Thursday, June 1, 2023

NKOTB's BlockCon afternoon panels part 1

After the lunch break, they continued with the panels. The first topic was the NKOTB reunion and recording of the album "The Block". They all moved into Donnie's house and hung out together. They talked about how they got back together and the challenges they ran into with recording the album. 

They announced that they will be re-issuing their album "The Block" with additional material in celebration of its 15th Anniversary! 

They also did segments called "Blocked Out", "Then and Now" and "Blockhead Burning Questions". 

Here are the videos of the panels from the second half of the day. If you only watch one video, watch the second to last video - Jordan and Donnie get into in a New Kids on the Block sleeping bag together!

Click here for part 2!

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