Thursday, June 1, 2023

NKOTB BlockCon morning panels Part 1

I posted some videos of the panels below! These are from the first part of the day. I'll make another post for the after-lunch panels. 

They ended up going a little out of order with the panel schedule. For the first panel, they brought out Sonal Dutt, an editor for People Magazine who also happens to be a Blockhead. They played the original music video for "Please Don’t Go Girl" before the song became a hit. They had a small budget and the concept didn't make much sense. 

Then they brought in Doug Nichol, who directed "Please Don’t Go Girl", "The Right Stuff", "I’ll be Loving You Forever", "Hangin' Tough" and "This one's for the Children". He also directed Hangin' Tough Live and The Hangin' Tough documentary that came out on VHS. He talked about how budgets and technology of the time were limited. Film was expensive, so they couldn't do many extra takes. 

The first video they talked about "Please Don’t Go Girl". They joked about the amusement park ride called "The Hell Hole".

For "The Right Stuff"  they filmed in a graveyard (which Donnie joked was "hell hole #2"). When asked why a graveyard, Doug said he wanted to film there since he saw the film "Easy Rider". They filmed the indoor segments of the video at a club called "Tipitina’s" in New Orleans.  When asked why they chose New Orleans, he said it was convenient because the New Kids were playing at a fair in Boston Rouge. The guys also talked about having an experience trying whip its. 

By the time they filmed their third video, "I’ll be Loving You Forever", fans were starting to visit on location while they were filming. Some fans who saw them at the Williamsburg bridge were even in the crowd at BlockCon. Joe's mom made him edit low cut shirts out.  Joey was interested in a girl on the set of that video and he said he’d talk more about that at "BlockCon 2028".

They brought up what kind of memories that song brought up. Danny said the song reminded him of his mom. Sonal asked Jordan about singing that song at his wedding. I know Jordan mentioned that he did so in a past interview (I can't recall which one), but he seemed surprised that she knew that bit of information. He said he thinks about many people in his life when singing that song.  He also said their dad called it "a hauntingly beautiful song". 

They filmed Hangin' Tough at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles and it used to be an adult venue. The "Hangin' Tough" documentary included some bus footage so they talked about the bus drivers' stinky feet and Donnie driving the bus. 

Then the topic of putting together a new documentary came up. Donnie asked Doug if he would be interested and he said yes!

Then they talked about "This one's for the Children" and Danny said the kid in the striped shirt was in the video more than him. 

Doug told the story of how they flew to Egypt to get footage of kids from around the world. Since it was during the time Gaddafi was also visiting the country, they didn’t trust this film crew coming into the country. They arrested them and held them in jail overnight.  They sent them on the first flight out the next day, which happened to be going to Greece, so they filmed there instead. 

They then transitioned to a question and answer session. 

Someone asked Jordan about the Bauhaus shirt he wore in the right stuff video. Jordan said he didn’t know the band and just picked it from a few options their stylist gave them.

Then Sonal asked Donnie if the ripped jeans still fit him. Donnie then revealed he was wearing them under his track pants. He had to cut the back of the pants to get them to fit over "the marshmallow".

Jordan was asked where his Rattail is and he said his mom might have it.

Other questions included: Do your kids like NKOTB music, is there anything they still want to do, what were their first jobs, did you go to your prom (which brought up the fact Jon took 6 years to graduate from high school and that Donnie went to prom with Danny's ex-girlfriend). 

Then they were asked "which song has the most meaning to you", what did they buy with their first big paycheck, and what would you be doing if you were not a New Kid. 

(Click here to watch the original "Please Don't Go Girl" video)

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