Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New blog from Joey - "Speechless (sort of)"

Here is Joey's latest blog update:

05/17/2011 - Speechless (sort of)
How many of you have no voice from the cruise? Thank Gawd we have a week before the tour so I can rest mine. I dont have the energy to go in to every detail about another amazing experience at sea- short shorts, pink tights, togas and tuxes. Broadway Joe. Jon Knight always putting an exclamation on things. D-Dub up til dawn on the Lido. JK's diabolical warp speed rapping. D Wood's b-day and Pink celebration. It will take some time to process, but safe to say, we did "go higher". Yes, we might have laid back on that last night for JUST couple minutes here and there, but we definitely finished strong. I was so so lucky to be able to do a show for you guys. It was so much fun and Rob Lewis was his normal ridiculously talented self. And what a treat to have Sasha Allen sing As Long As Your Mine from WICKED with me. I got to sing Sililoquy from Carousel- a song about a guy who just finds out that his wife is pregnant. The lyrics in that song were at time too much to convey, but it felt so good to go through it all with you. In the song, he sings about a son but then realizes it could be a girl...and then basically turns to mush and suddenly is determined to do everything he can to make sure she has all that she deserves in life. A very powerful resolution to a great song. I always wanted to sing it while I was expecting a girl, and sure enough the Big Director in the Sky set it all up for me. And then after I sang that song in the shows, I was ready to tell everyone that in deed I am going to be the daddy of a little girl. Being able to do that in front of so many revelers on the cruise was for me a perfect ending to it all. The reaction was so cool. And so now comes the waiting game. Barrett doesn't think the baby is gonna come this week and so that means I will be rushing home from the tour. Hopefully, it will be on a day off. I am not gonna miss a show. Daddy's got a job and he's blessed to have one. My little girl is gonna come when she is supposed to and I just have to roll with it. Lord knows I'm never gonna be able to control her, so why should I start out thinking I can now? oxoxox See ya on the road! -jm

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