Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Poughkeepsie Journal: Jordan Knight answers questions from the fans

Sean Mcmann from the Poughkeepsie Journal had the opportunity to interview Jordan. Here are some of the questions and answers from his column:

Jordan Knight answered YOUR questions!!!
Posted on May 3, 2011 by seanmcmann
Leading up to K104′s annual KFest concert at Dutchess Stadium, set for June 5 at Dutchess Stadium, I interviewed headliner Jordan Knight about everything from his local appearance here, his new solo CD “Unfinished,” the latest New Kids On The Block news and more! I spoke to Jordan less than 72 hours after his New Kids and the Backstreet Boys — you might know them as NKOTBSB — took to the stage for a pair of nationally televised performances on ABC’s hit show, “Dancing With The Stars.”

My interview also came just a couple hours before Jordan and his people actually finished “Unfinished,” mastering the tracks on the CD that is set to drop later this month. Even with his busy schedule, Jordan answered a bunch of my questions, including a few that “Sean’s Space” readers e-mailed me for consideration.

In less than 24 hours between when I reached out to fans for questions and when Jordan called me, I got dozens of questions for JK from everywhere from Georgia and Ohio, to Germany, Spain and England, where I suspect fans like Samantha were waiting for the royal wedding to begin. Instead of posing one reader-submitted question for Jordan, as promised, I asked three of your questions to JK, and here are his answers…

Christine from Germantown, NY: Your “Jordan Knight” CD (seen here) came out the same year (1999) your first child was born. Do you find it harder now to juggle touring and family responsibilities?
Jordan Knight: I think as you get a little older and have more on your plate, you have to clear your plate to put more on your plate. You do a little less partying. You conserve your energy. (Life) is more fast-paced — in fact, it’s pretty fast-paced — but I’m more than happy to do it.

Jenny from Old Bridge, NJ: Your past few TV appearances and interviews have showcased the happiest, “smiliest” Jordan K I’ve ever seen. Is this because you’re finally calling the shots musically for yourself?
Jordan Knight: I think it’s kind of a more of a return to me being focused and doing the music I love to do. It was all about me being focused. I’ve really come home, honed in and not listened to music executives. I’m just getting back to making good music.

Jason from Methuen, Mass.: Will the New Kids On The Block be doing another album/tour by themselves again?
Jordan Knight: There’s a great chance of that happening. There’s an audience there, obviously, and we love what we’re doing. I don’t see why not.

Again, Jordan was great to talk to and he really took his time thinking of each answer and giving thoughtful answers, and this is just a small sampling of our conversation. He and his people were great to work with, and I appreciated all their efforts. Thanks, too, to everyone who e-mailed a question for Jordan, and I hope Christine, Jenny and Jason got the answers they hoped for!

Look for my full story about Jordan’s appearance at KFest in the June 3 issue of the Poughkeepsie Journal and on our website. I’ll also be covering the show and hopefully catching up with JK before or after his set at the concert, so stay tuned here to “Sean’s Space”…

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