Monday, February 13, 2012

Donnie Wahlberg and Jimmy Marsh Event February 24

Looks like Donnie and Jimmy Marsh will be hosting some sort of party on February 24th on the east coast. Here are his tweets:

Friday February 24th... SAVE THE DATE! Will be a night to remember! #DDUBJMARSHtakeover! Get your party shoes on!
Takeover Part 1 east coast! Takeover Part 2 west coast!

In other news, Jimmy was asked on Twitter if Donnie will be on any of the songs on his upcoming album, "Redemption", and Jimmy replied that "he sings on Tipsy and I Don't give a Fuck".

Here is a video of Donnie and Jimmy performing "I Don't give a Fuck" at the Donnie D productions launch party in 2009:

Video courtesy of insearchofnkotb

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