Saturday, May 7, 2011

Watch Jordan and Jonathan Knight on When I was 17

Here is video of Jordan and Jonathan on MTV's "When I was 17":

Update video no longer available. Does anyone have this saved?

Here is a excerpt from an article about the show from 

MTV just aired the latest edition of When I Was 17, an opportunity to discover what some of our favorite pop stars were doing when they were just shy of being legal. This go around, Jordan Knight (right) of New Kids on the Block fame, 90210 actor Tristan Wilds, and Nikita actor Shane West all confessed their teen sins and embarrassments. Check out the highlights below.

Jordan Knight (17 from 1987-88)

Hi hair – “My hair was kind of short on the side, big on the top,” Knight explained. “But I had, like, a rat tail.” “I remember the day he cut it off my mother kept it,” his brother Jonathon recalls. “So it’s sitting around in a box somewhere. “

Cheaters prosper? – As a senior in high school and burgeoning pop star, Knight didn’t have the time to do homework and almost didn’t graduate. Thank goodness a classmate gave him her science report. He then re-typed it in an attempt to make it more authentic. “I passed it in that Monday morning,” Knight remembers. “The teacher’s like, ‘Jordan Knight… congratulations. You have graduated high school.’” Victory, and a diploma, was his.

Favorite album: Al B. Sure!’s In Effect Mode

Favorite movie: Coming to America

Random: “I was a ping-pong fiend.”

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