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Article: 'New Kids' fans still screaming, 15 years later

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'New Kids' fans still screaming, 15 years later

Sheri Block, Entertainment

New Kids on the Block's fans may have matured into adults, but it didn't stop many of them from screaming out the name of their favourite boy band member backstage at the 2008 MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVAs).

Performing at their first major live event in more than 15 years, the Boston-based group who achieved massive success in the late 80s and early 90s for their pop songs and choreographed dance moves, had the ladies screeching "Donnie!" or "Joey!" at the top of their lungs once more.

"(It's) evolved into a respectful healthy mature adult sort of screaming," said Donnie Wahlberg with a laugh, noting that many of their fans have since grown up to have families and careers.

"It's kind of a chance for them to just let their hair down and kind of be kids again, be free again. While we have a lot of work to do and a lot of responsibility putting this together, I think it's a chance for us to do that as well. I don't think we're having mid-life crises or anything but you know, we're having fun and we're getting to do something we haven't done in a long time and I think it's the same for the fans," he said.

It doesn't hurt that the fans are now legal drinking age, said Joey McIntyre.

"Back in the day they scream because they didn't know what else to do. (They had) feelings they couldn't really act upon so they screamed. Now they scream because they can drink and they get a little tipsy."

It has been a year of comebacks for many boy/girl groups from the 90s and Melanie C of the Spice Girls, who reunited for a world tour earlier this year, said when a group gets back together you have to give the fans something of quality or it's not worth doing.

"I don't think you should go out there just to make money, I think you should go out there for the fans. And people can criticize you for coming back but you know what? ... The people want to see it," said Mel C, who presented an award at the MMVAs.

"Sporty Spice" is now concentrating on her solo career -- she just released her fourth album -- and said there will be no more Spice Girls reunions in the future.

"We toured in January, February and that really was our goodbye. We have no plans to do anything else in the future but then we never ever thought we would (reunite again)."

The success that groups like New Kids on the Block and the Spice Girls have enjoyed is a level reality TV girl group Girlicious can only hope to attain one day.

The four-member group that was formed from 'The Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious' told reporters backstage they look up to these groups and want to stay together forever so they don't have to reunite.

But when it comes to sustaining their musical longevity, manager Robin Antin and judge on the reality series, was quick to jump in.

"We have an incredible label, Interscope, Geffen, A&M, that have supported us through the whole process. My partner, Jimmy Iovine, and Rob Fair, are so supportive ... I know as far as longevity, between all of us, we have an incredible backbone supporting this.

"It's real," continued Antin. "It's not just some reality show thing where they go away tomorrow. It's something I've put my heart and soul into and I hope 15 years later, I can be sitting here doing the same thing."

"Even though we came from a reality TV show we worked just as hard if not harder than every other artist out there," added group member Natalie Mejia.

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