Sunday, April 28, 2024

Catching up with Donnie

Even though I believe Donnie filmed Blue Bloods all last week, there haven't been any new photos published lately. However, Donnie did make some posts on social media, so let's catch up!

Donnie and Jenny will be making an appearance in Boston tomorrow. Donnie shared this in his stories last week: 

A few days ago there was a prompt on Instagram stories saying "When and where was your first NKOTB concert?", so Donnie reposted several of people's responses and then posted this video clip: 

On New Kids on the Block Day, the NKOTB account posted what would be the updated version of their 1990 People Magazine cover. Then Donnie posted this in response: 

So that prompted people to ask Donnie to prove that his nose was still pierced. He mentioned that he proved it in an episode of Wahlburgers a few years ago, and he posted this:

And he then followed by this video of him sticking one of Jenny’s earrings in the hole:

Here's some other highlights that he posted recently...

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