Monday, May 9, 2022

NKOTB news for May 9

One more day until the start of Mixtape Tour 2022! Just a reminder: tomorrow at noon is the deadline for Danny's raffle for a meet and greet with him and free tickets to the show in either New Orleans, Dallas, LA, Las Vegas or Seattle. Tomorrow is also the last day to get Mixtape Tour tickets for only $25 including all fees (select dates and seats). 

Joey went live on Instagram with Rick Astley while they were driving to the venue in Cincinnati yesterday!

Jonathan posted on his Instagram that he is "so excited to share with you all a preview of season 2 this tour."

Here are some new photos that Donnie shared on his Instagram stories over the weekend!

Here is a new photo from Pam Chu on Instagram. She was also in one of Donnie's photos above, and she is the one Donnie was "in the lab" with preparing for the Mixtape Tour a couple of weeks ago. I'm not really sure what exactly her role is, but she was a "Creative Associate" on the 2019 Mixtape Tour as well!

Some of the guys were seen leaving the venue last night. Here is a clip of Danny and Joey from Blockheads Unite on Twitter!

Update: here's a new Namaste photo from Joey!

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