you…because we have the same wand…Voldemort’s wand…

NC: Yeah! I did go to Universal, me and my wife went. Diagon Alley, that was great.

JK: I saw that you were drinking Butter Beer. What is that?

NC: It is as amazing as they talked about. Really.

JK: What do they do, just mix butter and beer?

NC: It’s hard to explain. It’s a magical thing.

JE: How is married life? April…right?

NC: It is great.

JE: New “Nick and Knight” self-titled CD came out September 2nd, is it true that this whole thing happened when you were here recording…you were here with your brother and you happened to be in the studio next to each other?

NC: We just started writing and enjoyed each other, ya know and realized that we shared the same interests and when the NKTOBBSB tour happened, the talks continued and I think we even talked about doing a tour back then.

JK: Yeah over some music and some songs together, and then we toured again with our groups and were like “yeah, there’s something there, let’s put some music together and do a tour and that’s where it came about.

JE: Where in Florida were you?

NC: Here. We were in Orlando!

JE: Jordan, you told Huffington Post that you had doubts about “what my fans would think and what Nick’s fans would react” because you have such dedicated fans, but now you’re together on one stage…have you converted the Nick fans to Jordan fans?

JK: I think we’ve melted the fan base together for sure. I think all of our fans needed to see and hear was us blend on the songs and to see us on stage and to see how much fun we actually have and the chemistry on stage. There’s fans now that are like “I’m totally hooked now. I’m going to some more shows. I’m gonna meet you guys out on the west coast.” Now we have what we call repeat offenders where they come to one show and they want to keep going to one show and the next show.

JE: Yeah, you do have repeat offenders.

JK: Definitely have repeat offenders and you know both groups and both Nick and I have fans all across the world and they do come to see us and obvious Orlando is a great place to visit as well and not only see the Nick and Knight Show, but just to hang out.

JE: Let’s talk a little bit about the music, your first single “One More Time” followed by “Just The Two Of Us” you also have “Switch” on the new album, which you guys actually co-wrote with Bruno Mars right?

NC: It’s funny enough because that song was submitted to us, we didn’t write on that song, and then we recorded the song, and we found out that Bruno wrote on it and we were like “Oh that’s great!”

JK: This works to our advantage! We were like, “Why do we like this song so much? Oh! Maybe because Bruno Mars wrote it.” Actually it’s a fan favorite on the album and Bruno Mars happened to write it and actually the guitar lines you hear on the record are him and we found this out later on. It’s weird because the producer of the song didn’t mention to us that Bruno Mars co-wrote [the song.]

NC: You would think that he would use that as a selling point but he did not which, you know it was the song first and that’s how the entire album kind of is. We have a bar that we like to set our music to. Thankfully we come from groups that created memories and long lasting music and so we feel like we reached that bar on this album and we’ve created an album that will last a long time and our fans are going to be excited about for years to come.

JE: Is it possible in the recording process when one of you guys is in there and you say “Hold on. That’s a little too much BSB” or “that’s a little too much New Kids.”

JK: Actually…there was a song…

NC: I submitted a song and he did say…

JK: [interrupting] That was very very early on. You get a pass for that but there was also a song that sounded like “Bye Bye Bye” and I was gungho about the song.

NC: We actually didn’t even write that, it was a producer that came from that type of stuff.

JK: At first the song didn’t sound like that and then I put some backgrounds on it and then it really sounded like *Nsync, and Nick was like “what’s up with that song” and I was like “Dude, you don’t wanna hear it” and he was like “No! I love it! I love it!”

NC: [interjecting] … then I listened to it and was like “You’re right.”

When Nick Carter and Jordan Knight agreed to sit in on the Scott McKenzie and the Morning MIX show prior to their Nick and Knight tour stop at The Plaza LIVE, it’s doubtful they knew what they were in for. Jay Edwards had lined up a revealing game of “Would You Rather?” for them to play on the show. But the guys were great sports and came up with some truly surprising answers to the questions posed to them by Jay.

Here are the questions…and here are their answers!

Jay Edwards: Would you rather be able to fly or would you rather be able to read minds?

Jordan Knight: Read minds.

JE: Read minds? We’d be in a lot of trouble with a lot of ladies right now! Nick, would you rather be gossiped about or never be talked about again?

Nick Carter: It’s better to be talked about than to never be talked about.

JE: Jordan, would you rather lose every single time or never play in the first place?

JK: Lose every single time, cuz I’d just tell myself I won and still be able to play.

JE: Nick, would you rather give up your cell phone for an entire month, or snack food for an entire year?

NC: Snack food for a year.

JE: What IS your favorite snack food?

NC: Swiss cake rolls.

JK: He loves cupcakes. We’ve had cupcakes all tour.

NC: Don’t bring me cupcakes any more. Stop it!

JE: Jordan, would you rather look better in photographs than you do in person, or look better in person than you do in photographs?

JK: I say look better in person, because then if people see you in person they’d go, “Wow! You look so much better!”

JE: Nick, would you rather be naked in Antarctica or in a snow suit in the desert?

NC: Mmmmm…that’s really hard to answer. I’d rather not do either one. But I think naked in Antarctica because I’d like to let it all….never mind.

JE: Jordan…never brush your hair again or your teeth again?

JK: Hair. You gotta brush your teeth. That’s just not cool.

JE: Nick, would you rather have an extra mouth or a third arm?

NC: Mmmm…wow! I’m getting the hard ones here. I’d like to have an extra mmmmmm….mouth.

JE: Jordan, would you rather always laugh at sad things or always cry at funny things?

JK: What!?!? I’d probably laugh at sad things, but you’d look like a jerk though, laughing at sad things!

JE: Nick, would you rather give bad advice or get bad advice?

NC: I’d give it man. [Laughing] I’ll lead you down the wrong path!

JE: Jordan, would you rather live your life starting today as a woman for the rest of your life or start back over as a child.

JK: I would start back over as a child. Nothing against being a woman.

NC: Can I answer that too? I’d like to try a woman! It’d be crazy!

JE: Alright, Nick…would you rather share a toothbrush with a complete stranger on the street or be locked in a porta-potty for twelve straight hours?

NC: The toothbrush sharing, hands down.

JE: Jordan, would you rather be able to walk through walls or control the weather?

JK: Control the weather.

JE: Nick, would you rather age from the neck up only or the neck down only?

NC: Oh jeez. You’re just screwed either way man! I think from the neck up.

JE: One more each. Jordan, would you rather have three wishes granted ten years from now, or have one wish and one wish only granted right this second?

JK: One wish right this second. Yeah…I would wish for more wishes.

JE: And Nick…would you rather live next to a noisy neighbor or a nosy neighbor?

NC: Oooooh…it got quiet in here. I’d rather live next to a noisy neighbor.

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