Sunday, July 10, 2022

NKOTB News for July 10

Big Time Rush attended a show recently and they had an opportunity to take a photo with the New Kids on the Block!

Boston Magazine posted a new article about growing older, moving to the suburbs, etc. that mentions the New Kids on the Block and Jordan a few times! Click here to read!

Here are a few recent articles and photos about the Mixtape Tour:

Here are some highlights from their social media posts over the last few days:

Joey and Griffin enjoying some sunshine in Atlantic City:

Joey mediation on the airplane to Greenville, SC:

Joey enjoyed his first Waffle House meal of the tour in Atlanta. 

Joey’s namaste moments in Atlanta and Jacksonville:

Danny had a chance to hang out with some family members before the Sunrise, FL show (photos from Danny's Instagram stories):

Here are some more highlights from Danny's recent social media posts:

@itsdannywood Thank you #SouthCarolina for an amazing stop on #NKOTBMixtapeTour! Tonight we’re in #Atlanta… who’s here? #mixtapetour2022 #nkotb #mixtapetour #thewoodworks #timeofmylife #PlutoTVIsFree #livemusic #newkidsontheblock #food #cooking #music ♬ Bring Back The Time - New Kids On The Block

Donnie after he landed safely in Greenville:

There is a new episode of Very Scary People tonight!

Jon had a chance to spend some time with his goats during their days off last week: 

Jon shared a couple of paintings of one of his favorite goats and Stella that a fan made for him (images from Jon's Instagram/Guillermo Navarro):

Here are some of Jon’s Instagram stories from July 7, where he talks about Farmhouse Fixer, mowing his lawn and more!

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