Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Donnie Wahlberg on Instagram Live (6/19/23)

Chair Chatter hosted an Instagram Live last night with Boy Band Stacy and Angela (Jon's BFF), and Donnie joined in the conversation! They talked about BlockCon, ideas for the NKOTB cruise, the very early days of filming the pilot for Blue Bloods in Toronto, and more. 

A few interesting things were discussed including the fact that it sounds like the next tour will not be the "Mixtape" format, but it'll go back to the traditional format of an opening act, followed by the New Kids. He didn't say anything about the rumors about the next tour being in outdoor venues. This is just me speculating, but I'd guess they might play at similar venues as they did for the 2009 "Full Service Tour"

Also, they mentioned that Joey will be in Toronto on July 18. Donnie said knows he won't be filming Blue Bloods that day and he asked Angela if there are any flights to Toronto in July "for a friend". Towards the end, Donnie said "there will be an 18th in our future". Just a thought - again my speculation - but the very first official concert of the New Kids on the Block reunion was on September 18, 2008 at the Air Canada Centre (now known as Scotiabank Arena). Since we already know they are re-releasing "The Block" this fall, one might assume there will be events around that time. So, if you're close to Toronto, I would save the date just in case. 

Here is a video of the replay!

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