Monday, May 16, 2022

NKOTB News for May 16

If you haven't already heard, the Dallas show has been postponed one day due to the Dallas Mavericks vs Golden State Warriors playoff game. The New Kids on the Block show will now be held on Monday, May 23!

We are now 5 shows into the Mixtape Tour. I'll try to not give too much away about the actual show.  Here are some select videos I thought were only minor spoilers and somewhat unique to the specific show they happened it!

Joey with big Danny head 

Closer view of 2nd part

Jordan Knight falls down in Nashville (he's ok!)

Joey McIntyre and a bucket of popcorn in St. Louis - Different angle - (and again in Kansas City!)

Quick Change Cam (Cincinnati)

Quick Change Cam (Indianapolis)

Quick Change Cam (Nashville)

Quick Change Cam (St. Louis)

Quick Change Cam (Kansas City)

Here are some photos!

Mixtape Tour in Indianapolis from Gainbridge Fieldhouse

Mixtape Tour in Nashville from Getty Images

Review and photos from the St. Louis show from The Camera Affect

Highlights from their social media: 

Donnie shared this video on Instagram right after the guys were gifted Larry Bird Jackets in Indianapolis:

He also walked around as they were taking down the stage after the Indianapolis show:

Donnie made an appearance at a Wahlburgers near Kansas City!

He also took selfies with some fans after the show in Kansas City (Click here to view!)

Donnie had some fun playing with the "sad face filter"

Joey took a short video after his meditation in Nashville:

Jonathan got to hang out with Jenny Marrs from "Fixer to Fabulous" at the Kansas City show:

So happy to have @jennymarrs at our show tonight! Love all my @hgtv family! - from Jonathan on Instagram

He also got a chance to hang out with his friend Dr. Drew Hoffman while in Indianapolis:

I’ve been newkidnapped on my day off by “Stella the doodle” and @dr.drew_chiro , getting love from Stella, and treatment from my good friend Drew. He’s been keeping me aligned since 2011! Go see him at @allisonvilleintegrative. Micro derm facial treatment by his wife @jamiahoffmanskincare

Even on tour I’m giving design advice. “Your under deck ceiling is perfect as is, maybe apply some stain or paint, and add a really cool ceiling fan, plus a living green wall on the brick” @dr.drew_chiro @jamiahoffmanskincare

And Dr. Drew even got to on the road with them for a few days!

The guys were excited when their Boston Celtics went to game 7 the other day while they were in Nashville.

Photo from Joey McIntyre on Instagram

Photo from Donnie Wahlberg on Instagram

Jonathan and Donnie expressed their birthday wishes to Danny on Instagram: 

From Jonathan: "Always love the times we spend together. From childhood to now, always by my side! Wishing my brother a super Happy Birthday. Always a pleasure sharing this special day surrounded with love. Daniel , Jon-Jon loves you!!!"

From Donnie: "Happy Birthday to @dannywoodofficial! Not gonna say how long we’ve been the best of friends but you have grandkids almost the same age as we were when we first met and became brothers for life! Love you Danny! 📸: @parisvisone"

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