Monday, January 5, 2009

New year's blog from Jon

Here is Jon's latest blog:

Happy New Year to you! Where does the time go? I can’t believe It was
one year ago that Jordan and I left home and went to stay with Donnie
to begin planning for our reunion! I hope this year was as great for
you as It was for me and the rest of the New Kids. It has been so much
fun traveling all over North America. This Is the best country ever. I
am glad I got to see It all over again.

I survived the trauma of turning forty……. of course I’ll still lie
about my age. I’ve been doing It for so long I can’t stop now. I had
the best birthday ever. Sitting around the Four Seasons In Punta Mita,
Mexico with a small group of friends. This hotel Is one of the best if
you want to get away from It all and relax. It did take me a good three
days to let go and be able to enjoy myself. I’m never one to sit around
and do nothing but I was so ready to do just that. Went snorkeling off
the coast on a tiny island wildlife refuge. The water was a bit murky
the day we all went. It makes It kind of creepy when you can’t see far
into the distance. At one point I saw some large black shadows circling
beneath us. Convinced it was a school of sharks. I told the people in
our group that there are some cool fish in the direction of the
shadows. Hey, I didn’t know these people and I’d rather watch them
become dinner and not my friends. Swimming back to the boat we found
out it was a school of stingrays and not some hungry sharks. These
things were amazing, they were as big as I. We also had the opportunity
of coming across a huge sea lion asleep on the beach.
Amazing sights… amazing times… amazing food… amazing service…
amazing friends!

So here I am, back out in Los Angeles. Although it’s not snowing like
back home, it’s freezing cold! I guess the warm weather in Mexico
spoiled me. We are getting ready to film our third video next week,
than off to Europe for another go round. It has been so great to have
this time off. I got to go back to work for a few days and experience
what I’ve been missing. As much as I love doing the New Kids thing I am
itching to get back to my company. If only I could work during the day
and commute to our concerts every night I would have the best of both
worlds. That is impossible as we all know, so for now my main focus
will remain with you!

Looking forward to seeing you all again this spring and summer.



Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

You guys are amazing! Third video? Have I been asleep? I don't recall seeing a second one. LOL!! Oh and just so you know. Im booked on your cruise in May and I can't wait. The boat has mini golf....Anyone up for a challenge??? Bet I can beat all 5 of you. SEE YOU THERE.

p.s. Tell Donnie his butt looks amazing. (and I want a close up) hehe

Anonymous said...

HI My dears NKOTB..... It´s a pleasure for me contact you by the web ..... Specially for all of you guys an exccellente 2009 YEAR!!! GOD BLESS YOU in all senses. Your special Music Job, your Families, your sons all around you.... and more ....

This note is Specially for Jon.... my favorite NKOTB. I´m so excited to contact you by the web .... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW !!! I can´t believe it.....

Is very Special your Music Story and my own story , ULTRA MEGA SPECIAL ... Both have been growing up since 15 years ago........
I hope my sister and I can go into the CRUISE and ..... see you there guys ........ the REALLY SPECIAL GUYS IN MY SOUL........

With all my LOVE :
Marisol León Mirnada . Mex. Ct

NKOTB Fan since 1985..4allmyLife

Kazza said...

Hello Jon,
I have just finished watching NKOTB on E! during my assignment break and it brought back memories to when I was very little. I have never had the pleasure of seeing you guys perform on stage nor participate in the 'mania' that went on back then, but I have always associated your music with comfort, warmth...I can't seem to get the words right...but it's all good though:-)
Well anyway, if all that was said is true, it was a great programme to watch. It gave an insight as to what it must have been like to earn massive fame at such an early age. Sounds silly, but that programme on E! touched me in many ways and it had me thinking about several other things. (and this is coming from a outdoor freak who hardly has time to watch tv.)
Anyway,I guess I'll sign off now. But before I do, I'd like you to know that you come across as being intuitive, real and somewhat true to yourself; which is a rare...and very, very beautiful:-) All the best in your Spring Tour 09' and your real estate company (I am a fan of real estate too- It is a nice feeling to able to breathe life back into old buildings). May you be blessed with all the happiness and love from those you cherish most:-)

From Malaysia,
Karen A. Jolly

P.s. I really like the way you write-which is the reason behind this reply-posting