Friday, June 9, 2023

Demos of "Back Together", "Stop Me", "You Got My Heart", and more

During NKOTB's panel about "The Block" they talked about the fact that there were some other songs that they didn't release.  They are planning on releasing a re-issue of "the Block" with previously unreleased songs sometime this fall!

They talked about a Timbaland song that they really liked called "Back Together". I found this demo performed by Timbaland and James Fauntleroy on YouTube. 

They also mentioned a song called "Stop Me" that Timbaland produced for Chris Cornell. I don't know if this would be a song that would be included on "The Block" reissue since it was actually released by another artist. But, if you're curious about that song, here's Chris Cornell's version: 

Here's the James Fauntleroy demo version of the same song:

I also wonder if "You Got My Heart" will make an appearance on the reissue. This photo originally appeared in an article about the guys in 2008. 

Here is version of this song sung by Nasri: 

During the BlockCon panel they also mentioned James Fauntleroy recorded the demo version of "Twisted", and that's online too!

They said that Neyo really wanted the song "Single", so Neyo also recorded a version by himself, and it appeared on his album "Year of the Gentleman":

The Pussycat Dolls also recorded their own version of "Lights Camera Action" with the New Kids on the background vocals. The song was included on the deluxe edition of their album, "Doll Domination".

While looking up that version, I came across this version recorded by Lloyd which appeared on his album "Lessons In Love 2.0".

And of course, I couldn't do a post about demos without including the one that started it all: the original "Click Click Click" by Nasri.

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