Monday, May 2, 2011

Listen to "Inside" a new song from Jordan Knight!

Donnie Wahlberg debuted the a new song called "Inside" from Jordan Knight's upcoming "Unfinished" album on last night's "Back Rub" on Cherry Tree Radio. 

The original video has been deleted, but here’s “Inside” by Jordan Knight:      


elizabeth said...

So beautiful. Another amazing song from JK.

JKsValentineGrl said...

Jordan u made me cry what a beautiful song! Ur Voice sounds incredible and I cannot wait to hear "INSIDE" in person*

Unknown said...

WOW! This song is very nice, amazing! JK... :) I like this song better than Let's go higher. :) Thank you JK! :)(and Donnie)

Erika from Hungary

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful ♥